I want a Sunday kind of love…

Are you looking for a love that’s on the square? Can’t seem to find somebody, someone to care? Well, don’t feel like you have to walk down that lonely road alone, because we’re here to show you the way to all the beverages for those Sunday schemings and dreamings.

And Boy’oh’boy, have we ever been busy doing just that! Thanks to y’all we’ve been setting records left and right… especially in regards to advent boxes! Shucks, we’re only about three weeks into selling them and we’re about two thirds sold out, and there’s still the month of November to go! Make sure you get your pre-order in now. As a friendly reminder, pickup will be November the 19th.

It was a joy to have our friends out from Roughtail and Thirsty Planet in this past week. They came with some special draft treats for us. There’s a very special double hazy collaboration between Celestial Brewing of Dallas & Roughtail, plus a fresh hopped IPA from them too. Thirsty Planet kicked off this year’s Artist series brew with a  lime gose for the Austin Studio tour. You can still find all of these on draft, we have some glassware left if you’re interested! Don’t sleep on the Dutchess Ales Vale Pale ale & our 2019 Pumpkinator. They won’t be here for much longer.

This upcoming Saturday SunDaze will be tasting through their portfolio of boozy bevies during the afternoon. Then on the 20th of the month we’re throwing a Beaujolais Nouveau party during the day. As we approach the holiday season, lets kick it off with some fresh, lush, young wine from France… because why not? Stay tuned till next week as we start to roll out our Turkey day recommendations.

For our November Brewery of the month, we are happy to announce that its the fine folks from Texas Beer Company! For JUST $8.99 a six pack we have their Pecos Amber, K9 Lager, and Hoppy Duck IPA.

Later, y’all.

New & Returning Beers & Seltzers This Week

Back in StockAvery Night Warden, Chimay Blue Grande Reserve, Vista Le Saison, Untitled Art Blackberry Agave Seltzer, Plank Heller Weizenbock, Prairie Rainbow Sherbet, Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Marzen,

B-52 Dracula’s Chimney Porter – In his dark castle shrouded from light, Dracula awakens with a thirst for something rich. The Kürtőskalács, or Chimney Cake, traces its origin to Transylvania and gets its name from the steaming fresh baked cylinder of dough. Brewed with Maris Otter malt for flavors of bready cake and conditioned on walnuts, chocolate, and cinnamon. 5.3% ABV

B-52 Hope You Like Strata – Triple India Pale Ale Double Dry-Hopped with a copious amount of Strata Hops giving this beer layers of dank strawberry and passionfruit flavors. 10%ABV

B-52 Smoothie Tart Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble – Brewed with barley, oats, and wheat, then conditioned on strawberry and rhubarb puree, brown sugar, baking spices, vanilla, sea salt, and lactose to make it taste like a tart slice of Southern pie. 6% ABV

B-52 Super Fruited Cherry Mango Banana – Our Imperial Sour with a triple dose of fruit. Conditioned on cherry, mango, and banana puree which all come together to create a delectable fruit salad in your mouth. 10% ABV

Coastal Watermelon Spritz – The combination of Columbia Valley of Washington harvested Rosé, sparkling water, and fresh Watermelon is something you’ll crave in your sleep. This delightful spritz has just the right amount of looks and personality to keep around forever. Light, refreshing, and it tastes like summer feels. Buckle up, this is Watermelon heaven. 5% ABV

Spindletap Houston Hazier – Double IPA version of Houston Haze. All the Citra & Galaxy. Released 10/15/2021 9%ABV

4th Tap Singularity Smash – Brewing with a Single Malt and a Single Hop (SMaSH) allows us to do a deep dive on every unique characteristic that a specific hop has to offer, paired with a single grain varietal selected for that profile 7%ABV

Tupps O Negative DDH IPA – Double Dry Hopped IPA brewed with citra and mandarina bavaria hops, and fruited with fresh blood orange puree. 8.1% ABV

Ingenious Smarty Candy Apple – This imperial stout is loaded with confectionary inspiration from our favorite amateur baking adventures.

