Happy Birthday ‘Merica!

Lady Liberty, this next one is for you! This country is looking pretty good for 244 years old, good on us. We’ll be here our normal hours this weekend to make sure you can celebrate in proper fashion. We should have at least five new beers on by tomorrow for you to come try. Tasty things are in store.

Some exciting news about hours- we’ll now be open Sunday-Thursday till 10pm. We know the beer garden looks even more appealing after the sun goes down. It’s very exciting to have two more hours in the week to share a pint with y’all. Mark your calendars for July 9th, Lakewood Brewing is coming in for a pint night! We’ll have some special kegs lined up for the event. The week after, July 15th, Bishop Cider will be in the store launching their new smoothie seltzers and we should have a new seasonal on draft from them.

Circle was a huge hit for our June brewery of the month, so we’re keeping them for July! We’ve got Lady Bird American IPA, Envy Amber, Blur Hefe, and Alibi Blond all for $7.99!

Later, Y’all.

New and Returning Beers This Week

Back in StockBrazos Valley Watermelon Weather, Einstok Arctic Lager, Modern Times Electrojet, City Orchard Lavender Royale, Circle Epic Playlist, Circle Anthem Ale,

Weathered Souls Black Is Beautiful – Imperial stout, no adjuncts added. 8.8%ABV

Weathered Souls Truth of Darkness – Collaboration with Cactus Land Brewing with vanilla beans and cocoa nibs. 11.3%ABV

Weathered Souls Black and Blue Hard – Blackberry and Blueberry Seltzer sitting at 4.9%ABV

B-52 Cerveza Mexican Lager – Mexican Style Lager brewed with barley, corn, and rye then conditioned on lime and a dash of sea salt to create an incredibly refreshing and vibrant lager made for Fiestas. 5.2%ABV

B-52 Fruit Tart Pomegranate – We packed ridiculous amounts of pomegranate and black currant puree into this sour and the result is a fruit bomb blasting with intense tropical flavor. 6.2%ABV

B-52 Taeda IPA – A Hazy India Pale Ale brewed with Barley, Wheat, and Oats, and Cascade Hops then double dry-hopped with Idaho 7, Azacca, and Cashmere. 6.5%ABV

Brazos Valley Bramble On – Sour wheat ale made with Blackberries and Raspberries, 5.3% ABV.

Hedgehog Mango Tango – Farmhouse ale with mango and habanero. Dry, fruity and slightly funky with a habanero kick. 7% ABV

Calidad Mexican Style Lager – Bright & Crisp. Sessionable. Light-bodied. Versatile. Refreshing. 4.5% ABV

Modern Times Brain Vacation – Prepare to experience the pinnacle of sparkling crushability. This massively refreshing gose was lovingly layered with pineapple, passion fruit, guava, and orange, which converge in a dazzling liquid tapestry of tropical radness belied by its hella-sessionable ABV and modest 100 calories. 3.3% ABV

Hop & Sting Galactic Haze – Galactic Haze is our White IPA that combines the body of a witbier with an intense fruit forward hop aroma. A significant portion of our grain bill includes malted wheat to produce a medium body while finishing with a low bitterness on the palate. The combination of Mosaic, Ekuaknot, and Ariana hops produce a supernova of tropical fruit and berry aromas and flavors, with undertones of vanilla and pine. Galactic Haze is fermented with a Belgian yeast strain at warm temperatures to encourage ester production and their complementary juicy fruit character. 7.1% ABV

Bembel with Care Apfelwein Pur – 100% apples, dry and natural taste. No additional sweeteners or artificial flavours. 6% ABV

Blue Owl Mojito Seltzer – Inspired by the traditional Cuban cocktail, Mojito. This Hard Seltzer is made with Jamaican rum extract, mint, lime, and citric acid. Light, bright, low cal, and low sugar, this craft seltzer is brewed for unique people like you! 5% ABV

Blue Owl Mango Peach Daiquiri Seltzer – Inspired by your traditional daiquiri cocktail, this hard seltzer is made with Jamaican rum extract, lime, mango, peach, and citric acid. 5% ABV

Humble Forager Coastal Sunrise Seagull – This lassi inspired breakfast sour is packed with three ingredients from India; alphonso mango, planifolia vanilla beans and cardamom swirl with creamy Indonesian coconut. 6% ABV

Maine Beer Co Thank You 2021 – This year’s version is brewed with primarily European malts and Saaz hops which blend nicely with the US (Amarillo & Talus) and New Zealand (Nelson Sauvin) hops, giving the beer aromas of rose, jasmine and grapefruit followed by notes of coconut, lemongrass, mango, and bread crust. 6.5% ABV

The Brewing Projekt Mejor Vida – Mexican lager brewed with orange blossom, honey and Motueka hops. 5.2% ABV

The Brewing Projekt Orange Drank – Imperial sour ale with mandarin orange and marshmallow. 9.47% ABV

The Brewing Projekt Puff Tart XL – Imperial Sour with Passion Fruit, Blackberry, Peach. 8.3% ABV

the Brewing Projekt The Stolen Mile – Basil lemon ale. Brewed with real fresh lemon zest and real fresh basil. 5.2% ABV

