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WhichCraft Covid-19 Precautions

Here are the active precautions we at WhichCraft are taking in response to the Covid-19 pandemic:

  • Any sign of employee illness reported to management immediately
  • Employees must wash/sanitize hands before serving any customers and after handling cash
  • Hand sanitizer pumps available for customers’ use
  • Regular sanitation of door handles, bathrooms, tables and chairs
  • Employees won’t put hands into any glasses, nor touch the rims of any glassware
  • Any food will be handled with clean/fresh gloves
  • No face touching on shift. If it does occur, immediate hand washing much follow.
  • No handshakes or personal touching
  • Coffee bar condiments (sugar, half and half, lids, straws) no longer self-serve. Employees will help.
  • Only three pens for signing credit card receipts will be used and sanitized regularly
  • Neither tacos nor salsas are self-serve for customers
  • Staff will have a Clorox wipe right by the cash till to wipe down customer credit cards before/after swiping, and also the pen they use to sign the receipt

**Updated 3/16/20 Jody Reyes**

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