Bottle Share Etiquette Series : Hosting a Bottle Share


You’ve finally attended your first bottle share and want to host one of your own!

Or maybe you’ve never been to one, but you’re used to hosting parties, so why not have a bottle share themed party.

The Craft Beer Community is well known for hosting bottle shares, it gives drinkers a chance to try new beers that they wouldn’t have been able to get in stores or new beers that just came out. While some may be seasoned veterans, for others it can be a daunting task.

So we put together a little guide for those wanting to host a bottle share, the basics of hosting.

Hosting a Bottle Share:
– First thing’s first, create an event. You’re able to give the What, When, Where, Time, etc.

This isn’t always necessary, but when you’re planning a bottle share, it’s good to have a theme. Maybe you want to stick to your region, or you’re going big and only want Barrel Aged beers; whatever the theme, set it. On the opposite end, you can allow a free for all, but be aware that you may not have the best beers present at the share.

Set ground rules and expectations before people arrive. Will you provide glassware, or should they bring their own. Try to limit glass sizes to 5oz.

Will you have snacks? It’s good practice to provide at the bare minimum some cheese & crackers or chips & salsa

– Who’s opening each one, will the host or the owner open each bottle?

– You want to ensure the safety of your guests, so make sure you have everyone either a safe ride home or offer a place to crash for the night.

When in doubt, call #youratxbottleshop for more information on how to host a bottleshare! Cause we’ve been there and we love beer!

Cheers y’all!

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