Enter to win WhichCraft Madness! Vote for your favorite TX beer.

It’s March Madness time! We figured we’d join in the fun by putting together a little bracket contest complete with user voting for your favorite (readily available!) Texas craft beers. Here’s how it will work:

  • Starting Saturday 3/21, we’ll begin tweeting out the day’s matchups and asking for your vote using the hashtag #WhichCraftMadness. Each tweet is a vote. You have til midnight to vote.
  • We’ll also post the matchups on our facebook page and you can vote there if you happen to not be a tweeter.
  • The bracket will progress on the same timeline as the basketball tournament, with new matchups happening almost every day for just over 2 weeks.
  • Reminder: as your favorite beer progresses to the next round, your job isn’t done! Each new round is a new matchup, and no votes from previous rounds carry over.
  • Now, here’s the fun part: you get to make a bracket and pick the winners of each of the games! Go to this link, create a profile, and pick your winners. Points are assigned based on each matchup, with greater points awarding wins later in the tournament.
  • The winner of the entire bracket wins one of these fancy new wooden 6 pack holders and a WhichCraft glass. 2nd prize wins a t-shirt and a bottle opener. 3rd prize is… you’re fired.
  • Also, the last round coincides with the final four on Saturday, April 4th, and we’ll have an in-store tasting of the 4 beers in addition to online voting for them.

So hurry up and create a bracket! And don’t forget to follow our twitter and facebook pages to vote.

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