Roughtail Chromatic Orb – Fresh Hop DIPA with Mosaic, Simcoe and Cascade. 8.5% ABV

Roughtail Cosmic Omen – Collaboration with Celestial Beerworks – Idaho 7, Mosaic, Citra, El Dorado Incognito and Citra Spectrum. 8.5% ABV

903 Galactic Alliance – This imperial stout is loaded with confectionary inspiration from our favorite amateur baking adventures.

Ingenious Soda Shop Orange – This imperial stout is loaded with confectionary inspiration from our favorite amateur baking adventures.

New Belgium Honey Orange Trippel – For this recipe, our brewers drew inspiration from Belgian Golden Strong Ale, a style we love. We sought out the very best ingredients, sourcing wild honey from the African Bronze Honey Company, a member of the Fair Trade Federation and a certified B-Corp. The Seville orange peel is freshly ground 24 hours prior to the day we brew by the Old Town Spice Shop, less than one mile from our Fort Collins, Colorado, brewery. In the end, we created a big, sweet and citrusy Belgian-style Tripel with thoughtfully sourced ingredients. 10% ABV

Bell’s Mars – Notes of tropical fruit, citrus, pine, lemon, lime and pineapple are all present in both the aroma and flavor. Hopped at a ratio of about 3.4 pounds of hops per barrel, the recipe for Mars was developed from a trial batch called Larry’s Latest Double IPA brewed in our original brewery located adjacent to the Eccentric Café in downtown Kalamazoo.  10.1% ABV

Great Divide 2021 BA Yeti – Barrel Aged Yeti Imperial Stout is aged for at least 12 months in whiskey barrels.  The spirited aging process produces a hugely complex but mellowed Yeti, with its signature roasted flavors, hints of vanilla and oak, and a whiskeyed finish. 12.5%ABV

Martin House Golden Eyes – Belgian Style Wheat Beer with Orange. 5.2% ABV

Vista Muse – Their newest barrel aged release: Muse Texas wild ale. 7.8% ABV

DuClaw Sour Me Unicorn Farts – This glittered sour ale is brewed with cherries, tangerines, & limes. Fruity cereal is added into the mash and it’s finished off with a sprinkle of a natural, mineral-based edible glitter. A bright, sweet & tart beer with a hint of malty biscuit. A collaboration between DuClaw Brewing Company & Diablo Doughnuts. 5.5% ABV

Roughhouse Honeycrumb – Farmhouse ale brewed with locally baked rye bread and TX wildflower honey. Crisp, dry and malty! 4.5% ABV

2021 Deschutes The Abyss OLD WORLD – Our Brewers aged this Imperial Stout in Sherry barrels as well to bring you and Old World style that should not be missed. 10.8% ABV

Thirsty Planet Neon Rattlesnake – Lime Gose. 3.6% ABV

Austin Beerworks Homeostasis – Homeostasis is our attempt to combine our favorite aspects of our favorite IPAs into harmonious balance. 7% ABV

NOLA Wet & Fluffy – Weighing in at 8%, this is a medium-bodied IPA with hints of papaya, strawberry and lemon peel. It is light as a feather and wet as a bird.

Southern Star Southern Brunch – Citrus Shandy. 4.2% ABV

SunDaze Botanical – Botanical Citrus Cocktail With adaptogens including rosemary and ginger. DE-lish! 6% ABV

SunDaze Spicy – The naughty SunDaze. A subtle kick of spice when you want it. Delicious on its own. 6% ABV

512 Nut Brown – English Style Brown Ale brewed with English malts and London-like water. 5.5% ABV

Anderson Valley Old Fashioned – Inspired by our love for the classic bourbon cocktail, this robust brown ale is brewed with orange peel and Hersbrucker hops, which naturally have orange-like flavors. Fresh cherry puree is added towards the end of fermentation, then the beer is aged in bourbon barrels with aromatic bitters. The rich, caramel malts and fruity, herbal notes complement the bourbon flavors and slightly bitter finish making this a truly complex and satisfying beer. 8.3% ABV

