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Oasis Luchesa (Kellerbier / Zwickelbier)

Luchesa Lager is brewed in the traditional German Kellerbier style, where subtle malt notes marry with assertive Hallertau and Saaz hops.

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Beer Number:#1

Jester King Biere de Miel (Saison / Farmhouse Ale)

Bière de Miel is a dry, well attenuated, unspiced farmhouse ale brewed, fermented, and bottle conditioned with raw Texas wildflower honey. Naturally occurring wild yeast and bacteria impart a sense of place in this unfiltered, unpasteurized, 100% bottle conditioned beer.

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Beer Number:#2

Copperhead Alpha Serpentis (American IPA)

All Galaxy IPA. Brewed with and dry hopped twice with Galaxy hops.

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Beer Number:#3

Zilker Chaos Magic (Sour Ale)

Kettle Sour with 400 lbs of blackberry puree added

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Beer Number:#4

Lone Pint Yellow Rose (American IPA)

A SMaSH, Single Malt and Single Hop, IPA using a caboodle (technical term for a large amount of malt) of malt and a new hop released in 2012 called Mosaic (HBC 369). It is a daughter of Simcoe (YCR 14), one of our favorite hops. Whole cone Mosaic is used for bittering, flavoring, and aroma in the kettle; it is also massively dry hopped. The beer is named after a Texas Heroine.
Tasting notes: chalk-white head with a very clean malt backbone. The hops impart strong grapefruit, pineapple, and blueberry flavor and aroma. A strong beer that is extremely quaffable

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Beer Number:#5

Founders Mosaic Promise (Pale Ale - American)

Mosaic Promise showcases two unique ingredients: Mosaic hops and Golden Promise malt. The versatility of the hop’s pleasing aroma and flavor characteristics and the traditional barley’s depth of flavor comprise this clean, rich, golden beer. We can brew complex beers with the best of them, but we recognize that there is also beauty in simplicity.

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Beer Number:#6

Shacksbury Citrus Spritz (Cider)

Dry light and refreshing with a vibrant nose of citrus and flowers. Made for warm weather and porch drinking.

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Beer Number:#7

Hi Sign Encino Man (IPA - American)

Weezin the juuuuice.

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Beer Number:#8

Community Barrel-Aged Legion (Barrel Aged Imperial Stout)

Individual wooden barrels impart distinctly different flavors: vanilla, coconut, honey and toast, as well as any contribution from the barrels’ previous contents. As a craft brewery, we love the varying nuances imparted by each of these amazing barrels, and strive to make each release in this series a unique one!

BATCH # 7 (Q4 2017)

Bottle Coded: 10/25/17, Gold Crown

BARRELS: Jamaican Rum

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Beer Number:#9

Live Oak Big Bark Amber Lager (Lager - Vienna / Amber)

The clean, dry lagers of Vienna provide inspiration for our soft body with a depth of malty richness and aroma. Small additions of noble hops gently balance characteristics of the malt. Cold fermentation and conditioning assure a beer with a clean finish, showcasing the interplay of the malt and hops. A beer of fine malt character and subtle hop nuance, it
is accessible, smooth, and satisfying.

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Beer Number:#10

Deschutes Black Butte XXIX (Porter - Imperial / Double)

Imperial porter brewed with Dutched cocoa, Saigon cinnamon, and cayenne.

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Beer Number:#11

(512) Nine Saison (Saison / Farmhouse Ale)

Our Ninth Anniversary release is a special farmhouse style Saison brewed with simple, classic ingredients but carefully crafted to finish dry with a noticeable hop character. We added an ancient wheat called Einkorn to give this beer a link to the distant past as well. Like the Belgian farmhouse beers once offered to seasonal farm hands as a daily stipend, our version conjures up warm summer days that roll into cool harvest nights.

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Beer Number:#12

Austin Beerworks Blood, Sweat, and Mostly Tears (Gose)

Blood Orange Gose: a sour, salty, citrusy treat.

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Beer Number:#13

3 Nations Texas X-Mas Milk Stout (Milk Stout)

Fantastic imperial milk stout brewed with the flavors of Christmas

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Beer Number:#14

Weathered Souls West Coast IPA (IPA - American)

Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic and galaxy hops. Citrus, grapefruit up front on the nose and body, West coast level bitterness with a light body and very little malt.

