**EXTRA**EXTRA** Weekend edition!

Where has 2021 gone? We’ve made it halfway through August in Texas without bursting into a ball of flames, yet the snowpocalypse feels like it was only yesterday. Hopefully we’ll make it to cooler weather just as fast, but there’s still a lot of heat left coming our way. So, sit back and cool down with some of our new brews on tap, take a few home,  maybe a bottle of wine or two!

We’ve got Owl’s Brew from New York coming in on the 21st for a package tasting to ironically remind us of our Texas roots with delicious hard iced tea. There’s nothing more Texan than drinking your tea with a little hmph and nothing more New Yorker these days than coming to Texas.

New to our tap wall this week, we’re adding options from a few area locals. 512 has us feeling ready to soak up the summer rays with their Citra Summer pale ale with tangerine and lime notes. AquaBrew is rounding out our Hip Hops with their perfectly balanced mosaic Skyscraper IPA. And Meanwhile is giving our tastebuds a hint of fall with their light and malty Czech Dark Lager. But if you ask Matt from California, he’ll tell you that a pint of Roughhouse’s Treeform IPA is the best way to cool down this week.

But what would summer be without a perfectly refreshing wine to carry you through your last few days of summer vacation? While we’re adding a lot of juicy wines to our wall this week, our house favorite is the Furlani Altopiano Orange without question. It’s light, floral, fruity, and funky orange wine in a super fun bottle that will add a perfect pop to any picnic, patio, or poolside.

Later, y’all.

New and Returning Beers This Week

Back in StockZilker Heavenly Daze, Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Marzen, Adelbert’s Passion Fruit Party, Toppling Goliath King Sue, Toppling Goliath Pseudo Sue, Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Milk Stout, Alesmith Oso Under, City Orchard Lavender Royale, Equal Parts Dot Matrix,

B-52 Helles Bock -A Classic Helles Bock brewed with Pilsner, Munich, and Maris Otter malts alongside Saphir Hops providing a gloriously balanced pale bock. 7%ABV

B-52 Hope You Like Sabro -Double Dry Hopped with an abundance of Sabro hops which will slap you in the face with coconut, tangerine and tropical fruit favors. 8.2%ABV

B-52 Super Smoothie: Strawberry/ Blueberry/ Marshmallow -We’re big fans of American classics in liquid form. This Imperial Sour is packed with explosive amounts of strawberry and blueberry puree then topped with marshmallow flavor. Boom! 10.5%ABV

Goose Island Shea Coul-Ale -Flavorful and fierce, Shea Coul-Alé is a lemony, bright wheat ale that celebrates the LGBTQ community and gives back. A portion of all proceeds will be donated back to @TransTechSocial, a charity created by former Chicago resident, actress, and activist Angelica Ross. 4.2%ABV

Celis Beer Hall -The Celis Beer Hall Vienna Lager is a copper coloured Festbier style lager brewed with a special Viennese malt and noble German and American hops. It has a sweet, breasy flavour and a mild finish. At 6% ABV, it’s big enough to make you say Gemutlichheit! 6%ABV

Moody Tongue Juiced Lychee -Lychee, grapefruit zest 7%ABV

Moody Tongue Sliced Nectarine -This 5.9% ABV medium-bodied IPA has an auburn color and carries the flavors of gold nectarines with the aromatics of white peaches.

OEC Evermore Pale Wheat -Evermore is our rustic pale wheat ale brewed using a traditional step mash with locally grown wheat malt from Thall Family Malt. Pale yellow in color, it is late hopped with German Tettnang to impart a beautiful citrus like character. Evermore sits in our copper coolship for on hour and is then transferred over our baudelot cooler. A warm open fermentation creates aromas reminiscent of pear orchards and sprawling wheat fields. 5.5% ABV

Rahr & Sons Paleta De Mango -Mango Chile Lime Kolsch 5% ABV

Southern Star Mama Rosa Gose -Gose brewed with Hibiscus 5%ABV

Avery Kaiser -The Kaiser weaves together rich, toasted Vienna and Munich malts with the floral spiciness of Hellartau and Bravo hops to create a bold and brazen dry Imperial Oktoberfest. 8%ABV

Founders Highball Drifter -There’s a new sheriff in town – meet Highball Drifter, a barrel-aged sipper inspired by our favorite bourbon-based cocktails. The second entry in our Bottle Shop Series, Highball Drifter presents aromatics of caramel and vanilla, dried fruit and spice while hints of cherry and bitter orange peel whisk you away like a tumbling tumbleweed. Call us old-fashioned, but we think you’re going to love it. 11% ABV