Maine Beer Co Wolfe’s Neck – A gift to the people of Maine and its visitors, Wolfe’s Neck reminds us of the importance of protecting land for future generations to experience and enjoy. “We’ve dropped a pebble, now we have to see where the ripples go.” FLAVOR PROFILE: TROPICAL FRUIT (PINEAPPLE, MANGO, GUAVA, COCONUT) AND ORANGE, WITH NOTES OF ONION/GARLIC AND UNDERLYING TOASTED BREAD AND PINE. 6.5% ABV

Untitled Art Midnight Toffee Stout – Imperial Stout with cacao nibs, vanilla beans, Belgian candi syrup and milk sugar. Collaboration with Angry Chair Brewing. 12.3%

Untitled Art Double Blueberry – This time we have a Caramel Apple Fruited Sour. Reminiscent of your favorite fair treat, the sweet, and tart flavors will transport you to the top of the Ferris wheel. 4.8% ABV

Symbol Fruited Sour w/ Caramel & Tart Apple – This time we have a Caramel Apple Fruited Sour. Reminiscent of your favorite fair treat, the sweet, and tart flavors will transport you to the top of the Ferris wheel. 4.8% ABV

Community Medical Grade Haze – This hazy IPA keeps the bitterness low and juice factor high. Super high in fact. Packed to the brim with Vic Secret, Citra & Mosaic hops and overflowing with heady tropical flavors making for the perfect haze sesh. It’s just what the doctor ordered. 7.7% ABV

Celis Waller Kriek – Texas take on Kriek. 5%ABV

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Strawberry – Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Strawberry Ale is brewed with real strawberry juice and aged in some of Kentucky’s finest bourbon barrels. This seasonal brew is a perfect blend of fresh fruit and sweet bourbon notes to enjoy all summer long. 8% ABV

NOLA Rosalie – Rosalie is a sour ale brewed with strawberries, passionfruit, rose hips, and hibiscus. From earth we offer grasses, flowers, fruit, and wood; from air we offer wild yeast and bacteria; water is our medium; to our cauldron we add fire; time is all that remains, converting our sweet wort into a potent potable. 5.5% ABV

Prairie Christmas Bomb – Imperial Stout brewed with Spices 13%ABV

Young Master Jade Scorpion – A refreshing lager elevated with the addition of green peppercorns. “Ma Jiao” from the Sichuan province in China, Jade Scorpion is dangerously addictive. Peppercorns add bright, citrusy and herbal notes with a gentle tingle that makes our Chinese take on a pilsner delightfully moreish. 5.1% ABV

Young Master Neon City Pale Ale – Neon City is a versatile pale ale suitable for all day and all season drinking. Accents of Mandarin Peel and Bergamot reflects our home city. Hong Kong’s dual Chinese and English heritage. These bright citrusy notes layered on an elegantly balanced pale ale pairs perfectly with a wide range of Asian flavors. 5.2%

Tupps Bourbon Barrel Aged Full Grown Jack – Aged in Iron Root Republic barrels and flavored with pumpkin spices, this full-flavored imperial stout will warm you to the core with the taste of fall. Beware: It’ll go straight to your gourd. 14.9%ABV

Martin House Blueberry Muffin – Blueberry Sour Ale with Lactose and Brown Sugar. 8% ABV

American Solera Barrel Aged Black Metal – Russian Imperial Stout Aged 16 months in Balcones Bourbon Barrels Brewed in Collaboration w/ Our Friends at Jester King. 12% ABV

Anderson Valley Tropical Hazy Sour – On top of a gose base, tropical flavors are introduced in the fermentation process through the use of real guava and passion fruit. 4.3% ABV, 125 calories, 9g carbs

