New Beers, Free Tastings, and Events This Week!

New Beers Available 5/30

  1. Community Beer Company’s Vienna Lager, Texas Pils, Mosaic IPA, Witbier, and Public Ale

  2. **Special Offer** Martin House Daybreak, Rubberneck, and Imperial Texan! Visit our website for details.
  3. Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck N.V. Kasteel DonkerBelgian Quadrupel – This is a very fine quad that is slightly on the sweeter side of the spectrum. Mostly coming from the dark fruit notes, but the high alcohol content also contributes to the tasteful sweetness. 11% ABV West Flanders, Belgium

  4. Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck N.V. Kasteel Cuvée du ChateauAged Belgian Quadrupel – De Cuvée du Chateau is the crown jewel within the Kasteel range and has been brewed since 2010. It found its inspiration in the subterranean cellars of Ingelmunster Castle.After ten years of maturation, bottles of Kasteel Donker started to acquire the taste of madeira and port. Brewmaster Hans aimed to achieve the same effect using a standard brewing process without the time it would take to mature. And thus the Cuvée saw the light. 11% ABV West Flanders, Belgium

  5. Save The World Agnus Dei (Lamb of God)Witbier – This is a rendition of a Belgian wheat ale brewed with orange peel, coriander, and a carefully sourced third spice.  The aroma and flavors are a balance of bright fruits, spice, and wheat. It has a soft traditional haze and a light to medium body. Great brunch beer! 5.7% ABV Marble Falls, TX

  6. Atwater Brewing Company Hop-A-PeelDouble IPA – This is a frontal assault on the American IPA style that features not only the classic American Cascade and Chinook hops, but two of the new “Super Cascade” varieties in both the kettle and in the dry hop. Dried and ground orange peel is added to the whirlpool to deliver a citric bittering that sets Hop-A-Peel apart from the masses. 7.5% ABV Detroit, MI

  7. Elevation Brewing Company Third BaseBelgian Tripel – Bursting with notes of sweet lemon, pepper, and orange notes of a tripel. This beer is surprisingly delicious even in the heat! 9% ABV Poncha Springs, CO

  8. Elevation Brewing Company Signal de BotrangeSaison/Farmhouse Ale – Signal de Botrange is the highest tower on the highest point in Belgium. This beer is made in the tradition of the farmhouse beers of the Wallonia region of Belgium. Eclectic, funky and original, this is the original beer in our Double Black Series of seasonal barrel-aged beers. 9.9% ABV Poncha Springs, CO

  9. De Proef ZoetzuurFlemish Ale –  Three different types of malt: a pilsner malt, Munich malt, and caramel malt. The hops are quite a startling mélange, with classic East Kent Goldings from England, and a hop called Tomahawk from the Pacific Northwest of the U.S., giving a lot more floral and fruity characteristics. It is a really unusual mixture. In addition to all of this there is some sour black cherry juice, which there is in some of the traditional sweet and sour beers from West Flanders. 8.5% Lochristi, Belgium

  10. De Proef Saison ImperialeBelgian Farmhouse Ale – While the style is generally known for its light body and subtle spice, Saison Imperiale is a bolder, “mega” interpretation of the style. Light amber in color, funky wild yeast notes and spice to the nose, with a bit more malt character, body, and hop notes as appropriate to the “Imperiale” style. Lochristi, Belgium

  11. Ter Dolen KriekCherry Fruitbier – This unfiltered top-fermented beer with an alcohol volume of 4.5% to which fresh cherry juice is added, is made from one type of wheat and  malt and two kinds of hops with addition of spices like coriander and orange peel. It is a sweet fruit beer with a lemon flavor without denying the real beer taste. Helchteren, Belgium

  12. Ter Dolen Armand Belgian Strong Ale – This gives off a very fruity aroma which is the result of the dry-hopping with Cascade hops. At the first sniff  of the aromas of this beer you recognize a beautiful fruity bouquet of citrus and grapefruit. While tasting the beer you will recognize the fruitiness of the hop and discover a particularly pleasant hop  aftertaste without an exaggerated bitterness. 7% ABV Helchteren, Belgium