Hacker Pschorr Munich Gold -“Munich Gold” closely resembles our Münchner Hell in terms of taste and mainly owes its popularity to a slightly higher original gravity and the malty note. The result is a full-bodied yet mild taste which delivers an increasingly bitter note before culminating into an aromatic finish. 5.5% ABV

Modern Times Mist Dragon -This collaboration with Humble Sea Brewing is a glorious union of two disparate realms. We started with a hazy IPA malt bill and fermented with lager yeast before lightly dry-hopping with Nelson. The result is a foggy lager sporting aromas of white grape, lychee, and spicy wild grass, with a pillowy soft mouthfeel and lager-like finish. It’s a majestic new beast, and a testament to the combined power of weird minds. 5.6% ABV

Modern Times Gigazapper -This yoked-out version of one of our beloved seasonal IPA’s was turned up to 11 and stuffed with unreasonably quantities of Nelson, Motueka, and Simcoe hops. 8.2% ABV

903 Sasquatch Tracks Reserve -With Squatch Tracks we’ve loaded our favorite imperial milk stout with notes of vanilla, fudge, and peanut at 13% ABV

Ingenious Smarty Sunny B -Tart Berliner with blood orange, pineapple, and grapefruit. 6.8% ABV

3 Nations Cozy Bavarian -We wait quite impatiently all year to brew this fantastic Lager. Respect for tradition at its finest. This historical style calls for a hefty, medium body, with assertive aromas of toffee, rich malt sweetness and a crisp, soothing finish. However, this would not be a true 3 Nations creation if we didn’t add our unique touch to it: behind the comfort of its sweet caramel and nutty flavors, you will catch a subtle, but powerful note of dark cherries that ties the whole experience together. 6.8% ABV

Jester King Ligra – Ligra, a barrel-aged wild ale with steamed rice, koji, cedar, and Golden Oyster mushrooms in collaboration with Texas Sake Company! They began by adding steamed Calrose rice to the mash and 160 pounds of koji to the primary fermentation in stainless steel. The rice and koji were provided by Texas Sake Company. After primary, we racked the beer to oak for four months of fermentation and maturation. After blending, we added cedar spirals and a tea made from steeping Golden Oyster mushrooms. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, and 100% naturally conditioned. 7.6%

Untitled Art Black & Blue Chocolate Chip Pancake Stout -Imperial Stout with Blackberry and Blueberry Puree, Cacao Nibs, Maple Syrup and Milk Sugar. 9% ABV

Untitled Art Dragon Fruit Nectar Sour -Berliner Weiss Style Ale with Pineapple Puree, Dragonfruit, Agave Nectar and Vic Secret Hops. 6.4% ABV

Untitled Art Pina Colada Smoothie -Collaboration with Lua Brewing. Smoothie Seltzer brewed with Vanilla, Pineapple Puree and Cream of Coconut. 5% ABV

Untitled Art Painkiller Imperial Seltzer -Imperial Seltzer brewed with Pineapple Puree, Cream of Coconut, Orange Juice Concentrate, Nutmeg, Cinnamon. 9% ABV

Untitled Art Vanilla Mango Guava Smoothie Seltzer -Smoothie Seltzer with Mango Puree, Guava Puree, Passion Fruit Concentrate, Cane Sugar, and Vanilla. 5% ABV

Roughhouse Rice Lager -Their second lager is here, and we teamed up with our lager buds at Live Oak Brewing to make it happen! At 4.5% ABV, the Roughhouse Rice Lager is crisp, light-bodied, low in bitterness and supremely crushable.

Isastegi Basque Cider -Isastegi is a refreshing, dry natural cider from the verdant mountains of the Basque Country, high above the Bay of Biscay along Spain’s rugged and green northern coast. Innovation meets 500 years of tradition, making the authentic San Sebastián cider experience portable. 6% ABV

Save the World Celestio Thesauri -Bursting with bright tropical fruits alongside rich spices of vanilla & allspice lend to a tropical cocktail flavor. The

Vista Stonewall Peach Lambic -Lambic-style ale with Texas peaches. 7% ABV

New Wines This Week

(On-Premise Consumption or Off-Premise Crowlers)

Furlani Altopiano Orange -100% muller thurgau with 25 days on the skins. De-stemmed and very softly pressed (pneumatic). Spontaneous fermentation. Aged in stainless steel on the lees until April and bottled. Minimal added sulfur. Floral , Fruity , Funky. 11.5% ABV

