Tickets for the WhichCraft Anniversary Party are Going Fast. Plus, Black Crack Cellar Release Tonight!

Our 2nd Anniversary Party tickets are currently on sale! If you havn’t grabbed your ticket yet, you can still get them here. Don’t miss this chance to hear our founder, Jody Reyes, sing his all time greatest karaoke hits! Should his track list include Blink-182 or Brittany Spears? Tweet us @WhichCraftATX using #JodyOke to tell us what you think.

Independence Brewing is hosting the party and we’ve made some exclusive anniversary glasses… check em out! The party is Sunday, April 24th from 2-6pm.

This weekend we will be offering a special price on a beer that has become a cult classic among some of Austin’s most discerning drinkers. Montucky Cold Snack 6 packs will be available for the low low price of $5.99. Come grab some of this drinking-mans beer today!

We still have St. Sebastiaan’s Grand Reserve in stock! Our special discounted price on these bombers will continue until we are sold out. For a limited time these one pint bottles are available for only $4.99 with no bottle limit. Stop in to grab some before they’re gone!

Free In-Store Tastings – All 6-8pm except where noted

Thursday, April 14th – TONIGHT!

Blake from Southern Star Brewing will be in the shop passing our free samples of their new Spring Pils, as wall as their Pine Belt Pale Ale and Buried Hatchet Stout. We will be welcoming them with a special cellar release of the renown Black Crack Stout, already aged 6 months. Limit one per person.

Friday, April 15th 12-2pm

Desthil will be behind the bar for a special daytime tasting. We have tasters of Clarice, Here Gose Nothing, Saint Dekkera Excommunie Quatre and Saint Dekkera Le Diplomate available at no charge.

Friday, April 15th 6-8pm

Adam from Odell brewing company will be joining us to sample out their new Tree Shaker IPA, as well as 90 Shilling old ale.

Saturday, April 16th 12-2pm

Peanut from Brooklyn Brewing will be here to do a big ol’ barrel aged tasting. Free samples of Brooklyn Summer, Quintaceratops and and Intensified Coffee Porter will be available.

Saturday, April 16th 5-8pm

Dan from Jolly Pumpkin will be here serving up samples of iO, Marcaibo, Oro de Calabaza and North Peak Vicious.

Tuesday, April 19th

Kevin from Circle brewing is stopping by to sample out their Hop Overboard session IPA, Envy amber, Blur hefeweizen and the Archtype IPA which is just releasing next week.

Wednesday, April 20th 4:20-6:20pm

Ty from Seattle Cider will be behind the bar to pass out samples of their Citrus, Semi Sweet and Dry cider.

Wednesday, April 20th 6:20-8:20pm

Save The World will be in the house and letting people try free samples of their witbier, pater, saison and Belgian pale ale.

New Beers This Week

Returning: Knee Deep Simtra, Argus Stellar, Brooklyn Quintaceratops, Brooklyn Intensified Coffee Porter, Destihl Counter Clockweisse, Destihl Here Gose Nothing, Bayerischer Leipziger Gose, Prairie Funky Gold Simcoe, Avery Raspberry Sour, Boulevard Raddler, Lone Pint Yellow Rose (arriving Friday), Ballast Point Watermelon Dorado, Ballast Point Mango Even Keel, Ballast Point Pineapple Sculpin (All Ballast Point arriving Friday depending on delivery).

Southern Star Spring Pils – This German-Style Pilsner is a smooth drinking pils with a crisp finish. 5.25% ABV / Conroe, TX / Availability: Decent

Avery Samael’sA super-caramelly, oak-aged strong English-style ale, brewed with Columbus, Fuggels hops and two-row barley, caramel 150L malt. 16.9% ABV / Boulder, CO / Ratebeer 95 / Availability: Limited      

Avery  Lunctis Viribus – (Translation “Joined Forces”)  is a blend of 50% ale aged in Tequila barrels and 50% ale aged in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels. 8.3% ABV / Boulder, CO / Availability: Very Limited

Lagunitas Waldos’ Special Ale – The dankest and hoppiest beer ever brewed at Lagunitas was Inspired by treasure hunters and made for all to enjoy. 11.5% ABV / Petaluma, CA / Ratebeer 99 / Availability: Limited

Odell Tree Shaker – Colorado’s Western Slope is home to some of the world’s juiciest, most delicious peaches. Tree Shaker was brewed with 3,000 pounds of them, giving it bright citrus hop character and subtle fruity sweetness. 8% ABV / Fort Collins, CO / Ratebeer 94 / Availability: Decent

Ranger Creek Dry Hopped Berliner Weisse – This Berliner Weisse is dry hopped using Azacca, Citra, Mosaic, and Simcoe hops. The beer underwent a natural bottle souring process using Lactobacillus which imparts a noticeable Tartness. The dry hop addition provides citrus and tropical fruit notes of mango, papaya and grapefruit in the aroma. This refreshing, clean, tart brew is best enjoyed fresh. 6.2% ABV / San Antonio, TX / Availability: Decent

Martin House Mind on my Money – Inspired by a popular mixed drink, this beer is pretty gangsta. Orange peel and juniper berries added to a very strong and simple base beer equal a beer you might mistake for gin and juice. 9.3% ABV / Fort Worth, TX / Availability: Decent.

Bridgeport Brewing Sumptown Candy Peel IPA* – CandyPeel IPA experiments with Styrian Goldings hops to provide an impactful candy orange/citrus aroma and flavor. With a strong malt backbone, Candypeel is a balanced beer that’s refreshing and delicious. 6.5% ABV / Portland, OR / Availability: Good / *Arriving Friday

Shmaltz Vulcan IPA* – Federation of Beer announces that Shmaltz Brewing Company of Clifton Park, NY has brewed a new Star Trek-themed beer called Vulcan Ale – The Genesis Effect, that is now available on Planet Earth. It is a red session IPA. 5.4% ABV / Clifton Park, NY / Availability: Decent / *Arriving Friday

Jolly Pumpkin Hamajang – Blend of Sea Buckthorn Fandango and Innovator Man 6.5% ABV / Ann Arbor, MI / Ratebeer 96 / Availability: Decent

Jolly Pumpkin Biere de Mars – A sustaining beer that is brewed to comfort in the gusty ides of March and welcome in a wealth of warmer weather. 7% ABV / Ann Arbor, MI / Ratebeer 99 / Availability: Decent

Free Weekend Tastings


12-2pm, Free Destihl Brewing Tasting! Details Above.

6-8pm, Free Odell Breing Company Tasting! Details Above.


12-2pm, Free Brooklyn Barrel Aged Tasting! Details Above.

5-8pm, Free Jolly Pumpkin Tasting! Details Above.

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