  13. Van Steenburg Triple Hop PiraatBelgian Imperial IPA – Using Piraat as the base offers the brew a full bodied sweet based from the caramelized malt blended with dry characteristics derived from the high levels of alcohol. The brewer then adds four different hops into the brew at 3 different occasions during the brewing process (Hence Triple Hop). The hops pitched are Saaz, Tetra and Aurora twice in the brewhouse and then Cascade is used to dry hop. 10.5% ABV Ertvelde, Belgium

  14. Firestone Wookey JackCascadian Dark Ale – Wookey Jack offers true hop aroma to rival most IPAs, with pungent citrus and herbal hop nuances, a hint of peppery rye and earthiness on the nose. Big roasty malt flavors with balanced hop bitterness and spicy rye offer a full and complex texture with a refined bittered finish. A truly different IPA for dark beer fans. 8.3% ABV Paso Robles, CA

  15. Rogue Morimoto Soba AleSpecialty Grain Ale – The delicate flavor of our roasted Soba brings a nutty finish to this light and refreshing ale. A perfect accompaniment to lighter cuisine. 4.8% ABV Newport, OR

  16. MOA Breakfast – Breakfast Lager – Moa Breakfast is a European style beer brewed with a blend of premium wheat malt and a variety of floral hops. A very refreshing lager with an abundance of cherry character and aromas, Moa Breakfast is more commonly enjoyed as a mid-afternoon beverage in New Zealand. Although not always. 5.5% ABV Blenheim, NZ

  17. MOA St. Josephs Belgian Tripel – Moa St Josephs is a classic Belgian Tripel. Strong spice, caramel and banana ester characters create complex flavours and aromas which are heightened by its extended bottle conditioning period. The combination of bittering hops, malt and candy sugars compliment the high alcohol content and integrate into a very approachable and drinkable Tripel. 9.5% ABV Blenheim, NZ

  18. MOA Blanc Evolution Belgian Witbier – Moa Blanc Evolution is a Belgian style Witbier, with a small amount of coriander added during its extended maturation period giving it a unique spiciness. Rich and mouth-filling, it really is a true wheat lover’s beer. 6.2% ABV Blenheim, NZ

  19. MOA The HoppitImperial IPA – Moa The Hoppit displays lots of New Zealand hop characters, passionfruit, pine (herbaceous), grapefruit and fresh, sweet tropical hop aromas. A golden, orange hue with a great hop haze. Rich malt tones, almost toasted with a lingering marmalade bitterness that displays a sharp but smooth, sweet finish. Dry hopped seven times over two weeks, Moa The Hoppit is massive on the senses. 8% ABV Blenheim, NZ

  20. Ommegang WitteWitbier – A traditional Belgian-style wheat ale with whispers of sweet orange and a touch of tart lemon. Spicy and refreshing. 5.2% ABV Cooperstown, NY

  21. Founders Devil DancerTriple IPA – When you dance with the Devil, the Devil don’t change. You do. Massive in complexity, the huge malt character balances the insane amount of alphas used to create it. At an incredible 112 IBUs, it’s dry-hopped with ten hop varieties. 12% ABV Grand Rapids, MI

  22. Avery Karma Belgian Pale Ale – This is a decidedly fruity and estery ale, intricate in body and nose, all driven by a unique Belgian yeast strain. Remember, good things DO happen to good people. Here’s to being good! 5.4% ABV Boulder, CO

  23. Left Hand Brewing Company St. VrainTripel Ale – Named after Ceran St. Vrain, an 1800’s trapper and trader in the valley, St. Vrain is a version of a classic Belgian Tripel. Light in color and lightly hopped using Celeia hops, a touch of malt sweetness contrasts the warm spiciness hidden within. 9.3% ABV Longmont, CO