Shofer Areni Rosé 2020 – Shofer is made from Areni grapes, grown in century-old vineyards in the Armenian highlands.  This Areni rosé is grown in volcanic soils and on ungrafted vines, resulting in a wine of real freshness and character. Nose: Notes of red cherry, strawberry, and spice. Dry and medium-bodied with notes of pepper and hints of herbs and fruit. Lingering notes of red berries and spice. 13.5% ABV

Artomana Xarmant Txakoli 2020 – In Spain’s coastal Basque Country, “Xarmant” (char-mant) means ‘charming’ and txakoli is the joyous, light, white wine shared amongst friends with northern Spain’s legendary cuisine. Xarmant is made from the highest quality, sustainably-farmed, estate vineyards from the verdant Amurrio valley in the Basque Country, close to the Bay of Biscay on Spain’s rugged, green northern coast. Its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean creates a unique, ideal microclimate to produce this ‘charming’ wine. 12.5 % ABV

Chateau Maris Rosé– Grenache, Syrah, and Cinsault. Pays d’Oc is an ocean of vineyards bathed in sunshine in the south of France, between the heath and a beautiful blue where the atmosphere is unique. It is in this wild setting that MARIS wines are made from organic grapes grown in an environment promoting biodiversity and sustainability. A subtle and balanced wine, elegant and fruity, to drink chilled with friends. Organic. 13% ABV

G.D. Varja Claré J.C. Nebbiolo 2020– Claré JC is a unique wine, our take on the forgotten days of Nebbiolo, when it was enjoyed in its lighter and fresher garment. The winemaking protocol follows the 1606 writings of G.B. Croce, jeweler of the House of Savoia: the wine is bottled soon after the fermentation so as to retain a gentle off-dry finish and a lovely energy. The 2020 JC offers amazing drinkability and is one of the most transparent and vibrant vintages to date.

TASTING NOTES: Transparent, bright red ruby color. Aromas of cherries, cherry stones, wild strawberries and pomegranate nectar on the nose. The bouquet is completed by whiffles of wet stone, orange blooms and sweet spices. Amazing drinkability on the palate, with a lingering finish of wild berries and purple flowers. The silky tannins make this wine ideal to be served slightly chilled during the warmer months (14-16°C) and can pair an amazing array of diverse food, from aperitifs and appetizers to spicy dishes, fried delicacies and BBQs. 14% ABV

Parducci Petite Sirah– Dark ruby in color, with aromas of cherry, blackberry, and chocolate, this big red’s spicy dark fruit flavors pair well with marinated tri-tip, mushroom risotto, and hearty stews. Petite sirah is a Mendocino specialty and Parducci was one of the first wineries to bottle this varietal. 14.5% ABV

Papras White Blend 2017 – Papras White is a study on aromatic expression, in a blanc de noir vinification of the local Black Muscat of Tyrnavos, blended with the indigenous Roditis and Batiki. Tasting Notes: Light yellow color, with intense tropical aromas of mango, banana, mellon, and a refreshing light body with medium acidity. 12.5% ABV

Stilianou Great Mother – The most stubborn and tannic indigenous Cretan variety, Mandilari, in a flash-maceration vinification, named after Great Mother, the mother goddess of the ancient Minoans. Tasting Notes: Light red with nutty and forest fruit notes, and an unexpected sharp and salty palate 13% ABV

Amplify Mixtape 2020 – The 2020 Mixtape Red is 35% Merlot, 29% Grenache Blanc, 18% Refosco, 15% Sangiovese, and 3% Tempranillo, all organically farmed. 13%ABV

M.F. W. Cochonnet Melon – Cochonnet is a line of wines created by importer MFW in which they tap some of their favorite organic and biodynamic producers to make easy drinking wines in liter bottles. This one is crafted by Stephane Orieux of Domaine De La Bregeonette in Muscadet. Bright, fresh, minerally and delicious.12% ABV


New Draft Beers This Week

(On-Premise Consumption or Off-Premise Crowlers)

Meanwhile Czech Dark Lager–  This is the first of many recipes to come from Daniel, their Brewer extraordinaire. He’s always wanted to go to Czech Republic, but have been too busy brewing beer for y’all. Thus they brought a piece of Czech Republic to us. Enjoy this delicious dark lager and see what it feels like to drink a beer in Prague 5.1% ABV

AquaBrew Skyscraper Mosaic IPADelicate Full, ripe summer fruit and citrus aromas balanced with mango notes. This beer is considered juicy 7.5% ABV

512 Citra Summer Pale Ale–  (512) Citra Summer is an American pale ale made with organic 2-row barley, a touch of wheat, and only Citra hops. With aromas of tangerine and lime, and a citrus peel-like bitterness that refreshingly cuts through the malts, it’s a pale ale for all 9 months of summer! 5.3%


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