Blue Owl Kühlbox – Oh-so-refreshing with a crushability that’s accompanied by noble hop flavors from a medley of German Saphir and Hallertau Mittelfrüh hops. This German-style Kölsch is crisp, social, and sessionable. 4.5% ABV

Drie Fonteinen Framboos Oogst – This specific Framboos has a final fruit intensity of 310 grams of raspberries per litre of finished Framboos. The lambikken used come from three barrels and six different brews. We used a bit of our own lambik wort to start the fermentation in the bottle

3 Fonteinen Framboos is the slow and all-natural maceration of hand-picked whole raspberries on traditional lambic. No addition of juices, syrups or artificial sweeteners. Unfiltered. Unpasteurised. 6.2% ABV

Drie Fonteinen Hommage 375ml – 3 Fonteinen Hommage is the result of macerating hand-picked whole sour cherries and raspberries on young lambic for at least four months, in a proportion of 760 to 800 grams of raspberries and 200 to 240 grams of sour cherries per litre of lambic. This fruit lambic is then blended again with more lambic to obtain a minimum intensity of 35% fruit. Hommage is a bodied raspberry lambic beer, with an intense deep red forest fruit bouquet. This unfiltered and unpasteurised lambic is all-natural with no artificial juices, syrups, or sugars added. 6%ABV

Drie Fonteinen PX Sherry Barrel Intens Rood 750ml – This imperial stout is loaded with confectionary inspiration from our favorite amateur baking adventures.

Fair State New Territories – High tech IPA collaboration with MIkkeller San Diego, employing a genetically modified yeast that directly produces massive tropical aromas, active fermentation dry hopping with a fancy new blend of cryo hops that emphasizes mango aromatics, and Talus, everyone’s favorite new hop. Abundantly tropical, saturated, and yet easy to drink. 5.8% ABV

The Brewing Projekt Jungo Joose PPP – Imperial Sour Ale with Pineapple, Plum, & Peach. 7.5% ABV

The Brewing Projekt Smoofee BRBG – Sour Ale with Blackberry, Raspberry, Banana, & Guava. 8.7%

The Brewing Projekt Obtain Intellect Raspberry – Sour Ale with Raspberry & Mandarin Orange. 8.3%

Athletic All Out Stout – All Out Stout wAll Out Stout was built for cold weather. We recommend enjoying by the fire after a long day on the slopes. Expect a full-bodied mouthfeel and a pleasantly roasty finish, as well as delicate coffee and bittersweet chocolate notes. Pairs excellently with savory dishes like hearty chili or sweet treats for dessert. Don’t hibernate this winter. Go All Out!as built for cold weather. We recommend enjoying by the fire after a long day on the slopes. Expect a full-bodied mouthfeel and a pleasantly roasty finish, as well as delicate. coffee and bittersweet chocolate notes. Pairs excellently with savory dishes like hearty chili or sweet treats for dessert. Don’t hibernate this winter. Go All Out!

Lagunitas Contents Under Fresher – This is the latest leap in Lagunitas’ never-ending quest for capturing the essence of fresh hops. Contents Under Fresher features whole-cone Mosaic, Citra, Simcoe & Sabro hops harvested and rushed from our family of farmer friends in Yakima. Expressed here in their absolute juiciest form. 7.7% ABV

Lagunitas StereoHopic V3 -Rotating dry-hopped IPA series. 7.2% ABV

The StereoHopic IPA Series channels our 25+ year hop love affair into a spotlight on two special varietals at a time–and the interestingness that occurs between. Vol 3- When two hops come together, the combination can be better than the sum of its parts… Passion fruit & guava interplay with Nectaron’s juicy yellow peaches; resulting in a veritable Voltron of sticky hoppiness

Great Divide Horchata Yeti – With origins dating back to the 13th century, horchata-like beverages have a cross-cultural appeal similar to our mythical Yeti. New World versions of the creamy beverage utilize a white rice base, as does our Horchata Yeti Imperial Stout. Rice was added to the traditional Yeti malt bill along with lactose sugar to impart luxurious creaminess and delicious sweetness. Cinnamon and vanilla enhance the pastry-esque qualities of this divine imperial stout, showing that Yeti continues to reinvent himself. 9.5% ABV

Weathered Souls Off The Rails – Red Cherry Kool-Aid, Sweet & Tart Cherries, Key lime juice, and Marshmallows. 6%ABV.

