Save the World Beer Pairing Dinner, Patika Coffee Beer Pairing Event, New Beers Including Greenhouse #15, Adelbert’s & Yellow Rose

Our good friends at Save the World Brewing have paired up with one of Austin’s excellent farm-to-table restaurants, Fork & Vine, to offer a curated beer dinner menu. On Wednesday, March 4th, join the crew from STW as they match up 5 of their well balanced Belgian-style beers with a unique and one-time 5 course menu from Executive Chef Camden Stuerzenberger at Fork & Vine. Tickets are highly limited, so purchase them here ASAP before they sell out!

Also next Wednesday, March 4th is the second in our series of beer & small plate pairings with our neighbors at Patika Coffee just across the street from WhichCraft. We selected 4 beers (actually, 3 beers plus 1 cider) that the crew from Patika will be pairing up with 4 delectable food selections. Tickets for this event are also quite limited, so be sure to grab them soon.

Read Sahara’s latest blog post on Cellaring 101 here


Free In-Store Tastings 6-8pm

Thursday, February 26th – TONIGHT

New Southern Star Austin rep Black Murrah will be in the house pouring free samples of Pine Belt pale ale, Valkyrie Double IPA, Bombshell Blonde, Buried Hatchet Stout & Red Cockaded imperial red. BONUS: We’ll be raffling off the ability to purchase the last 6 bottles of Black Crack from the 2014 shipment we received.

Monday, March 2nd

As you may have now heard, our friends at Oasis TX Brewing Company are embroiled in a lawsuit with New Belgium Brewing Company over the rights to the beer name Slow Ride. We’re having a free tasting event on Monday 3/2 to support Oasis TX, and also selling all 6 packs for only $7 that day. Read more about the background and event here.

Wednesday, March 4th

Brand new Oskar Blues Austin sales rep Hodge (previously of Adelbert’s) will be at the tasting bar pouring a few Oskar Blues perennial favorites in addition to the brand new Icey PA, a white IPA brewed in collaboration with a Denver ski company. Also, when’s the last time you tried Ten Fidy? That stuff is so good! We’ll be tasting that one too.

New Beers This Week

Back in stock: Lone Pint Yellow Rose (just arrived today… hurry!)

Unibroue Troy Pistoles – Strong Belgian type ale similar to a Port wine! Is as dark as can be, mellow in taste with an aroma of ripe fruits. It can be compared to an old porto and is brewed from well roasted malt. 9% ABV/Chambly, Quebec/Ratebeer 100/Availability:

Hops & Grain Greenhouse Batch #15 – I swear, the guys @ H&G want you to drink Greenhouse, only Greenhouse, and nothing else so help you God.  This is their third Greenhouse release in about 6 weeks, and this one packs a ton of citrusy hop aroma & flavor. Citra takes front & center stage, so there’s zero chance you’re not gonna love this one. Also featuring Cascade, Centennial & Falconers Flight. 7.7% ABV/Austin, TX/Jody’s rating: 1000/Availability: plenty

Adelbert’s 2013 Vintage Nun Sour Witbier – This year’s Vintage Nun is a blend of Adelbert’s Naked Nun wit which then spent two years aging in red wine oak barrels. A portion of the barrels were spontaneously fermented. The result is a tart, well balanced, refreshing ale, with notes of oak, red wine, unique barrel funk, and citrus fruit. It pairs with salty or herbed cheeses, smoked meat and fruit. 5.8% ABV/Austin, TX/No ratings yet/Availability: decent but limited

Nebraska Melange a Trois – Melange a Trois begins with a wonderfully strong Belgian-Style Blonde Ale and moves into the extraordinary category through an additional 6 month French Oak Chardonnay Wine Barrel maturation. The essence of Chardonnay permeates while a subtle sweetness remains from the ale itself. Oak tannins combine to create a fascinating mesh of dry, sweet, and wine-like character. 11.3% ABV/Papillion, NE/Ratebeer 98/Availability: very limited

Nebraska Black Betty –Black Betty is Nebraska Brewing Co’s most sought after annual release. This Stranahan’s Whiskey barrel aged version meshes the rich chocolates, the coffee-like aromatics with the sweet whiskey nose and drying character of the oak. Slightly behind on the palette are the hops – held in restraint by the wonderfully full mouthfeel and broad flavors brought on by the perfect blend of so many malted barley varieties. 9% ABV/Papillion, NE/Ratebeer 99/Availability: very limited

