Gubmint-Sanctioned Beer Sale!

Rolling in that fat tax return money? Or maybe you need something to cry into after paying this year’s tribute (I know the feeling). We have you covered either way at both WhichCraft locations. For all packaged beer and merchandise, if you spend $50, take 10% off. $100, 15% off. $200, 20% off. This sale starts today, 4/19, and runs through Sunday, 4/22. Get in to #youratxbottleshop this weekend and make you beer fridge great again.

Then, we have two events lined up for tonight, 4/19. At Mueller, 4th Tap drops by to sample their +2 Vitality from 5-8pm, and we sample their Kung Fu Robot and Can U Dig It in cans. Then at Lamar, John from Last Stand Brewing visits to sample cans of their Coffee Porter, One Too IPA, and Saaz Blonde.

Speaking of Last Stand Brewing, we’re still offering Saaz Blonde and Simcoe Pale 6pks for $6.99 each, and Citra SMaSH and One Too IPA 6pks for $7.99. All. Month. Long.

Free Tastings at WhichCraft South Lamar – All 5-7pm Except Where Noted

Thursday, April 19th
John from Last Stand Brewing stops by with some cans of their new One Too IPA, Coffee Porter and Saaz Blonde. Remember all Last Stand Beers are $6.99/$7.99 all month long!

Friday, April 20th
Don’t miss Rentsch rounding out your work week, sampling their Red Ale, Weizenbock, Hefeweizen, IPA and the return of their Double Dry Hopped IPA.

Saturday, April 21st
We bring back a good ole fashioned in-house WhichCraft sampling. Come by as we pull Lagunitas Lucky 13, Great Raft Reasonably Corrupt, Upland Darken, and Save the World Chocolate Milk Stout off the shelf…for YOU!

Tuesday, April 24th
Santa Fe Brewing Co. stops by to sample their Twisted Root Golden Ale and Before Noon Stout. 

Wednesday, April 25th
We welcome Manhattan’s favorite brewery to Lamar, sampling cans of their Coastal Fusion, Half Pipe, Buffalo Sweat, Raspberry Jam, and Blueberry Lemonale.

Thursday, April 26th
Kenna from Big Bend Brewing stops by with cans of their Hefeweizen, Terlingua Gold, and IPA.

 Special Events at WhichCraft Tap Room in Mueller

Thursday, April 19th
5-8pm: 4th Tap Brewery brings us their new +2 Vitality cardamom blonde on draft.  We’ll also have their new Kung Fu Robot and Can U Dig It in cans to taste.

Friday, April 20th
5-8pm: Jeremy from Blue Owl stops by to pour samples of their Czech Czech Pils. We’ll also be sampling their Little Boss and Professor Black straight outta the can.

Saturday, April 21st
4-7pm: Come meet Lex with Strange Land and try their Last Dubliner Irish Stout on nitro, and also sample their Austinite and Grand Cru.

Wednesday, April 25th
7:00pm:  Geeks Who Drink Trivia Night! Weekly free event that puts your useless knowledge to the test. Prizes and good times are included!

Thursday, April 26th
5-8pm: We help Real Ale Brewing celebrate their birthday with their 22nd Anniversary Berliner Weisse and Swifty APA on draft.  Buy the Beer, Keep the Glass

New Beers This Week

(All beer available at both WhichCraft locations unless otherwise noted)

Back in Stock: Rochefortt 10, Dogfish Head Romantic Chemistry, Cigar City Jai Alai, Mahr’s Mastodon Lager, Mahr’s Ungespundet Kellerbier, Mikkeller Spontanframboos 

Santa Fe Twisted Root – A refreshing beer with ginger and lemon grass. 5.7% ABV / Santa Fe, NM / Availability: Good / SoLa Only

Noble Rey Frootie Tang – A crime-fighting cherry & passionfruit berliner weisse that’ll whip you in the mouth. 5% ABV / Dallas, TX / Availability: Good

Noble Rey Bridesmaids’ Tears – This belle of the ball is a kettle-soured strawberry rhubarb saison. 6.6% ABV / Dallas, TX / Availability: Good