  24. Kyle Hollingsworth/Keri Kelli/Stone Brewing Company Collective Distortion IPAImperial IPA – This collaboration is backed by Nugget, Comet and Calypso hops, and amplified care of a healthy dry-hopping with Vic’s Secret, a new Australian hop, adding citrus and tropical fruit oomph. To give this modern masterpiece some soulful, classic character, they traced the roots of brewing to the days when Old World herbs were used to spice beers, adding in coriander and, a first for us, elderberries. Escondido, CA

  25. Sierra Nevada HarvestFresh Hop IPA – Hop harvest comes twice a year: once in each hemisphere. Southern Hemisphere features fresh New Zealand hops that are picked, dried, and shipped to their brewery within seven days. The result is a complex beer that showcases the floral and herbal flavors and aromas of Southern Cross, Pacifica, and Motueka hops. Southern Hemisphere is part of a five-bottle Harvest series which features single hop, fresh hop, wet hop, and wild hop beers. 6.7% ABV Chico, CA

  26. Liefmans Goudenband – Made in open vats with beer of mixed fermentation, it is left to mature for four to 12 months in the cellar. Mature beer is then fortified with younger beer, so the fermentation process starts up again. Liefmans Goudenband is a beer for storing, and just keeps improving over the years like a fine wine. Even after ten years, this dark red beer tastes as fresh as ever. Dry, lightly caramelised malt flavour, enriched with fruity notes hinting at nuts or dried raisins. 8% ABV Oudenaarde, Belgium

  27. Cedar Creek Spinning Mule Robust PorterAmerican Porter – This beer has a rich roasted malt background. However, it is still a very drinkable porter! Slight coffee and molasses notes. Seven Points, TX

  28. Cedar Creek Dankosaurus IPAAmerican IPA – This IPA does not disappoint with it’s name! Lots of dank and fruity notes on the nose, followed by citrus and tasteful bitterness. Great IPA in a can! 6.8% ABV Seven Points, TX

  29. No Label Gilley’sAmerican Blonde Ale – The beer is an updated version of a brew first released in 1979, when the Gilley’s dancehall on Spencer Highway was making its star turn during filming of the John Travolta-Debra Winger tale of life, love and mechanical bull riding. The beer was produced into the 1980s before it disappeared along with the oil boom that had ushered in the wide-open, blue-collar spirit captured in the film. It’s back and being brewed at No Label Brewing Company! 5% ABV Katy, TX

  30. Cuvée de JacobinsFlanders Red Ale – This delicious sour is red in color with a beguiling balance of malty sweetness and acidic sharpness. It is made from spontaneously fermented and barrel-aged beer of at least 18 months in age. The beer is cooled overnight in a large, shallow metal vessel called a coolship and then fermented and aged in large oak foudres which are made in France and assembled on-site at Bockor. 5.5% ABV Bellegem-Kortrijk, Belgium

  31. Texas Big Beer Brewery Renaissance CowboyScotch Ale – It has a rich sweet malty flavor which is a blend of many different malts and two different types of barley. The combination of the imitated water from Scotland and the English Ale Yeast give this beer a unique flavor. It leaves what your pallet perceives as a hint of smoke. 8.2% ABV Buna, TX

  32. Texas Big Beer Brewery Texas CrudeRobust Porter –  It is close to black and has a very roasty flavor, but it also has a very clean flavor for such a dark beer. To be so dark and rich in flavor, it is very drinkable and not too heavy. 7% ABV Buna, TX

  33. Texas Big Beer Brewery Beeriac IPA – “For this IPA we collaborated with the Beeriac, Grand Master BJCP Beer Judge/Homebrewer/Foam Ranger Mike Heniff. This homebrew recipe has won over 30 homebrew competition medals. 8.9% ABV Buna, TX

Beer Tasting This Weekend

Friday, May 30th from 6-8pm

Community Beer Company Public ESB
Cedar Creek Brewery Dankosaurus IPA
Save The World Witbier
Martin House Day Break

Saturday, May 31st from 6-8pm

We are excited to host founder and brewer Joran Van Ginderachter, of the acclaimed Brouwers Verzet in Belgium. Joran comes from a very rich craft beer background; his uncle is brewmaster at New Belgium in Colorado. Joran will be joined by Austin’s own Christine Celis, who herself comes from an incredibly rich brewing family history. We’ll be tasting Brouwers Verzet’s Oud Bruin for free, a Flanders sour red.  Come meet the brewer, try the beer, and hear a bit of beer folklore from Joran and Christine!