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Beer Number:#15

Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat Beer (Pale Wheat Ale - American)

Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat Beer is a lively, refreshing ale with a natural citrusy flavor and distinctive cloudy appearance. This easy drinking American-style wheat beer has become our most popular offering, and the best-selling craft beer in the Midwest.

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Beer Number:#16

Save the World Sol Vinum (Belgian Strong Pale Ale)

It’s our Belgian Golden Strong (Sol Hominis) aged over crushed red grapes (Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Mouvedre) from Perissons Vineyard.

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Beer Number:#17

Community Texas Helles (Lager - Helles)

A traditional German style lager that is bright, golden and crisp- perfect for warm weather craft beer drinking! We lager it for 6 weeks and brew it using all German malts and hops, and a clean Bavarian yeast strain producing an incredibly refreshing, light-bodied summer time brew!

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Beer Number:#18

Texas Keeper Cider Noir (Cider)

Cider Noir is made from 100% Northern Spy apples double fermented with extra dark belgian candi, pecans and orange peel. Belgian candi, made from beet and date sugar, is a classic component of Dubbel and Trippel Ales. Dark fruit and toasted bread notes from the candi combine with ripe pear from the Spy. A hint of pecan and orange round out this stout cider.

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Beer Number:#19

Meridian Hive Dynamo (Mead)

Dynamo is a refreshingly flavorful and complex mead. A lightly carbonated fusion of dark tart cherry with hints of vanilla, cinnamon and almond result in this mouth-puckering winner.

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Beer Number:#20

Community Witbier (Belgian Witbier)

The mostly-extinct farmhouse breweries of Belgium were notorious for using whatever ingredients were available to them. One of treasures made by these breweries and nearly lost to history was spiced witbier (white beer). Witbier defied an untimely fate, being revived by a man named Pierre Celis who worked in one of the last breweries in Belgium to commercially produce a version of this unique, spiced beer. Celis eventually sold his own witbier brewery and moved to Austin, Texas to open another white beer brewery (Celis White) and the rest is history. ? In honor of the late and great Pierre Celis, we are proud to offer Community Wit as a warm weather libation, produced locally for our fellow Texans once again. We brew it traditionally using unmalted wheat as our base and lightly spice the kettle with freshly ground sweet and bitter orange peel and coriander seed. The hops are minimal, keeping the focus on the wheat, spices and the unique character contributed by authentic Belgian yeast strains, one of which originated from the same strain that Pierre brought across the Atlantic to America.

Beer Number:#21

Whitestone Melted Snowman (Winter Warmer)

Winter Warmer brewed with Oats and German Caramel malt. Spiced with Cinnamon and Nutmeg in the fermenter.

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Beer Number:#22

Founders Backwoods Bastard (Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy)

Expect lovely, warm smells of single malt scotch, oaky bourbon barrels, smoke, sweet caramel and roasted malts, a bit of earthy spice and a scintilla of dark fruit. It’s a kick-back sipper made to excite the palate.

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Beer Number:#23

Jester King/Jolly Pumpkin Gammalux (Saison / Farmhouse Ale)

Hopped up farmhouse ale collaboration between Jester King and Jolly Pumpkin

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Beer Number:#24

Oskar Blues Death By Coconut (Porter - American)

Death By Coconut is an Irish porter aged on dessicated coconut and dark chocolate from Robin Chocolates in Longmont.

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Beer Number:#25

Dinkelacker CD-Pils (Pilsner - German)

Perle and Tettnager hops.

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Beer Number:#26

3 Nations Horchata Imperial Milk Stout (Stout - Imperial Milk / Sweet)

Smooth, sweet, big Imperial Milk Stout with a hint of horchata.

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Beer Number:#27

Pinthouse Pizza Bearded Seal (Stout - Irish Dry)

This is a stronger version of a traditional Dry Irish Stout. Somewhere in between a true Dry Irish and a big imperial stout that captures some of the intensity of a higher abv beer but remains drinkable and complex.

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Beer Number:#28

Founders Nitro Oatmeal Stout (Stout - Oatmeal)

A Founders take on a classic style, brewed with a generous amount of flaked oats, chocolate malt, roasted barley and a healthy helping of Nugget hops, Founders Oatmeal Stout is nitrogen-infused to give it an extra smooth and creamy mouthfeel. An attractive cascade effect gives this beer its forthright visual appeal—and the body and clean flavor deliver on that initial promise.

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Beer Number:#29