Get Your Austin Passbooks! Strange Land Launching in Bottles, as well as New Releases From Real Ale, Martin House & Karbach.

We’re excited to be one of only about a dozen places in town to offer pre-sales of the Austin Passbook, a local guide that allows for 2-for-1 deals at a whole host of food and event destinations in Austin. At $20, if you use it only twice it pays for itself! Find out more and pre-purchase your book here. We’re also selling the books at WhichCraft, which are active from June 1st – October 1st. 

Hey we just got brand new trucker hats made! Check it out here. Only $10!

Sahara’s latest blog post (#4 in the series if you’re counting) is all about saisons, a perfect springtime beer as the temperature outside steadily climbs upward. Read more here and pick up your curated 6 pack in the shop during the month of May.

Free In-Store Tastings 6-8pm

Thursday, May 21st – TONIGHT!

We will be having Harpoon Brewery rep Mike Zanti in to help guild us through a tasting of their fine liquids. We will be serving UFO White, UFO Big Squeeze & Harpoon Summer (all in cans), and also Leviathan double IPA.

New Beers This Week

Back in stock: Lone Pint Yellow Rose (arriving Friday!), Laguitas Sucks (6 packs), Boulevard Hibiscus Gose (arriving Friday), Lagunitas Censored (6 packs), Oasis TX Meta Modern IPA (arriving Friday), Prairie Funky Gold Amarillo, BFM La Muele.

Bear Republic Mach 10 Double IPA* – In an unfortunate turn of events, the drought in California is forcing Bear Republic to pull out of Texas distribution in a few months. The last release we’ll get from them is Mach 10, a double IPA featuring citrusy Cascade and spicy English First Gold hops. Come get Bear Republic before it’s too late! 9.2% ABV/Cloverdale, CA/Ratebeer 97/Availability: decent/*Arriving Friday

5 Stones Sprung IPA – 5 Stones’ latest release is moving away from the very citrus-forward beers they typically do to put out an IPA with heather tips, dried elderflowers and wildflower honey. You’ll get some piney notes from the heather tips and sweetness from the honey but plenty of hop aroma as well. 6.2% ABV/Cibolo, TX/No ratings yet/Availability: plenty

We’re very excited to announce that local Strange Land Brewery will now be releasing packaged beers out in the market. They’ve been brewing & distributing their beers on draft for a few months now, and we’ve been eagerly awaiting their bombers to be released so we can actually sell them here. We’ll be getting a whole load of their beer delivered this Friday 5/22. Read below for details:

Strange Land Entire Porter* – A traditional British porter with rich dark malts and British hops & yeast. Delicate chocolate notes with a spicy hop flavor. 6.8% ABV/Austin, TX/Beer Advocate 85/Availability: decent/*Arriving Friday

Strange Land Ploughshare Saison* – Ploughshare is light and dry, with a subtle sweetness from malted wheat.  Easy to drink, dry and a farmhouse finish. 6.2% ABV/Austin, TX/No ratings yet/Availability: decent/*Arriving Friday

Strange Land Alemannia Alt* – Alemannia is crafted in the old-world German Altbier tradition, from a time before lager yeasts were discovered. German hops impart hints of clove and pepper, and light malts bestow a character of freshly baked bread. 4.5% ABV/Austin, TX/No ratings yet/Availability: decent/*Arriving Friday

Strange Land Sanctum Belgian Dubbel* – Savor the complex and distinctive Belgian nose before delighting in a rich maltiness accentuated by hints of plum and a cloistered hoppiness. 6.5% ABV/Austin, TX/No ratings yet/Availability: decent/*Arriving Friday

Strange Land Last Gentleman Bourbon Porter* – Beginning its life as Entire Porter and left to mature for sixty days under the mellowing effects of bourbon-infused oak, the velvety Last Gentleman is gallant, sophisticated, and rebellious — as if he were the reckoning between all good teachings, wanton desire, and the rising and setting of the sun. 6.8% ABV/Austin, TX/No ratings yet/Availability: decent/*Arriving Friday

Strange Land Atholl Brose Scotch* – In 1475, the 1st Earl of Atholl vanquished his enemies after filling their well with an intoxicating mixture of Scotch whisky, oats and honey. This legend has been kept alive by the equally legendary whisky concoction known as Atholl Brose. Drawing inspiration from this tradition, this scotch ale is brewed with with Central Texas Wildflower honey, flaked oats, and oak infused with a blend of single malt Scotch whiskies. 8.9% ABV/Austin, TX/No ratings yet/Availability: decent/*Arriving Friday