Goliad Golden Ale –  A light yet complex malt body giving a slight bready note is accentuated by a subtle citrus nose. An easy drinking blonde ale. 5.2% ABV/Goliad, TX/No ratings yet/Availability: decent

Goliad Redfish IPA – Redfish IPA is a true to style American IPA. A strong malt body with a caramel flavor that brings balance to the four assertive hops used to produce this session drinkable IPA. A nose containing spicy, earthy grapefruit is achieved with five different hop additions. 6% ABV/Goliad, TX/No ratings yet/ Availability: decent

Goliad Presidio La Bahia Black Hefe –Made with an emphasis on what makes a Hefeweizen great, banana and spicy clove greet the nose. A smooth dark chocolate center takes this beer out of the guidelines and into your mouth. ? ABV/ Goliad, TX/No ratings yet/ Availability: decent

Oskar Blues Icey PA White IPA – A wheat IPA brewed in celebration of Colorado winter and Oskar Blues’ partnership with Denver’s Icelantic Skis, exclusively for the Colorado Old Chicago “I Love Beer” Mini Tour. Hoppy but a bit chewy from the wheat added. 7% ABV/Longmont, CO/Ratebeer 92/Availability: plenty

Squatters Takeout Rye IPA – Spicy & earthy rye add to the citrusy hop flavor & aroma. Well balanced and easy drinking. 6.25% ABV/Salt Lake City, UT/No ratings yet/Availability: limited

Wasatch Polygamy Porter Nitro – Wasatch Brewery’s popular Polygamy Porter is now available in a nitro bottle! Enjoy roasty chocolate malt flavor but with lovely little tongue-tickling bubbles. 6% ABV/Park City, UT/Availability: plenty

Sierra Nevada Nooner (now in cans!) – Sierra Nevada’s Nooner is a German-style pilsner that is dry hopped with whole cone hops. The best part – it now comes in cans! 12 packs, 6 packs and singles available. 5.2% ABV/Chico, CA/Ratebeer 89/Availability: plenty.

New Belgium Session IPA – A blend of seven hop varieties, led by exotic Mosaic and Nelson Sauvin, twist together brilliant tropical scents of melon, peach, lime and grapefruit for a vividly fruity aroma. The flavor mirrors the aroma, while balancing a malty-sweet yet clean start and hoppy bitterness in the back. Light bodied and extra quaffable, Slow Ride Session IPA brings the finish line to you. 4.5% ABV/Fort Collins, CO/Ratebeer 87/Availability: decent

Weekend Tastings, 6-8pm


Maui Bikini Blonde Lager

Moonlight Meadery Red Dress (a black currant mead!)

Viven Smoked Porter

Unibroue Trois Pistoles


Hops & Grain Greenhouse Batch #15

Anderson Valley Boont Amber Ale

Adelbert’s Vintage Nun Sour Witbier

One more random thing we’ll open up


Tons of Great Belgian Beers Just Landed and Three Free Tastings Next Week!

Our wonderful and talented employee Sahara Smith has started a new monthly blog she’ll be writing exploring beer styles, beer history & the brewing process. The first installment is called Cellaring 101 and shares information on what and how to cellar. Each time she will also build a curated 6 pack available for purchase in the store. Read the first entry here

Free Tastings 6-8pm

Thursday, February 19th – TONIGHT!

Nick Lensing from Dogfish Head will be in the house pouring free samples of 90 Minute IPA, Piercing Pils, Chateau Jiahu and Sixty One. BONUS – we’ll be releasing our allocation of the 120 Minute IPA that arrived today for purchase during the tasting. EXTRA SUPER DUPER BONUS: we’ll also be releasing for sale some 2014 120 Minute IPA.

Tuesday, February 24th

Brand new brewery Goliad Brewing Company in Southern TX is just launching their brand in Austin next week and we’re lucky enough to have the owners into our shop to support the launch. Taste their three releases for free! A Golden Ale, Black Hefeweizen & and an IPA. Join us and meet the brewers.

Wednesday, February 25th

Green Flash just launched a few new beers to the market this past week and they’re outstanding and hoppy, like most things GF does. Woody from the brewery will be tasting the 30th Street Pale ale, Soul Style IPA and Palate Wrecker in addition to a few others from Green Flash.

