International Beer Day! Plus New Beers & Tasting Events

Friday, August 1st is International Beer Day!  What does that mean, you ask?  Well, it’s basically a celebration of the world’s best beverage.  Our friends @ Do512 put together this nice recap & recommendations from a host of local beer experts, including our very own owner Jody!  Do your part to celebrate the holiday by swinging by your favorite bottle shop and picking up something delicious.  Prost!  


Thanks for your continued support for our Beer Rescue Program.  Here is an updated list of rescue beers.

Upcoming Events, All 6-8pm

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014
Upslope Brewery rep Kendra will be joining us to taste the excellent selection of beers including Craft Lager, Pale Ale, Belgian Pale Ale, IPA and Imperial IPA.  All are in cans and are perfect for the first week of August.  She’ll also have free samples of the not-yet-released Thai-style White IPA.  And in honor of this fantastic new brew we’ll be having some spring rolls catered in as well, all for free.  Can it get better than that??

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014
This past weekend we welcomed our very first mead into the shop!  Meridian Hive Meadery is a local company who are kicking out 2 different meads now available for purchase.  The Discovery is a traditional mead and the Frontier is a dry-hopped version.  Join Evan from the brewery to sample these 2 tasty meads.

Friday, August 8th, 2014

Join us for a very special tasting event as we welcome in the guys from brand new home brew shop SoCo Homebrew opening sometime in the next couple weeks.  Mike Campbell, Joseph Butler and Chris Ellison have each picked out their 2 favorite beers from our selection and will be in the store tasting them for free and talking about Austin’s newest homebrew supply store.  Come support a new small local beer business!

New Beers This Week

Victory V12 Belgian Quad—This rich Quad offers up notes of apricots and plums and a sweet caramel maltiness, with a surprisingly dry finish. A decadent treat, but never over-the-top. 12% ABV/Downingtown, PA

Great Divide Espresso Oak Aged Yeti—A solid 95 on Beer Advocate, the Espresso Yeti offers up everything it promises: a rich, velvety malt, a healthy dose of local Denver coffee, and smooth vanilla hints of oak. 9.5% ABV/Denver, CO

Great Divide Heyday—This Belgian Style Witbier uses oats to add an extra-creamy body, providing a biscuity base for the spicy yeast. Lemony, refreshing, light but hearty, it is an excellent beer for summer. 5.2% ABV/Denver, CO

Brooklyn Pilsner—Combining Old World ingredients from the Czech Republic and Germany, Brooklyn designed this German-style pilsner to include a healthy dose of Saaz hops for a little peppery kick at the end. Light, crisp, and proudly adjunct-free, if you’re a fan of the style, you will love this beer. 5.1% ABV/Brooklyn, NY

Bastogne la Trouffette Junifer—A Belgian Dark Strong Ale brewed with juniper berries to add a pine-like complexity to an already complex beer. Notes of plum and molasses leap out, balanced by a well-attenuated finish. Orval yeast lends a clove-like spiciness. Intricate but never busy. 7.8% ABV/Belgium

BFM Cuvee Alex Le Rouge* – This Imperial Stout has notes of chocolate, cocoa and coffee, and comes in at an impressive 10.3% ABV.  Saignelégier, Switzerland  *Arriving Friday

Petrus Blonde* – A very approachable blonde ale from Petrus which still finishes tart like their other offerings. 6.6% ABV/Harelbeke, Belgium  *Arriving Friday

Wasatch Devastator Doppelbock* – This beer has caramel and roasted malt characteristics with hints of red fruit and nuts.  Lingers and coats the palate with a thick & chewy mouthfeel.  8% ABV/Park City, UT

Meridian Hive Discovery—A traditional mead brewed locally with orange blossom honey. Light and floral, with notes of orange and lemon. Pleasantly effervescent  and medium-light in body. 7% ABV/Austin, TX

Meridian Hive Frontier—Meridian takes their traditional mead and kicks it up a notch by dry-hopping it. The hop aroma lends the sweet mead a touch of tropical fruitiness and herbal spiciness. It drinks not unlike a fruit-forward Riesling. 7% ABV/Austin, TX

Samuel Adams Tetravis—The newest from the Sam Adams Barrel Room series, this Belgian Style Quad hosts notes of molasses, plum, and fig with a tart and spicy Belgian yeast,  and bottle conditioned with champagne yeast for a lifting finish. At 10.2 %, it will likely age beautifully. 10.2% ABV/Boston, MA

Samuel Adams New World Tripel—A barrel-aged Belgian Style Tripel from the Sam Adams Barrel Room series. Lemony, with notes of clove and banana, and a clean finish from conditioning in the bottle. Light oak lingers on the palate, along with a  swirl of strawberries and caramel. 10% ABV/Boston, MA

Weekend Tastings


Brooklyn Pilsner

Great Divide Heyday

Avery Karma Belgian Style Pale Ale

Plus one bonus last minute addition!


Sam Adams Tetravis

Deschutes Chainbreaker White IPA

Atwater Cherry Wheat

Plus one bonus last minute addition!

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