New Jester King in Stock, Prairie Coffee Okie Arriving Tomorrow and Community Barrel Aged Legion is Here!

The Southern Tier $5.99 promo was so popular last weekend we bought some more and will keep it rolling while supplies last. Enjoy!

Free In-Store Tastings – All 6-8pm

Thursday, January 21st – TONIGHT until 7pm

3 Nations Brewing from Farmers Branch is fairly new to the market and we’re welcoming them to Austin with a free tasting happening tonight of their Bull’s English Brown Ale, German Pale Ale and American Wit.

Friday, January 22nd

Revolver has a new rep in town and we’ll be celebrating his arrival with a free tasting event featuring Mother’s Little Fracker stout, Mullet Cutter double IPA, Sidewinder pale ale and Revolver Bock.

Tuesday, January 26th

Mary from St Arnold will be back at the tasting bar, and this time releasing and tasting Bishops Barrel #12! We have a single case, so we’ll be pouring free samples from 2 bottles and selling the other 22 to customers. We’ll release 11 bottles at 6:30pm and 11 bottles at 7pm. If there are more than 11 customers at either time we’ll have a drawing. But at the very least you can try it for free as well as Art Car IPA, Boiler Room Berliner Weisse and Lawnmower.

Wednesday, January 27th

Mark Schoppe is a local multiple award-winning homebrewer who has partnered up with Rogness Brewing a number of times for various recipes. The latest is a pale weizenbock, or a strong wheat beer. Munich and wheat malts create a bready flavor and traditional German ale yeast create the banana & clove esters expected for the style. We’ll be sampling it out and selling whatever quantity we have left at that time!

Thursday, January 28th

Daniel from Goliad will be back again sampling out the Goliad Stout and Golden ale.

Friday, January 29th

Audacity from Denton will be here sampling out their three new beers recently released in Austin: Sunset Vienna Lager, Bulletproof pale ale and Cream Soda ale.

Saturday, January 30th

Founders’ Myk O’Connor has shaved his beard for 2016, which means he can now see his chest without looking in the mirror for the first time in 7 years. What does this have to do with our Founders tasting? Nothing! But we will be sampling and releasing both 2015 and 2014 versions of Imperial Stout along with the brand new Azacca IPA releasing next week. We’ll also sample Dirty Bastard and release 12 bottles for sale of 2015 KBS (limit 1 per household). More details next week.

New Beers This Week

Back in stock: Zilker Marco IPA (canned fresh yesterday!), Live Oak Hefeweizen, Great Divide 21st Anniversary sour, Goose Island Madame Rose, Real Ale ESB, Alpine Hoppy Birthday (6 packs and singles!), Upslope Oatmeal Stout, Southern Tier Chokat (4 packs and singles!), Stone/Sierra NXS.

Odell Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout – Named after the farmer Lugene who uses Odell’s spent grain to feed his cows, this decadent winter seasonal uses lactose milk sugar and chocolate for a rich and creamy finish. 8.5% ABV/Fort Collins, CO/Ratebeer 98/Availability: decent

Great Divide Espresso Oak Aged Yeti – A generous infusion of Denver’s own Pablo’s espresso adds yet another layer of complexity to this base beer, combining with vanilla oak character, intense roasty maltiness and bold hop profile. 9.5% ABV/Denver, CO/Ratebeer 100/Availability: plenty

Lagunitas Hairy Eyeball – Technically an American strong ale, this is a beast of a brew at 9.4%. Malty, hoppy, roasty and toasty. 9.4% ABV/Petaluma, CA/Ratebeer 93/Availability: plenty

Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout – Locally roasted coffee is paired with a large malt base for a rich & roasty finish. 9.62% ABV/Petaluma, CA/Ratebeer 95/Availability: plenty

Jester King Figlet – Jester King partnered up with worldwide barbeque hero Aaron Franklin for this unique farmhouse brew. They took Johnson City-grown figs and smoked them over the legendary pits at Franklin BBQ before adding them to the brew. Very dry, lightly tart and slightly smoky. 6.5% ABV/Austin, TX/Ratebeer 93/Availability: decent