Which Craft In-Store Tasting Events

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014 – Left Hand Brewing Company beers will be available to taste for free in store from 6pm-8pm

Announcing Our First Texas Beer Run! Dallas/Fort Worth Edition.

I’m happy to announce I just recently returned from my first Texas Beer Run up to Dallas and Fort Worth!  That means that starting today you can buy your favorite beers from both Martin House and Community Brewing here at WhichCraft.  Both breweries were happy to host us, gave us brewery tours, and provided us with samples of each of the beers we purchased… and a few we couldn’t!

Martin House

Martin House is a relatively new brewery (1+ year old) just east across the river from downtown Ft Worth.  It’s a small operation with a lot of passion and a crew who is really kicking out some solid and well rounded beers.  We were able to buy three styles from them, which each come in 4-pack 16oz cans:

Day Break is technically a Blonde Ale but it has way more flavor than you’d expect from the style, due to the fact that they use 4 different “breakfast” grains in the mash:  rye, wheat, barley and oats.  The rye adds a bit of spiciness, the oats add some mellow round mouthfeel and it ends up being a flavorful blonde that doesn’t get uninteresting.  Honey and milk sugar are added as well to sweeten up and thicken the body.  5.0% ABV

Rubberneck is a well rounded red ale that balances a bit of hop bite with plenty of roasty maltiness.  How many beers can say they are sponsored by the rock band The Toadies??  They developed this beer in partnership with The Toadies as something they could drink on tour.  The band loved the taste of the Imperial Texan but at 9% ABV on that one, that’s not exactly something you can session before a show.  5.0% ABV

Imperial Texan – This is a heavy-duty 9% ABV red ale with a profusion of hop flavor and aroma.  The Imperial Texan is able to retain a wondrously piney and resinous hop character that perfectly balances its smooth but strong and dry malt backbone.  This beer has a sticky presence that puts each sip perfectly on the tongue.  9.0% ABV

Special Offer While Supplies Last!

Buy any two 4-packs and receive a free Martin House-branded beer can glass!


Community Brewing

In the less than 2 years Community has been around, they’ve already racked up some serious hardware in the craft beer community.  Their Public Ale won GABF Gold last fall in the ESB category.  And just a few months back their Witbier won World Beer Cup Gold in the Wit category.  All of their beers are truly fantastic examples of the style, and it’s hard to believe this is a relatively new brewery in Dallas.  They cultivate all their own yeast strains (how many breweries this new have a full yeast lab?!) and every single beer of theirs uses a different strain of yeast.  We have five different styles of 6 packs available for sale, and one in a 750mL format:

Witbier – This is the brewery’s homage to Pierre Celis, original founder and brewer of Hoegaarden as well as Celis Brewery right here in Austin.  This is an incredibly well developed example of the style, and believe me when I say this is one of the best witbiers I’ve ever tasted, hands down.  That gold medal ain’t no joke!  5.1% ABV.

Mosaic IPA – This is not a single varietal IPA, but Mosaic hops definitely take center stage and provide a huge citrus & floral burst, both on the nose and the taste.  British Maris Otter and American Pale malts stand up to the bitterness so it ends up being a very drinkable IPA at 7.5% ABV.

Vienna Lager – I personally rarely reach for a Vienna Lager as a general style, but this one is quite tasty and could make me rethink that decision.  It’s just malty enough and offers enough of a crisp lager & hop finish to make it really quite drinkable and more complex than you’d typically find in a Vienna lager.  5.2% ABV.