Knee Deep Tanilla – This Tahitian Vanilla Bean Porter is made with Grade A Tahitian vanilla beans to complement this robust style porter. You will taste chocolate, coffee and vanilla. Tanilla is an exceptional ale that will stimulate your taste buds. Cheers! 6.3% ABV / Auburn, CA / RateBeer 81 / Availability: Good

Brazos Valley Wasted Days – Strawberry Blonde. Brenham, TX / Availability: Good

4th Tap Can U Dig It? – Their brand-new core beer to add to the lineup: a full-bodied, super-crushable, malty amber ale. Austin, TX / Availability: Good

Lagunitas Waldos’ Special Ale – This Imperial IPA is the dankest and hoppiest beer ever brewed at Lagunitas, made with help of the Waldos for all treasure hunters. 11.9% ABV / Petaluma, CA / RateBeer 99 / Availability: Limited

Traquair House Ale – Mainly available filtered in bottles, though part of the production goes unfiltered into cask. The traditional brewing process consists of the following; 1. Traditional infusion mashing process. The wort is then drawn off and boiled during which process the hops are added. 2. The wort is now cooled and pitched with top fermenting yeast under controlled temperature. It is then fermented in oak over a period of seven days. The beer is then transferred into cold storage tanks or barrels and matured over a period of weeks. After maturation the beer is filtered prior to packing. 7.2% ABV / Innerleithen, Peebleshire, Scotland / RateBeer 95 / Availability: Decent

Traquair Jacobite – The famous Bear Gates guarding the approach to Traquair House, near Pebbles, have been closed since 1745 – when the last person to pass through them was Bonnie Prince Charlie. Now, 250 years later, the ancient Traquair Brew House celebrates the Jacobite cause by producing this potent spiced ale to a traditional fine recipe. Sip slowly and remember the old toast to the “King O’er the Water.” 8% ABV / Innerleithen, Peebleshire, Scotland / RateBeer 99 / Availability: Decent

Ayinger Jahrhundert – Originally brewed in 1978 to celebrate their 100th anniversary. It has a golden-yellow color with a slightly flowery yeast, honeyish aroma, and tastes a little spicy. Full-bodied in initial taste but mild before swallowing, and fades with a well-balanced hint of bitterness. It is an especially drinkable and harmonious beer. 5.5% ABV / Aying, Germany / Availability: Good 

Mikkeller Big Worster – Strong ass barley wine. 15.4% ABV / Copenhagen, Denmark / RateBeer 90 / Availability: Limited

Mikkeller Black Hole – An intense imperial stout. The high bitterness from the hops and the sweetness from the malt and alcohol, creates a good balance which makes Black Hole an explosion of nuances, but also leaves a feeling of a perfect and complex beer. 13.1% ABV / Copenhagen, Denmark / RateBeer 99 / Availability: Limited

Mikkeller It’s Alive Wild Ale Mikkeller’s answer and tribute to Orval. It’s Alive is an easy-to-drink beer with a lot of hops. The color is amber, the foam is high, white, and dense. The potent Brettanomyces culture makes It’s Alive continue to develop in the bottle. 8% ABV / Copenhagen, Denmark / RateBeer 94 / Availability: Limited

Mikkeller Monk’s Elixir – Monk’s Elixir is a heavy dark Belgian ale inspired by the Trappist monasteries of Rochefort and Westvleteren. The beer style, characterized by its high content of alcohol, distinguishes itself by its dominant yeast character, delicious malt background, and balanced hop notes. 10% ABV / Copenhagen, Denmark / RateBeer 98 / Availability: Limited

Mikkeller Mosaic BIPA – A single-hop Mosaic black IPA. Super hoppy, super roasty, super awesome. 6.9% ABV / Copenhagen, Denmark / RateBeer 96 / Availability: Limited

Mikkeller Spontansourcherry – Sour ale brewed with sour cherries & aged in oak barrels. 7.7% ABV / Copenhagen, Denmark / RateBeer 96 / Availability: Limited