Real Ale 19th Anniversary Baltic Porter – Real Ale celebrated their 19th anniversary a couple months ago and this Baltic porter is a special release commemorating that event. Using a traditional roasted malt base to give notes of coffee & cocoa, the Baltic porter is then fermented with lager yeast for a clean & crisp finish. 7.7% ABV/Blanco, TX/Beer Advocate 86/Availabilty: plenty

Real Ale Brewers Cut Belgian Pale Ale – Belgian Pale Ales were the answer to the explosive growth of European pilsners in the mid-twentieth century. They are not aggressively hopped like American pale ales, but instead are maltier with a spicy yeast character. Real Ale’s version features Mandarina Bavaria hops which are very citrusy & orange in character. 5.4% ABV/Blanco, TX/No ratings yet/Availability: plenty

Martin House Gateway Blonde – An homage to the large mountain bike trail in Martin House’s home of Fort Worth, this is an easy drinking blonde ale perfect for the summer weather. 5% ABV/Fort Worth, TX/No ratings yet/Availability: plenty

Martin House Cellarman’s IPA – Martin House recently launched their Cellarman’s IPA series in cans in which they pick a single hop to feature. So similar to the H&G Greenhouse series, you’ll always see the same can but the hops may be different from time to time. The current batch features only Chinook hops and is in 6 pack cans. 7% ABV/Fort Worth, TX/No ratings yet/Availability: plenty

Jolly Pumpkin Baudelaire iO Saison – Aged in oak with wild yeasts and bottle conditioned, the latest saison from Jolly Pumpkin also features rose hips, rose petals and hibiscus for a very floral aroma & flavor. 6.8% ABV/Dexter, MI/Ratebeer 99/Availability: very limited

Thistly Cross Apple Cider* – Brand new to TX, Thistly Cross is Scotland’s first cidery to export out of Scotland. They consider it farmhouse cider brewed with champagne yeast for a dry finish. The original cider is a clean, dry & sparkling apple cider. 6.2% ABV/Scotland/Availability: decent/*Arriving Friday

Thistly Cross Ginger Cider* – A medium sweet cider with bright golden colour. Soft mouthfeel with ginger dominating the palate due to the infused blend of fresh root ginger, pressed on an apple press. A well balanced, full bodied and refreshing cider which should unite ginger lovers the world over. 4% ABV/Scotland/ Availability: decent/*Arriving Friday

Thistly Cross Elderflower* – The fresh fruitiness of apples combines with the heavy citrus zest of elderflowers to give a unique aroma and warm caramel color. Actual elderflowers are added; their pungent astringency bestows a rich, complex flavor laced with fruit notes. Classic pear esters underpin subtle floral sweetness. 4% ABV/Scotland/Availability: decent/*Arriving Friday

Thistly Cross Whisky Cask* – Aged in Glen Moray whisky casks for a gentle whisky flavor initially intermingles with subtle, medium dry cider, giving way to the distinctive full bodied flavor of the cask, finishing with overtones of whisky. 6.9% ABV/Scotland/Availability: decent/*Arriving Friday

Mateo y Bernabe 7 Fermin* – Hailing from the La Rioja region of Spain, this red ale is brewed exclusively with locally grown La Riojan hops, a beer literally steeped in the La Riojan terrain, imparting regional aromas and flavors. 7 Fermín is an earth beer with a palate pleasing bitterness, fruit tones, light spiciness, and solid malt backbone; effervescent, medium body, dry finish. 6.2% ABV/Logroño, Spain/No ratings yet/Availability: decent/*Arriving Friday

Karbach Staycation – A hybrid barley & wheat session ale coming in at only 4.8% ABV. Dry hopped with Bavarian Mandarina for a big citrusy punch. 4.8% ABV/Houston, TX/No ratings yet/Availability: plenty

Free Weekend Tastings, 6-8pm


Clown Shoes Fistful of Unidragon Bourbon Barrel Stout

5 Stones Sprung IPA

Real Ale Belgian Pale Ale

One more random thing we’ll open up


Martin House Cellarman’s IPA

Southern Tier Choklat

Karbach Staycation

Branchline 2nd Anniversary Belgian IPA

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