Texas Pils – This is a German-style pils that offers everything you want it to from the style and a few extra little treats.  They use over 90% Hanka variety Pilsner malt from Bohemia: an heirloom barley variety related to the oldest cultivated barleys in Eastern Europe. This barley has a rich, smooth taste that stands up to the noticeable hop character of this beer.  In order to stand up to the added malt characteristics, this pils clocks in a 6.1% ABV and uses a new German hop – Hallertau Blanc.

Public Ale ESB – This is Community’s other gold medal winner, and it is a great example of the style.  They use 100% British malts to perfectly nail the style’s typical bready/malty characteristics.  ESBs never offer much of a hop bite, and this one balances all that bready malt with just enough hop to really blend in well.  5.5% ABV.

Trinity Tripel (750mL) is a hoppy Belgian-style Tripel, technically falling into the Belgian-Style Pale Strong Ale category.  The smooth body and flavor come from select German Pils malts used for the grist, lending a deep golden hue and clean finish.  The lack of complexity in the grist is necessary to highlight the stars of the show: three of Community’s most beloved Belgian yeast strains and a new German hop variety called Mandarina Bavaria and also the famed Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand.  9% ABV.


As time progresses, I plan on making more of these Texas beer runs, with the goal being able to offer our customers access to beers they’ve heard or read about from Texas but haven’t necessarily seen on Austin shelves.  This is all part of our ongoing mission to truly be a destination store for craft beer lovers.  Cheers!

– Jody, Owner/Founder

NEW! Free Beer Tastings, Events, and New Arrivals!

Beer Tasting This Weekend

Friday, May 23rd from 6-8pm

  • Deep Ellum Brewing Company – Dream Crusher
  • Ranger Creek Brewing Company – Strawberry Milk Stout
  • Brouwerij Martens – Witte

Saturday, May 24th from 6-8pm

  • Saint Arnold Brewing Company – Homefront IPA
  • Rogness Brewing Company – Hefeweizen
  • Southern Tier Brewing Company – Goat Boy Imperial Weizenbock

Which Craft In-Store Tasting Events This Week

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014 from 6-8pm: Brooklyn Tasting Event

Thursday, May 29th, 2014 from 6-8pm: Sierra Nevada Tasting Event

New Beers Available:

1. Upslope Brewing Company Imperial IPA – This is a bright orange imperial IPA with a citrusy and floral nose. Clocking in at a whopping 10% ABV and 90 IBU, this beer is a huge winner. Boulder, CO

2. La Chouffe Belgian Golden Ale – From the Belgian countryside, La Chouffe is a beautifully crafted Belgian Blonde/Golden ale that is effervescent and delicious! 8% ABV Achouffe, Belgium

3. Brasserie Les 3 Forquets Lupulus – Lupulus is a blonde ale with an ABV of 5 %, refermented in champagne bottles and in casks. The choice not to filter the beer, as well as not to pasteurize it ensures its taste and aromatic quality. Courtil, Belgium

4. Brouwers Verzet Oud Bruin 2012 – This beer is a blend of some ‘old’ brown beer that has already matured in oak barrels for six months behind, and some “young” brown beer. Each barrel is sampled separately and is cut up into different concentrations with each other. Tart and delicious, this beer is a great sour! Anzegem, Belgium

5. Deschutes Mirror Mirror 2014 Barleywine Ale – The Reserve Series romance all began with their first release of this limited-edition brew. Mirror Mirror, born of a double batch of Mirror Pond Pale Ale, is an inspired barley wine ale layered with intriguing nuances. Explore this latest incarnation and enjoy its delicious complexity in every sip. Bend, OR

6. Prearis Quadrupel – Hearty, rich, mature and balanced quadrupel with all of the punch of a 10% ABV Belgian-Style. It’s maltiness is delicious while the yeast brings out a nice spicy and earthy flavor. Oedelem, Belgium

