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Pinthouse Pizza Burro’s Breakfast (Lager - American Light)

Calling on the tradition of German influenced Mexican brewing with an American craft twist, Burros Breakfast is refreshing lager with just a bit more punch at 6% ABV. Brewed in the style of modern mexican lagers with 6-row and 2-row malted barley, maize and hops bred from noble lines this Mexican lager greets you with the characteristic corn sweetness in the nose, a light but full body and tart dry finish with just a touch of sweetness and a soft balanced bitterness. What really makes this Mexican Lager unique is a special yeast that comes from one of the oldest breweries in Mexico and gives Burros breakfast the signature clean, crisp and slightly tart finish. Filtered for a crystal clear appearance and highly carbonated to make it extra

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Beer Number:#1

Community Silly Gose (Gose)

Slightly tart German wheat ale with sea salt, tangerine, and apricot.

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Beer Number:#2

Hops & Grain Maibock (Maibock)

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Beer Number:#3

Martin House True Love Raspberry Sour Ale (Sour Ale)

True Love is our second sour beer that is now available year-round. Similar to the Salty Lady, it is kettle soured and very refreshing. Raspberries are added in the fermenter which provide a purple hue and slight sweetness. Give it a try. You’ll fall in love with True Love, one can at a time.

With summertime right around the corner, True Love is your best option for a poolside brew. Grab the cooler, pickup some ice, and crash your neighbor’s pool party. Maybe snag an extra 6pack and be sure to spread the love.

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Beer Number:#4

Odell Easy Street (Pale Wheat Ale - American)

Light and refreshing, Easy Street Wheat is an unfiltered American-style wheat beer. Leaving in the yeast gives the beer a nice, smooth finish and a slightly citrusy flavor

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Beer Number:#5

Lakewood Barrel-aged Raspberry Temptress (Stout - Imperial Milk / Sweet)

2017 vintage – We’ve gracefully matured our popular Seduction Series release in Breckenridge Distillery bourbon barrels, adding further complexity and depth of flavor. A luscious love triangle of tart raspberry, rich chocolate, and boozy bourbon play together in your glass. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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Beer Number:#6

Freetail San Antonio Pale Ale (American Pale Ale)

When quenching your thirst means more than a dash of hops, San Antonio Pale Ale fills the bill with its big bouquet of fruit and floral aromas of El Dorado from the American Northwest and Huell Melon from Bavaria. Hoppy, but less bitter than its India Pale Ale progeny, San Antonio Pale Ale appeals to those in search of a sessionable brew that doesn’t wreck the palate, but leaves it longing for another. Savor this sipper on the Riverwalk, during Fiesta, at a back yard barbecue—but savor it with us in celebration of 300 years of puro San Anto tradition.

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Beer Number:#7

Real Ale Pinsetter Amber Lager (Lager - Amber)

Pinsetter Amber Lager was created in the spirit of a uniquely American style, the California Common. Originally produced in an era without the benefits of modern refrigeration, a hybrid style of lager emerged that was fermented at temperatures typically reserved for ale yeasts. The end result was a medium-bodied beer with a lager-clean malt character and a subtle fruitiness derived from its time at these warmer fermentation temperatures. Pinsetter is brewed using the finest American 2-row and caramel malts, with a touch of roasted malt for a rich amber color. The beer has a pleasant malt profile, subtle sweetness, and a balanced hop bitterness.

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Beer Number:#8

Green Flash Ideal Belgique (Belgian Strong Dark Ale)

Our Belgian-style Dark Ale is inspired by traditional Abbey ales to deliver the richest roasted malt flavors. Dual-yeast fermentation, spicy hops, and the addition of Muscovado brown sugar provide increased complexity and depth of flavor which effortlessly combine to present a delicious, balanced brew with a velvety smooth texture that pleases the palate.

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Beer Number:#9

Lone Pint Yellow Rose (IPA - American)

A SMaSH, Single Malt and Single Hop, IPA using a caboodle (technical term for a large amount of malt) of malt and a new hop released in 2012 called Mosaic (HBC 369). It is a daughter of Simcoe (YCR 14), one of our favorite hops. Whole cone Mosaic is used for bittering, flavoring, and aroma in the kettle; it is also massively dry hopped. The beer is named after a Texas Heroine.
Tasting notes: chalk-white head with a very clean malt backbone. The hops impart strong grapefruit, pineapple, and blueberry flavor and aroma. A strong beer that is extremely quaffable.

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Beer Number:#10

Coronado Guava Islander (fruit IPA)

Tropical fruit meets tropical vibes in this “guavacated” version of our Islander IPA. Brewed with the classic West Coast combo of Centennial, Chinook and Columbus hops, this beer gets the tropical treatment with a hefty dose of fresh guava puree. The result is a surprisingly smooth, unfiltered IPA bursting with tropical goodness that’s sure to put you in that island state of mind.

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Beer Number:#11

Last Stand Blonde Ale (Blonde Ale)

A very light and refreshing blonde ale brewed with German Pale Malt, a touch of Munich Malt and very lightly hopped with CZ Saaz hops.

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Beer Number:#12

Independence Power and Light Pale (Pale Ale)

Power & Light tastes just right! Power & Light Pale is a crisp, hoppy and refreshing American pale ale that took home Gold at World Beer Cup 2016.

