Sahara’s Blog #8: Cooking With Beer

Your Recipes, Our Beers! For this installment of my WhichCraft blog, I asked you to submit your own home recipes involving beer, and I got some really wonderful submissions. These six were my personal favorites. All of these recipes utilize beers that you can purchase at the store individually, or buy the 6 pack that […]

Sahara’s Blog Post #7: Craft Beer Cocktails

For this month’s blog, I thought we could have a little fun! Below are 5 recipes for craft beer cocktails, to help you ride out the August heat in style. The following recipes will make two drinks, or one super awesomely huge drink: The Crabbie Mule A traditional Moscow Mule with an extra kick from […]

Sahara’s Blog Post #6: Nice to Wheat You!

Nice to Wheat You! Around 12,000 years ago, as the earth emerged from its last great ice age, humans began to abandon their nomadic way of living, and establish permanent settlements in plentiful regions—along the Nile River Valley, between the Tigris and Euphrates, around the Mediterranean Sea, etc. The impetus for this massive transition toward […]

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