Happy Valentine’s Day from Hops & Grain and WhichCraft! Also Mixed Valentine’s 6 packs.

We’re hosting William and Sheila from Hops & Grain this Friday from 6-8pm for a special cheese/chocolate/beer pairing event. See details below and join us! It’s completely free and will be a blast. All H&G 6 packs are only $9 during the event.

Valentine’s day mixed packs are now available. See an example here!

Free In-Store Tastings

Thursday, February 11th – TONIGHT

We’ll be hosting Cedar Creek with free samples of Elliot’s Phoned Home, Dankasaurs IPA, Lawn Ranger Cream Ale & Gone a Rye double rye IPA.

Friday, February 12th – 6 to 9pm

Happy Valentine’s Day from Hops & Grain and WhichCraft! William will be gracing us with his presence and his extensive knowledge of the history of Schertz, TX. Free beer/cheese/dessert pairing! We’ll be pairing up Zoe & A Pale Mosaic with two different cheeses, then transitioning to Alt and Porter Culture paired up with 2 desserts. All for free because we love you! All H&G 6 packs are $9 during the event too.

Saturday, February 13th – 1 to 6pm 

We partnered up with IBM on the beta of a digital beer pairing system that we’ll be piloting this Saturday and collecting data. Between the hours of 1-6pm, we’ll be having a free tasting of a number of different beers and asking customers to fill out a short iPad survey. Stop by any time and help us collect some pairing data while tasting some beers!

Tuesday, February 16th

It’s been a heck of a long time since we’ve had Pedernales Brewing Co in the store for a free tasting, so we’re inviting new rep Marie in to sample out their brand new SMASH IPA (single malt and single hop), the first of a new series of SMASH bombers. It’s called Texas Hop Bomb and it’ll be released that day for the first time. We’ll also sample a few other Pedernales favorites.

Wednesday, February 17th

John Sikes from Independence Brewing will be back at the tasting bar for our RELEASE THE RABBIT event. White Rabbit Belgian witbier is back, so we’ll have plenty of that along with Austin Amber, Power & Light and Stash.

Thursday, February 18th

Kelly “the mayor of New Braunfels” Meyer will be back at the tasting bar with free samples of his lineup of Bauernhaus slightly sour beers. All use his base wheat beers that get an injection of the house sour yeast culture at the time of bottling. Blondine use hefeweizen as a base, Schwartz uses dunkelweizen and Uber starts as a weizenbock.

Friday, February 19th

More details will follow next week, but we’re partnering up with our neighbor Ragan Mena, owner of Audio Zeal, to throw the first Head Can Beer Pairing event. Basically, as part of our normal Friday evening tasting, we’ll be selecting beers that will pair up with various songs that Ragan will be playing on three different headphone systems. Beer and music, as life should be.

New Beers This Week

Back in stock: Avery Collaboration Not Litigation, Goose Island Bourbon County Stout (extremely limited), Oddwood Taming the Savage Heart, Lakewood Sin Mint (arriving Friday), Breckenridge 72 Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout, Jolly Pumpkin La Roja (arriving Friday).

Jester King Autumnal Dichotomos* – 2015 Autumnal Dichotomous reflects memories of aromatic cinnamon and citrus baking in holiday treats. Cinnamon, Satsuma mandarins, and aromatic malts combine to create a comforting warmth balanced by a refreshing dryness. 6.8% ABV/Austin, TX/No ratings yet/Availability: limited/*Arriving Friday

Jester King Simple Means* –  Simple Means takes inspiration from German-style Altbier, native the German town of Düsseldorf, but uses Jester King’s native house yeast blend for a dry finish. Both the use of smoked malts and mixed fermentation with native yeast and bacteria predate modern brewing techniques, lending flavors to this farmhouse altbier that are evocative of a simpler, much earlier time. 5.6% ABV/Austin, TX/No ratings yet/Availability: limited/*Arriving Friday  

Jolly Pumpkin iO Saison – We got this beer first a number of months back and we’re excited to have it in again. Jolly Pumpkin makes some outstanding farmhouse ales and this saison was brewed with rose hips, rose petals and hibiscus. Floral and dry. 6.8% ABV/Dexter, MI/Ratebeer 98/Availability: limited

