Bishop Tiger’s Blood

Crackberry and Coconut teamed up to create this Bishop Tiger’s Blood cider. An adult snow cone, minus the snow and the cone, but with all the flavor. Tiger’s Blood blends our super tasty Crackberry with a hint of coconut which adds some sweetness and shockingly enough, some coconut flavor to this outstanding cider. At least you don’t have to get rid of that little paper cone thing it comes in and almost always collapses because the ice melts and it gets all watery and it breaks down the waxed paper and eventually ends up on your clothes or shorts and I takes like 3 washings to get it all out and even then you faded the color on your shirt or blouse to the point where you won’t ever wear it again, so….. just be safe and drink a Bishop Tiger’s Blood and totally avoid the ice and all that goes with it.

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Beer Number:#17