Thursday, February 26th

New Southern Star Austin rep Black Murrah will be in the house pouring free samples of Pine Belt pale ale, Valkyrie Double IPA, Bombshell Blonde, Buried Hatchet Stout & Red Cockaded imperial red. BONUS: We’ll be raffling off the ability to purchase the last 6 bottles of Black Crack from the 2014 shipment we received.

New Beers This Week

Breckenridge Whiskey Barrel Aged 72 Imperial Chocolate Cream Stout – Breckenridge for the first time bottled & sent their whiskey barrel aged version of their popular chocolate cream stout outside of their home state. It comes in at 11.2% and it’s not overly boozy. The whiskey notes play well with the chocolate but don’t overpower it. 11.2% ABV/Denver, CO/Ratebeer 93/Availability: decent but not a ton

Deschutes Abyss Barrel Aged Imperial Stout – Straight from the bottle: malt beverage brewed with blackstrap molasses, licorice, with cherry bark and vanilla added, aged 6% in oak bourbon barrels, 11% in oak barrels and 11% in oak wine barrels. 11.1% ABV/Bend, OR/Everyone rates it 100/Availability: limited

Deep Ellum Cherry Chocolate Double Brown Stout – Once a year the folks from Deep Ellum take their double brown stout for a spin by adding Red Tart & Dark Sweet Cherries as well as cocoa nibs during fermentation. The result is a decadent and rich dessert brew. 8% ABV/Dallas, TX/Ratebeer 88/Availability: plenty

New Braunfels Mexican Cannon – New Braunfels’ take on a German-style Gose uses their Luftweiss hefeweizen as the base beer. It is then secondary fermented in steel with 525 lime peels and 5 pounds sea salt.  New Braunfels, TX/Availability: limited

New Braunfels Sangre de Shiva – Shiva’s Tears weizenbock was the base beer for this one which was then aged in Texas syrah barrels from William Chris Vineyards. Purposefully carbonated lower on purpose so the syrah sits on the tongue before dissipating. 8.2% ABV/New Braunfels, TX/Availability: limited

De Ranke XX Bitter & XXX Bitter – De Ranke is hands down one of the best Belgian breweries we receive in Texas.  We received limited quantities of the XX and XXX Bitter beers (each is 750 mL), and each is a blond, bitter ale containing 6.2% ABV. Pale pilsner malt and loads of Brewers Gold and Hallertau hops create this well balanced brew.  6.2% ABV/Dottignies, Belgium/Ratebeer 97 and 98 respectively/Availability: limited

De Ranke Guldenberg – A strong blonde ale of about 8.5% alc. by volume that claims vaguely to be an “abbey” beer, Guldenberg bears no resemblance whatsoever to any Tripel you may have sampled, except in color perhaps. It is very hoppy and malty (though not quite as assertive as De Ranke’s XX Bitter).  8.5% ABV/Dottignies, Belgium/Ratebeer 96/Availability: limited

De Ranke Saison De Dottignies – Has aromas of crisp citrus with unripe orange among slightly spiced wet grass. Peppery spices get a mild, dough touch to them, due to a distinct, slightly tart and lemony yeast foundation. The taste mirrors the nose to a certain degree, with a fruity, lemony beginning, revealing clove, cardamon and pepper, together with orange zest. Very round, refreshing and versatile, while staying at lower abv, perfect example of a traditional saison. 5.5% ABV/Dottignies, Belgium/Ratebeer 96/Availability: limited

Mikkeller Chipotle Porter – What used to be called the “Texas Ranger” beer but is now rebranded as the Mikkeller Chipotle Porter, this is a very special and complex dark ale, brewed with American hops and malt, and made particularly unique by the addition of warming chili and hints of vanilla. 6.6% ABV/Copenhagen, Denmark/Ratebeer 99/ Availability: limited

To Ol Yeastus Christus – A farmhouse IPA, this one has lightly oxidized malt showing a bit of caramel, multigrain bread, light toast and some nutty toffee which lay a solid base, but it’s quickly overshadowed by remnant bittering hops and some real weird, brett funk (but it’s good funk). Bitter orange zest, a bit of sharp cheese rind, a strong grassy tang, and yellow grapefruit flesh take over the flavor profile quickly, moving toward a floral dimension on the back end. 7.4% ABV/Copenhagen, Denmark/Ratebeer 95/Availability: limited