Untitled Art Rose Spritz – Untitled Art is launching into a new venture with a line of lower ABV, lightly carbonation, canned wine to use on the go! 6.9% ABV

Untitled Art Rocket Popsicle Hard Seltzer – Hard Seltzer with blue raspberry flavoring. 5% ABV

Untitled Art West Coast IPA – West coast IPA with Cascade, Centennial, Simcoe and Cashmere hops. 7.7% ABV

Untitled Art Strawberry Shortcake Imperial Seltzer – Untitled Art’s first ‘official’ pastry seltzer & we did it with our ole time friends in Iowa Pulpit Rock. Imperial Seltzer brewed with strawberry concentrate, strawberry purée, and vanilla beans. 9% ABV

The Brewing Projekt Storm Tide – Gose Style Ale with Pineapple, Mango, & Sea Salt. 5.16% ABV

Martin House De Nada – Agave & Guava Sour Ale. 6.7% ABV

Martin House Vanilla Skies – Whiskey Barrel-Aged Blonde Barleywine with Vanilla Bean. 12% ABV

Elgin Meadery Black Lupulus – Black currant honey wine, semi-sweet, 11.5% ABV.

Elgin Meadery Botanicus – Botanicus was inspired by 16th-17th century mead recipes which frequently included a variety of botanicals (added for many reasons including flavor, tannins, and their medicinal properties). An herbal or spiced mead is called a metheglin. Inspired by these early modern recipes we used organic rosemary, thyme, hyssop, and juniper. Botanicus is reminiscent of a vermouth but with a honey rather than grape profile. It is a bright, crisp mead, slightly effervescent, and lightly herbaceous. The finishing gravity is 1.000 and the alcohol percentage is around 10%

Elgin Meadery Strawberry Vanilleus – Complex, yet subtle flavors of strawberry and vanilla combine with honey to make this a fantastic desert mead. Please enjoy Strawberry Vanilleus. 12% ABV


New Wines This Week

(On-Premise Consumption or Off-Premise Crowlers)

Nautilus Sauvignon Blanc – The Nautilus Sauvignon Blanc displays intense lifted aromas of passionfruit and lime zest and hints of elderflower. The palate introduces delightful citrus based mouth-watering intensity and finishes with a strong textural component. 13% ABV

Elk Cove Pinot Blanc – The Willamette Valley has an ideal climate for Pinot Blanc, a delicate grape variety – enough sunlight and warmth for ripening, with cooler night temperatures that help retain varietal character. To preserve the freshness, Elk Cove Pinot Blanc is whole-cluster pressed then fermented at very cool temperatures in small stainless steel tanks, all of which accentuates aromatics and enhances the richness and viscosity of the wine. 13% ABV

Grower Project Rosato – 100% SANGIOVESE. Aromatic & juicy with flavors of watermelon, Bing cherry & fresh raspberry. 12.8% ABV

Grower Project The Source Sangiovese – A soft expression of this classic variety is perfect for any season. 13.2% ABV

William Chris Mary Ruth White Blend – Low intensity yellow with a nose of Green apple, white nectarine, lime zest, honeydew, coconut water, lily, pollen, lemongrass, wax, hay, flint. On the palate, Honeydew, coconut, lime, & pollen. 46% Muscat Blanc, 30% Muscat Canelli, 19% Blanc du Bois, 5% Sauvignon Blanc. Entirely stainless steel fermentation and aging.

Eco Terreno Cabernet Sauvignon – Our 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon has an opaque purple color, with a bright purple rim. Cassis, black cherry, brambles, warm baking spices and espresso fill an effusively fragrant nose. The flavors are similar with ripe black cherry and dark chocolate and cabernet spice impressions, and the wine is lush fruit-forward yet balanced. The finish is lingering even and silken, with hints of structure that will aid in aging. Enjoyable now and over the next seven years. 14.7% ABV


New Draft Beers This Week

(On-Premise Consumption or Off-Premise Crowlers)

Save the World Lux Mundi–  This “father’s beer” has a beautiful aroma of ripe fruits with hints of citrus, perfumy floral hops, and a faint biscuity malt. A light to medium bodied ale with bright fruity flavors up front, its impression of sweetness is balanced by a deliciously clean and dry finish. This is traditionally the monk’s everyday drinking ale… and may soon become yours! 5.8%

Firestone Walker Luponic Distortion #18 –  IPA with Nelson, Nectaron, Riwaka and Motueka hops. 5.9% ABV

B-52 Smoothie Tart Mango Tajín– A luscious warm weather sour brewed with barley, oats, and wheat then conditioned on grapefruit and mango puree with a bit of lime, red pepper, and sea salt. 6.2% ABV

Texas Beer Co Bill Pickett Porter– The Bill Pickett Porter is a smooth, roasty porter that’s a little lighter bodied than our stout. 6.1%ABV

Parking at WhichCraft Mueller. The garage behind us on McBee is free to use.

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