Jester King Kollaborationsbier – JK partnered up with Austin beer pioneers Live Oak and their supremely awesome Pilz on this collaboration. Live Oak made a batch of wort using their decoction mash process, then shipped that wort over to Jester King so JK’s house mixed yeast culture could ferment the heck out of it. What results is the classic nutty, slightly roasty base malt flavor of Pilz but the very dry and slightly funky finish of most JK beers. 4.2% ABV/Austin, TX/Beer Advocate 86/Availability: decent

Community Barrel Aged Legion – Yup, you read that right. Community’s superb Russian Imperial Stout spent time in Woodford Reserve bourbon barrels and was literally bottled this Tuesday. These come in 12 oz 4 packs and will age very well, so if you’re looking for a good beer to cellar to see how a barrel aged beer will change with time, this would be a great candidate to do so. Drink one fresh and age the other 3 to see how they develop with time. 11.6% ABV/Dallas, TX/Ratebeer 99/Availability: plenty with no limit!

Knee Deep Hoptologist – An American Double IPA Ale that packs a punch when it comes to hops. The aroma and flavors will give you citrus and pine with a slight malt sweetness that finishes dry. Cascade, Citra, Columbus, Magnum and Hersbrucker hops were used. 9% ABV/Auburn, CA/Ratebeer 98/Availability: plenty

Founders Imperial Stout – Brewed with ten varieties of malted barley, this stout is smooth as silk, yet complex and rich in body. It’s also quite hoppy for the style, clocking in at 75 IBUs. Another beer that will cellar quite well. 10.5% ABV/Grand Rapids, MI/Ratebeer 100/Availability: plenty

Green Flash Tangerine Soul Style IPA – Tangerine zest carries the flavor throughout, accented by bright, floral, tropical flavors and a juicy finish. Brewed with American malts and a blend of Citra and Cascade hops. 6.5% ABV/San Diego, CA/Ratebeer 96/Availability: decent

Prairie Coffee Okie* – Okie is Prairie’s whisky barrel aged imperial brown ale, and for this special release they added some locally roasted coffee for an additional roasted kick. Intense coffee flavors along with notes of caramel, toffee and vanilla. **Arriving Friday** 13% ABV/Tulsa, OK/Ratebeer 98/Availability: limited (1 per person)/*Arriving Friday

Destihl Flanders Red* – The beer geek in me takes issue with something being called a “Flanders red” that is not actually from the Belgian region of Flanders nor is barrel aged as the style implies. Alas, that is what Destihl has decided to call their newest 4 pack can release. It is modeled after a traditional Flanders red, but the flavor is achieved via sour mash or kettle souring as opposed to the extended barrel aging distinctive of the style. If you’ve had Blue Owl’s Van Dayum sour red ale on draft around town, expect something similar here. 6.1% ABV/Bloomington, Illinois/Beer Advocate 83/Availability: decent

Freetail 7th Anniversary Bat Rastard English Strong Ale* – We know very little about this 7th anniversary brew from Freetail besides the fact that it is an English strong ale packaged in 22 oz bombers. Knowing the folks from Freetail we’re sure it will be delicious though! *Arriving Friday

Stone Stochasticity Grainiac – This hoppy, deep amber-hued beer was created to shine a light on rare, unexplored grains seldom used in the brewing world. In addition to barley, wheat, rye and triticale, malted millet and malted buckwheat were added to bring the total unique grain count to nine. The earthy, nutty notes of granola found in this experimental multigrain malt bomb are complemented by the citrusy, floral flavors of four classic American hops. Also dry-hopped with Cascade and Centennial hops. 8.5% ABV/Escondido, CA/Ratebeer 92/Availability: decent

Free Weekend Tastings: 6-8pm


Free Revolver tasting! Details above.


Uinta Detour Double IPA

5 Stones Heavens to Murgatroid

Community Barrel Aged Legion

Live Oak Hefeweizen

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