Weathered Souls Orange Dreamsicle – This 7.2% hazy style IPA with oranges, vanilla, lactose, Galaxy and Citra hops.

Weathered Souls Key Key Do You Love Me – Key limes, Graham crackers and cream 6.8% ABV




New Wines This Week

(On-Premise Consumption or Off-Premise To Go)

Bikicki Uncensored Traminer 2018 – Natural 12-days macerated white wine from location Banostor on the Fruska Gora, Serbia. The vineyard facing north-west and situated near the river Danube. Grapes are hand harvested on the 12. September. Spontaneous fermentation on wild yeasts, aging in used Serbian light 500L oak barrels for 9 months. Natural wine, low sulphur content.

Clear intensively amber wine with a layered, elegant and noble fragrance. Its etheric character gives the impression of gunpowder minerality, then followed by muted fruity tones in the form of a dried orange peel, as well as dry Mediterranean spices. The structure opposes the intensity of fragrance, it is very rich, with a firm tannin bite. The taste lasts endlessly and brings about the tonal values of fruit, oriental spice and warm, dry, flowery tones.  14% ABV

Les Equilibristes Bouillon aux Dames 2018 – Les Equilibristes (the “Tightrope Walkers”) are François de Monval and Florent Girou.  François is a wine merchant and restaurant owner in Paris, and Floret is a wine-maker from the Perigord region.  Together, the two are constantly thinking about preserving the old-ways of winemaking, while questioning old practices that no longer make sense.   Les Equilibristes have a simple set of rules they follow in winemaking: use indigenous grape varieties, organic winemaking practices, indigenous yeasts, and minimal sulphur.  They make wines from purchased grapes, always organic, throughout France. We had the pleasure of meeting François at Raw LA this year, and were charmed by his unique and whimsical wines.

This is classic Chenin: wooly, textural and creamy from malo, lees contact and old oak barrels, with vibrant acidity and bright lemony/golden apple hits. And it’s super delicious.  We’ll be drinking this all spring long, with all the green things popping up and on our plates. An amazing food wine!. 13.5% ABV

Les Equilibristes Volute 2020 – Another fine selections from the winemakers of the Les Equilibristes collective. Vine / Full Tillage, and certified biodynamic certified demeter, Phytotherapy. Wine / Hand harvest, 14-day fermentation with 20% whole bunches, indigenous yeasts, sweet extractions, Aging on fine lees. Spirit : To highlight through the Gamay this rare soil complexity made of black mica on granite

Julie & Toby Bainbridge Cuvée Crush 2020 – Toby and Julie are incredible friends who have the most kind and endearing spirit of anyone I know. They are honest, hardworking, winemakers who look at their trade with the patience and serenity of a master craftsman, and the humbleness and tenacity of your neighborhood milkman. Toby’s an ex-pat from the UK, and Julie found him working on a harvest crew in Protection, Kansas. After a long courtship they have settled in Anjou with their two young children. In the early 2000s, Toby started working with Didier Chaffardon and the couple made their first wine in 2007, the same year they gave birth to their first son. In 2012, after a few years under the tutelage and employ of René Mosse, Toby and Julie went out on their own and started full-time production on their eponymous domaine. Approximately 6.5 hectares of their 8ha are currently under vine with drought resistant soil, rich in calcium. They focus on wines for drinking: fresh, bright and natural. All their vineyards are worked organically. In the cellar, macerations are generally short and neutral vessels are always used, whether fiberglass or stainless steel.

