Awesome New Beers!

Sahara’s newest blog post is now live here and explores the secret life of lagers. Enjoy! Free In-Store Tastings 6-8pm Thursday, June 18th – TONIGHT! New Cedar Creek rep Shannon will be in the house pouring free samples of some year-round favorites, Dankasaurus IPA and Lawn Ranger Cream Ale,┬áplus their Fisticuffs Barley Wine seasonal. Tuesday, […]

Sahara’s Blog #5: Lager? I Barley Know Her!

In the world of beer, there exists an ever-expanding set of styles, whose boundaries and descriptions evolve and change with every year. Yet, no matter how much these styles shift, they will always fall into one of two broad categories. Lagers and Ales. The distinction lies in the type of yeast used in the brewing […]