Malt: 2 Row, Pilsner

Hops: Cascade

Yeast: American Ale (Chico)

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Beer Number:#13

Community Witbier (Witbier)

The mostly-extinct farmhouse breweries of Belgium were notorious for using whatever ingredients were available to them. One of treasures made by these breweries and nearly lost to history was spiced witbier (white beer). Witbier defied an untimely fate, being revived by a man named Pierre Celis who worked in one of the last breweries in Belgium to commercially produce a version of this unique, spiced beer. Celis eventually sold his own witbier brewery and moved to Austin, Texas to open another white beer brewery (Celis White) and the rest is history. ? In honor of the late and great Pierre Celis, we are proud to offer Community Wit as a warm weather libation, produced locally for our fellow Texans once again. We brew it traditionally using unmalted wheat as our base and lightly spice the kettle with freshly ground sweet and bitter orange peel and coriander seed. The hops are minimal, keeping the focus on the wheat, spices and the unique character contributed by authentic Belgian yeast strains, one of which originated from the same strain that Pierre brought across the Atlantic to America

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Beer Number:#14

Wicked Weed Oblivion (Flanders Red Ale)

Oblivion is a Sour Red ale that is aged with blackberries and dates in red wine barrels for up to 12 months. The beer is then carefully blended to create depth and balance that will envelope you in its complexity.

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Beer Number:#15

Karbach Whiskey Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout (Barrel Aged Imperial Stout)

Imperial stout aged in Jack Daniels barrels released January 2017

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Beer Number:#16

Schilling London Dry (Cider)

Inspired by traditional London pub style cider, London dry is bright, crisp, apple-forward, and dry as a bone!

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Beer Number:#17

Funkwerks Blueberry Provincial (Fruited Sour)

Belgian-Style Sour Ale with Blueberries. Notes of lemon and tart blueberries.

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Beer Number:#18

Argus Apple Bomb

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Beer Number:#19

Weathered Souls Who Got the Juice Now?

A Northeast style IPA with citra, simco and mosaic hops.
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Beer Number:#20

St. Elmo Carl Kolsch (Kölsch)

A Pale Golden Beer-  Full-flavored yet very drinkable.  Perfectly refreshing for the 8-month Texas Summer.  German Pilsner malt, Tettnanger Hops, and clean Kolsch yeast come together in graceful harmony to make the perfect everyday beer.

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Beer Number:#21

Adelbert’s Vintage Nun (American Wild Ale)

Naked Nun Belgian Witbier aged in red wine barrels with brettanomyces.

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Beer Number:#22

Pedernales Texas Hop Bomb (IPA - Imperial / Double)

Single hop IPA with Citra hops. Gives the beer a bright, citrusy taste as well as a classic bitter finish.  The flavor explodes in your mouth! (pun very intended)

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Beer Number:#23

Pinthouse Pizza Bearded Seal (Stout - Irish Dry)

This is a stronger version of a traditional Dry Irish Stout. Somewhere in between a true Dry Irish and a big imperial stout that captures some of the intensity of a higher abv beer but remains drinkable and complex.

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Beer Number:#24

La Trappe Quadrupel (Belgian Quad)

25 years ago, The Koningshoeven brewery baptized her beloved Quadrupel under the approving glance of the monks. A closely guarded recipe became reality, and the first Quadrupel beer in the world was born.

Still, Quadrupel is unique in its kind. Originally brewed as a seasonal for the real beer lovers. Meanwhile, an acclaimed beer with a stunning amber color and a warm, intense flavour. Malty sweet, slightly burnt and pleasantly bitter with a sweet aftertaste. A heavy beer with 10% alcohol, which has a true ‘taste evolution’ because of the secondary fermentation after bottling. A wine amongst beers with aromas of banana, almond and vanilla.

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Beer Number:#25

Uinta Birthday Suit (Sour Ale)

Happy 24th Anniversary to Uinta Brewing! To celebrate the occastion, Uinta releaed the Birthday Suit 24. This is a sour cherry blonde ale brewed with “pitted” Montmorency cherries.


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Beer Number:#26

Sixpoint Sweet Action Blonde Ale (Blonde Ale)

If you traced from 2004, you’d see that SWEET ACTION is a representation of our palates at any given point in time… it’s a vibe more so than it was ever one distinct formulation. This version, a juicy, blonde wheat ale, is the latest iteration in that story.

The first brew was for a friend’s party. In three separate phone calls, she requested three different beers. First it was a wheat beer. Then it was a lager because her dad loved ‘em. Then she wanted a pale ale. So we put them all together and fermented it out with a Belgian yeast to 7.2% ABV. It was a super spicy brew with tons of biscuit malt, aromatic malts, and some bitter, dank American hops. This all took place in Madison, Wisconsin.

Then came the infamous photo shoot. A chance encounter in 2004 in Red Hook, BKLYN, led this beer to be served at a launch party for a short lived ladies porno magazine. The thing finally had a true namesake, after the magazine: SWEET ACTION.

That might leave you wondering, what exactly is SWEET ACTION? Well, sometimes knowing isn’t everything. Sink one… your palate just gets it.

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Beer Number:#27

Firestone Walker Nitro Merlin (Stout - Milk / Sweet)

The new ingredient is lactose, a.k.a. milk sugar. When Velvet Merlin is brewed with milk sugar to create Nitro Merlin Milk Stout, the effect is similar to adding cream to your dark roasted coffee. The result is a stout that is still dark and roasty, but now with a mellow sweetness and added roundness of body.

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Beer Number:#28

Great Divide Velvet Yeti (Stout - Other)

Introducing the newest and smoothest member of the Yeti family, VELVET YETI. The surprisingly velvety and rich mouthfeel of the nitro pour rounds out the unmistakeable roasty, caramel & toffee notes that make Yeti such a beast. Despite its minimal 5.0% ABV, this smooth operator is sure to provide maximum joy.

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Beer Number:#29