VARIETY: Grolleau. TERROIR: Black schist bedrock. Iron and calcium rich, sandy soils. Certified organic HARVEST: hand picked. VINIFICATION: De-stemmed, 3 day maceration, 6 months élevage in stainless / fiberglass.

Friend & Farmer Verdejo White Wine 2020 – Friend and Farmer and HAND WORK is the dream of three brothers, Francisco, Javier and Luis Parra. The hope was to celebrate their home of La Mancha by raising organically and biodynamically grown grapes. When it comes to the winemaking behind Friend and Farmer, they partnered with the exceptional Juan Antonio Ponce of Bodegas Ponce.

The Parra brothers work two vineyards near the town of Las Mesas. One is Entresendas (between paths) sitting in a dried river bed. These rich, alluvial soils are perfect for the cultivation of grapes reflecting light and heat and ensuring drainage. The other vineyard is Olla del Monte is perhaps easily represented by its other name: Cuesta Colorá, the colored slope. This gentle slope is covered in chalky clay and a fine layer of pebbles on the surface that capture and radiate the heat of the sun—a key benefit during the desert nights.

The Friend & Farmer wines are Demeter and vegan certified with only naturally occurring sulfites. The Hand Work liter bottle of wine organic certified as well as vegan and minimal sulfites. 11.5%


New Draft Beers This Week

(On-Premise Consumption or Off-Premise Crowlers)

Blue Owl Külbox Oh-so-refreshing with a crushability that’s accompanied by noble hop flavors from a medley of German Saphir and Hallertau Mittelfrüh hops. This German-style Kölsch is crisp, social, and sessionable. 4.5% ABV

City Orchard Cider Fresca Plum – Plum infused fruit cider. 6.5%ABV
Texas Keeper HeirloomTexas Keeper Heirloom is a cider blended from four classic American heirloom apples and a small lot of bittersweets. Rhode Island Greening is the second oldest apple grown in the U.S., dating from around 1650, and lends notes of grapefruit and white pepper. Ben Davis (~1800) contributes ripe pear and spice, Baldwin brings lovely soft acidity and a hint of stone fruit. Heirloom was aged on medium toasted French Oak contributing structure and a hint of vanilla to this exceptional cider. 7.2% ABV

RoughTail Chromatic OrbFresh Hop DIPA with Mosaic, Simcoe and Cascade 8.5%ABV

Roughtail Cosmic OmenCollaboration with Celestial Beerworks – Idaho 7, Mosaic, Citra, El Dorado Incognito and Citra Spectrum 8.5%ABV

Dutchess Ales Vale Pale– Vale Pale Ale is a Fall seasonal Pale Ale with a rich golden hue and a spectrum of lush hop and malt expressions. Brewed with a base of Marris Otter and Pilsner Malt and notable accents of Munich, Spelt, Wheat and Oats and generously hopped with Azacca, Ekuanot, and Galaxy – Complex layers of the whole fruit basket emerge from juicy Peach, Guava and Mango to ethereal Papaya and Passionfruit on the finish. Married with clean woodsy notes of evergreens and a crisp backbone of bitterness, Vale is a complex yet effortlessly balanced and joyful Ale to celebrate the changing of seasons. 5% ABV

Aqua Brew DDH Skyscraper – Full, ripe summer fruit and citrus aromas balanced with mango notes. Now Hazier than ever. 7% ABV

512 Nitro Pecan Porter– Nearly black in color, (512) Pecan Porter is made with Organic US 2-row and copious amounts of Crystal malt, along with Baird’s Chocolate and Black malts. Its full body and malty sweetness are balanced with subtle pecan aroma and flavor from locally grown pecans. Yet another true Austin original!

Thirsty Planet Neon Rattle Snake – Collaboration for Austin Studio Tour. Lime Gose 3.8%ABV


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