To Ol BA Yeastus Christus – This farmhouse IPA was aged in  Chardonnay barrels, before they unleashed the Force of Nature in the form of lactic acid bacteria. 7.4% ABV / Copenhagen N, Denmark / Availability: Limited

To Ol Black Malts and Body Salts – A Black Imperial IIPA brewed with black malts, body salts and french press coffee. 9.9% ABV / Copenhagen N, Denmark / RateBeer 100 / Availability: Limited

To Ol Black Maria BA IPA – Barrel-aged on Chardonnay Barrels. Black Maria is an American inspired Black IPA. It is black as a stout and hoppy as an IPA. The beer has been brewed with a good amount of highly roasted Carafa Malts, but with a relatively low amount of caramel and chocolate malts. The lack of caramel and chocolate results in less residual sweetness that you normally pick up from an Stout. For the hops they wanted some hops that could stand up against the Carafa malts. Therefore they used a mix of Columbus, Centennial, Galaxy and Cascade for the hop profile. 8.1% ABV  / Copenhagen N, Denmark / RateBeer 97 / Availability: Limited

To Ol Goliat Coffee Imperial Stout – The armor of Goliat is black. Creamy black lacings. Stands with a towering height. He can grab elements from both earth and heaven. Earthy, roasted, notes from the earth. Warming, pungent, sweet notes from the skies. 10.1% ABV / Copenhagen N, Denmark / RateBeer 100 / Availability: Limited

Upland Crimson – Their only sour aged in bourbon barrels that have been previously used to age beer at least once. This creates petite notes of bourbon character, and darker, charred wood character. Crimson also undergoes a turbid mash, with a portion of flaked maize being boiled with the rest of the malt bill, including Vienna and caramel malts. A different cocktail of microorganisms are involved in fermentation, which creates sour notes, and hints of cherry pie. Crimson is aged for up to 8 months or more before packaging. 10% ABV / Bloomington, IN / RateBeer 97 / Availability: Limited

Upland Peach – Fermented for over eight months in white oak barrels. They use 7,000 pounds of fresh Indiana peaches from Huber’s Orchard and Winery in Starlight, Indiana, destoning the peach pits by hand before adding to the barrels. Peach is a fruited ale with gold and straw colors that shine upon pouring, and zesty amounts of carbonation. Fresh peach aromas meld with floral and wine-like notes. Wonderful peach flavors follow in the taste, accompanied by refreshing tartness with a dry finish and mouth-watering tanginess. 6% ABV / Bloomington, IN / RateBeer 97 / Availability: Limited

New Beers on Draft at WhichCraft Taproom

Full Draft List Available on our Website



Middleton Seneca Falls Pale Ale – This American pale ale uses a proprietary hop blend given to Middleton from the Pink Boots Society. 5.8% ABV / San Marcos, TX

Austin Beerworks Heisenberg – Banana, clove, and bubblegum yeast characteristics but with a really light body and clean finish. 4.8% ABV / Austin, TX

Twisted X Later Days – Session IPA brewed with generous amounts of Citra and Mosaic hops. 5.5% ABV / Austin, TX

Abita Hop On Juicy Pale – Packed with Cascade, Citra, and Ekuanot hops to deliver refreshing tropical and citrus notes. It pours a vibrant light gold while the unique brewing process produces a distinctive haze. 6% ABV / Abita Springs, LA

Stone Punk in Drublic – This is a hopped-up, bold, flavorful lager that the authority figures in your life are sure to hate. 5.8% ABV / Escondido, CA

4th Tap +2 Vitality – Need a boost? 4th Tap used Pilsen malt and Glacier hops to deliver a bright and refreshing Blonde with light grassy notes and an effervescent herbal finish. 5% ABV/Austin, TX 

This Week’s Specials

  • Make sure to pick up six packs of Saaz Blonde and Simcoe Pale Ale for $6.99, and Citra SMaSH and One Too IPA for $7.99.

South Lamar Dad Joke

  • What has three horns and moos?                  A cow driving a car.

Mueller Specials

  • WhichCraft Happy Hour is now every gul-durned day from 4-6pm. Come and check the big board for current specials.

Parking at WhichCraft Mueller. The garage behind us on McBee is free to use.

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