7. Saint Arnold Homefront IPA – Malty and sweet up front. Lighter bodied than might be expected. The hop bitter, orange peel and hop flavor seem to all kick in at the finish. Remarkably easy to drink for an IPA with the orange notes more of a secret ingredient than a dominant flavor. Quite thirst quenching making it perfect for enjoying during Memorial Day weekend as proceeds go to Operation Homefront an organization that provides emergency financial and other assistance to the families of our service members and wounded warriors. Houston, TX

8. Ranger Creek Strawberry Milk Stout – This beer uses 500 pounds of Poteet, Texas strawberries to create a delicious and completely unique beer. The result is a dark, rich, creamy stout with a slight roastiness and undertones of rich chocolate, complemented by fresh strawberry flavor and aroma. 5.3% ABV San Antonio, TX  

9. Clown Shoes Crunkle Sam American Barleywine – This beer is a huge barleywine dry hopped with Citra hops. Clocking in at 11% ABV, this is one for sharing! Ipswich, MA

10. Clown Shoes Space Cake Double IPA – This is a bodacious double IPA  utilizing citrusy Mosaic hops and an immaculate West Coast style malt backbone. Dude… Chill out. Enjoy some Space Cake.

11. Prairie Artisan Ales Funky Galaxy – Funky Galaxy is a black farmhouse ale brewed with 3lbs per barrel Galaxy hops. The beer is conditioned with 2 brett strains and wine yeast. 8% ABV Tulsa, OK

12. Triporteur From Hell – This is a strong dark ale that sits starkly juxtaposed in character and flavor.  Legend says that the malts here have been fire-roasted in the flames of the underworld just before steeping in the sweat of Lucifer himself. That’s assuming the devil sweats. The term “dark” can deter some beer drinkers from experiencing Hell. We’ll blame this one on the weather. Passing on this beer in the spring season cannot be justified! The Triporteur from Hell is stacked with fire-roasted malt and laced with a fair amount of natural occurring subtle spice, but yet it surprisingly remains on the lighter side of dark ales. Halen, Belgium

13. Triporteur From Heaven – Heaven holds its head high with a radiant, bright golden color and inviting aromas of springtime. A beautiful Belgian blonde with an assertive clutch on it’s well-integrated hop character, the Triporteur from Heaven has a wide range of palettes it can excite.  Perfectly titled, it’s shocking the name Heaven hasn’t been spoken for before now. Halen, Belgium

14. Rogness Hefeweizen – a traditional hefeweizen wheat beer to combat the hot Texas climate. Picture bananas, cloves, and citrus fruit jumping off the Barton Springs diving board into a giant mouth. Your mouth. You win. Ideally served at 50 – 55°F. Austin/Pflugerville, TX

15. New Belgium and Odell Brewing Company Collaboration American Pale Ale – New Belgium teamed up with their hometown hop heroes at Odell to brew a FOrt COllins collaboration. Uses Fawcett malt, an Odell standard, and favored Centennial, Cascade and Citra hops. 6.7% ABV Fort Collins, CO

16. Engelszell Gregorius – The only Trappist brewery in Austria makes this dark tripel that is 9.7% ABV and boasts a huge maltiness with a balanced spice. Engelhartszell, Austria

17. Engelszell Benno –  This beer is a bight Dubbel with incredible maltiness. It doesn’t take over completely, but balances out with a nice sweetness from their yeast. 6.9% ABV Engelhartszell, Austria

18. Brooklyn East India Pale Ale –  This beer is a deep golden beer brewed from British malt and a blend of hops featuring the choice East Kent Golding variety. It is traditionally dry-hopped for a bright aroma of hops, lemongrass, pine and citrus fruit, and has a robust bitterness, a warming malt palate and a clean hoppy finish. 6.9% ABV Brooklyn, NY

19. Widmer/Boneyard Collaboration Black Light Session IPA– Blacklight IPA is a hop-forward, sessionable 4.2% ABV black ale with a heavy dose of five different hop varieties and stained black with cold-steeped dark malts. The beer focuses on big hop flavor and aroma, without the harsh bitterness and heavy roast that the beer’s dark color suggests. Portland, OR