To Ol/Mikkeller Betelgueuze – The founder of Mikkeller was actually a science teacher prior to starting his brewery, and 2 of his students then went on to found To Ol brewing. This beer is a collaboration between the 2 breweries and it is a severely dry hopped (10 different hops!) gueuze lambic. Complex, sour and hoppy. 5.5% ABV/Copenhagen, Denmark/Ratebeer 97/Availability: limited

Craig Allan Cuvee D’Oscar – Craig Allan is a French brewer who has studied at many different breweries in the UK. This is the first beer we’ve ever had from him, and he gypsy brews out of the de Proef brewery in Belgium. For this brew he started with the concept of a dunkelweisse (dark wheat beer) which emanates a sublime mix of tropical fruit aromas from the Nelson Sauvin dry hopping (mango and passion fruit aromas) and clove and banana notes from the Bavarian yeast strain. The use of wheat malt to make up about half of the grist gives a slight acidity and bready feel (think natural sour-dough bread.) The finish is dry and reminiscent of dark, bitter chocolate. 7.5% ABV/France/Ratebeer 91/Availability: limited

Moonlight Meadery Wicked – A 13.3% ABV mead made with ginger and Madagascar-Bourbon vanilla which each add a nuance to the honey flavor and aroma. Spice from the ginger balances well with the smoothness of the vanilla. 13.3% ABV/Londonderry, NH/Availability: limited

Maui Lorenzini Double IPA – Double IPA with Tangerine & Blood Oranges and Maui cane sugar. The deep red hue is a result of the blood orange juice and specialty malts. The unique hop profile is made up of Azacca, El Dorado and Sorachi Ace. This beer is delightfully bitter and aromatic with noes of tropical fruit and orange. 8.1% ABV/Maui, HI/Ratebeer 92/Availability: limited

Moonlight Meadery Last Apple – This just sounds awesome. Directly from the MM website:  We took the very last New Hampshire apples that were available to us, which we had fresh pressed into apple cider. This fresh cider was delivered the day it was pressed to our Meadery, where we blended it with honey and let it ferment, then we let it age in freshly emptied Jim Beam barrels that our friends at Allagash Brewing Company were able to help us with. The aging process took over 6 months. The ending result is oh so heavenly and oh so cherished.  16% ABV/Londonderry, NH/Availability: limited

Dogfish Head Chateau Jiahu – The latest in the ancient ales series, this recipe dates back over 9000 years to northern (what is now) China. Preserved pottery jars showed evidence of an alcoholic drink made from fermented rice, honey and fruit. Try it during our free tasting tonight! 10% ABV/Milton, DE/Ratebeer 87/Availability: decent

Ensenada Horchata Porter – A brewery new to Texas, Ensenada Brewing out of Mexico has 2 new releases. This horchata porter has accents of cinnamon and locally grown vanilla that distinguish this exceptional porter from its traditional base. Created from brown rice, chocolate malt, and roasted barley, this porter is sure to please any palate. 6% ABV/Mexico/Availability: limited

Ensenada Smoked Piloncillo Stout – This robust award-winning porter uses roasted malts to deliver its characteristic smokiness. A touch of piloncillo, a cultivated and unrefined sugar used in Mexico for more than 500 years, rounds out this beer with a subtle yet pleasant hint of sweetness. 6% ABV/ Mexico/Availability: limited

Victory Moving Parts #3 – A Belgian IPA that’s the third in this rotating IPA series from Victory, the Belgian yeast puts a tart, fruity twist on a spicy and citrus-forward IPA, creating a refreshing and deliciously drinkable caramel-hued brew. 6.6% ABV/Downington, PA/Beer Advocate 88/Availability: plenty

Back in stock:  Infamous Sweep the Leg, Lone Pint Yellow Rose (limited but still available at the time of this email), Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin (arriving Friday!).

Weekend Tastings, 6-8pm


New Braunfels Sangre de Shiva

5 Stones Back from Bridge City

Victory Moving Parts #3

Lagunitas Imperial Stout


New Braunfels Mexican Cannon

Lagunitas Night Time

Community Witbier

Southern Star Pine Belt


Beer Rescue Program – Updated 2/19

Here is the updated list of beers needing rescue. Read more about what this program is here.

  • Goose Island Ten Hills
  • Ballast Point Sculpin
  • New Planet Pale Ale
  • Great Divide Lasso
  • Karbach Rodeo Clown
  • Stone Hibiscusicity
  • Firestone Walker Pale 31
  • Hacker Pschorr Munich Gold
  • Hofbrau Hefeweizen
  • Circle Hop Overboard