Prairie Barrel Aged Bomb – This one is extremely limited so get here quick if you want one! Limit 1 per person. It’s Prairie’s ever popular Bomb imperial stout aged in whiskey barrels with coffee, cacao nibs, vanilla beans and chilies. 11.2% ABV/Tulsa, OK/Ratebeer 99/Availability: extremely limited, limit 1

Prairie Ape Snake – Another new release from Prairie, this is dark farmhouse ale dry hopped with Falconer’s Flight & Centennial hops. 7.9% ABV/Tulsa, OK/Ratebeer 95/Availability: plenty

Martin House Hibiscus Saison – What started as a souped up version of Martin House’s River House saison but with some hibiscus petals added for color and a tart, cranberry-like flavor. The higher ABV balances out the intense flavors and the dryness makes it especially refreshing. 7% ABV/Fort Worth, TX/No ratings yet/Availability: plenty

Green Flash Dia de Los Serranos – Turn up the heat with our Dia de los Serranos Double Stout. With rich layers of flavor reminiscent mole, this Double Stout reveals notes of roasted malt, coffee, and sweet bakers chocolate with a caliente kick of fresh Serrano Chiles. 8.8% ABV/San Diego, CA/No ratings yet/Availability: plenty

Real Ale White – While most Belgian-style witbiers are usually delicate and subtle, Real Ale’s is anything but. It’s brewed with traditional ingredients, such as unmalted wheat, orange peel and coriander, and fermented with their house Belgian yeast strain. With a dry hop level that matches an IPA, White features a commanding aroma more like its American peers than its Belgian ancestors. Tropical notes abound with a crisp, dry finish. 4.6% ABV/Blanco, TX/Ratebeer 92/Availability: decent

Avery Vanilla Bean Stout – A double dose of vanilla derived from both fresh Bourbon barrels and the trio of Tongan, Ugandan, and Mexican whole vanilla beans is complemented by essences of chocolate, caramel, and molasses to round out this luxuriously silky stout. After Raspberry Sour, this is the 2nd installment of Avery’s Botanicals & Barrels series. 10.8% ABV/Boulder, CO/Ratebeer 98/Availability: decent

Dogfish Head Oak Aged Noble Rot – This saison-esque science project gets complexity and fermentable sugars from the addition of two unique white wine grapes. The first addition is the must of viognier grapes that have been infected with a benevolent fungus called botrytis. This ’noble rot’ reduces the water content in the grapes while magnifying their sweetness and complexity. The second is a pinot gris intensified by a process called ’dropping fruit,’ where large clusters of grapes are clipped to amplify the quality and distinction of those left behind. It’s then aged in oak tanks for an entire year, making for a hazy ale that has a spicy white wine body and a dry, tart finish. 9% ABV/Milton, De/No ratings yet/Availability: limited

Real Ale Café de Olla – Café de olla is a traditional way to prepare coffee in Mexico that has found its way to coffee shops and restaurant menus all over Texas. The distinct flavor of Café de olla is derived from cinnamon, spices, and piloncillo sugar. The maltiness of the base porter provides the subtle sweetness usually imparted by the café’s piloncillo, while the cinnamon and other spices serve as an appropriate foil to the chocolate notes of the beer. 6.6% ABV/Blanco, TX/No ratings yet/Availability: decent

Great Divide Orabelle Belgian Tripel – Orabelle is brewed with barley, wheat, and rye. This Belgian-style tripel is a golden beauty. Its two yeast strains, orange peel, and dash of corriander impart suprising complexity and richness to this delicate ale. 8.3% ABV/Beer Advocate 87/Availability: decent

Dogfish Head Midas Touch – This was the first beer in Dogfish’s Ancient Ales series.

This sweet yet dry beer is made with ingredients found in 2,700-year-old drinking vessels from the tomb of King Midas. Somewhere between beer, wine and mead, Midas will please the chardonnay and beer drinker alike. 9% ABV/Milton, DE/Ratebeer 90/Availability: decent

Free Weekend Tastings

Friday 6-9pm

Free Hops & Grain Tasting! Details above.

Saturday 6-8pm

Real Ale Brewer’s Cut ESB

Martin House Hibiscus Saison

Deschutes Black Butte Porter

Abita Grapefruit Harvest IPA

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