I hear music, mighty fine music!

It’s the murmur of the people that’ve just stopped by, the rattling of keyboards as the day goes by. What a pleasure it is to see all your shining faces back in the building! Despite losing power for a spell in last Friday’s doozy of a storm, we ended the month of May as one of our best yet. There’s no plan to slow down that momentum, either.

Tonight, June 3rd, we’ll have Circle out for a tasting of their package and draft option from 5:30-8pm. Next Friday the folks from Roughhouse will be in from 5:30-8pm doing just the same. We’ll have more brewers out later in the month, too, perhaps a vintner. And watch out for some food specials. We’re still putting the final details together, but the guys are cooking up some tasty treats for y’all. I suppose this means you’ll have to plan some extra trips into the store.

For the month of June, we’ve circled back to one of Austin’s classic craft breweries, Circle Brewing! We’ve got Lady Bird American IPA, Envy Amber, Blur Hefe, and Alibi Blond all for $7.99!

Anytime I think my world is wrong, I get me out of bed and search for this song.

Later,  Y’all!

New and Returning Beers This Week

Back in Stock101 Cider House Cider, Moontower Pomme Blush, Weihenstephaner Kristall Weissbier, Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze, Yokefellow Ilk.

Tupps The New Big One DDH -Small Batch Double Dry-Hopped IPA. How is it different? The New Big Other One has a different malt bill, containing more wheat, and 100% Citra hops – half cryo and half T90 pellets. 8.3% ABV

Victory Summer Hazy Love -Let’s keep sharing the love. Summer Love goes Hazy in this IPA that sparkles with juicy hop notes for those days that feel like the sun never sets. Time for another. 5.5% ABV

Alesmith Speedway: Mostra Coffee & Coconut Edition -For this special variant of our signature Speedway Imperial Stout we partnered with our good friends at @mostracoffee to add their Ghost Bear Coffee Blend: Speedway Edition, which features beans from Brazil, the Philippines, and El Salvador! Combined with copious amounts of coconut to pair with Speedway’s already roasty notes of chocolate and dark fruit, this specialty release is definitely something to write home about! 12% ABV

Blue Owl SMaSH SMaSH -One Malt. One Hop. Our two-part, limited edition seasonal uses a different malt and hop for each batch. This year’s 2021 batch will be made using Australian Hops and Texas-grown Malt. 6.7% ABV

Põhjala BA Öö XO Cognac -A special version of the Öö, aged for months in Cognac barrels. Taste: A silky smooth texture of dark malts, red fruits, cognac, liquorice, and honey. Hints of molasses mix with those of rich dark chocolate, all balanced with elegant tannins cleansing the palate. Appearance: Pitch black – as dark as the night sky, with an opaque brown head. Nose: Dark fruits, plums, raisins, cranberries, and grapes – a rich forest fruit jamminess hits the nose first with some espresso notes and dark sugar. Cherries, cognac, tannins and hints of spice linger in the background. 11.5% ABV

Põhjala Pime Öö -An Imperial Stout brewed for the longest night of the year. Syrupy yet smooth, sweet yet strong. The best way to enjoy deepest winter and brood over the darkness in life. Taste: Blackcurrants and rich sticky plums rise up on the tongue, followed by hints of jasmine and cola nut – a hint of carbonation cleanses the palate before the sensation of a layered toffee chocolate brownie and treacle finishes up. Appearance: Deepest black with a light, brown oily head. Nose: Rich decadent chocolate cake, sweet liquorice, fine kenyan coffee, and sticky jam dominate the nose, inviting you to journey deeper.

Põhjala Baltic Pride -Collab with Pinta. An old world Stock Imperial Baltic Porter, featuring a blend of fresh bottom-fermented Baltic Porter and barrel aged top-fermented Baltic Porter. 12.5% ABV

Tierra Buena Strawberry Kiwi Lemonade -Sweet strawberry, tangy kiwi, and tart lemonade combine for a refreshing, crisp new twist on hard seltzer. 5% ABV

Superstition Meadery Berry White Mead -Raspberries, white chocolate, Arizona wildflower honey, and new American oak barrels work in harmony to define this Superstition masterpiece. Berry White won Superstition’s first gold medal at the 2014 Mazer Cup, the largest commercial mead competition in the world. I t is a 100 point mead on Ratebeer.com and a top rated mead in the world on Untappd. Taste- Notes of cherry and raspberry along with rich white chocolate forms an orchestra of bountiful flavor.  Nose-Mellow molasses transitions into heavenly pools of raspberry.

Superstition Meadery Black Berry White Mead – Often a fan favorite of the White Series, Black Berry White is a luscious barrel aged treat. Black Berry White won a silver medal at the 2016 Mazer Cup, the largest commercial mead competition in the world. It is a 100 point mead on Ratebeer.com and a top rated mead in the world on Untappd. Taste- Plentiful oakiness with tart blackberries, surrounded by white chocolate and a sweet finish. Nose-Subtle earthiness with tones of dark chocolate.  13.5% ABV

Superstition Meadery Blue Berry White Mead – Aged in new American oak barrels, this sweet blueberry and white chocolate dessert mead is celebrated as a classic example of a top tier craft beverage. Blue Berry White won a gold medal at the 2017 Mazer Cup, the largest commercial mead competition in the world. It is a 100 point mead on Ratebeer.com and a top rated mead in the world on Untappd. Taste- Rich, velvety white chocolate gives way to sweet blueberry and oakNose-Ambrosial bouquet of roses leads into warm vanilla and blueberry. 13.5 % ABV

Superstition Meadery Strawberry White Mead – Straw Berry White i s regarded as one of the best strawberry craft beverages ever made. This mead has won three gold medals in the RateBeer Best Competition in 2015, 2016, 2018 and maintains a RateBeer score of 100 points. It is also a top rated mead in the world on Untappd. Taste- Decadent and rich white chocolate cascades into juicy and tart strawberries. Nose-Brown sugar, vanilla, followed by sweet cherry. 13.5% ABV

Superstition Meadery Superstation Hard Cider -Collaboration cider with Newtopia Cyder . Made with cherry, ginger and lime. 5.5% ABV

Superstition Meadery Peanut Butter Jelly Crime -They did it. They put a peanut butter jelly sandwich in a bottle. Some would say that this is a crime against all that is decent in the world of craft beverages, but this Peanut Butter Jelly Crime has yet to receive judgement from you, a distinguished member of the jury. So carefully examine all of the evidence provided by the prosecution, and consider the alibi of the defense, as you decipher the multifaceted complexity of the case. As you enjoy PBJC, don’t forget the toast! 13% ABV

Firestone Walker Luponic Distortion #18 -IPA with Nelson, Nectaron, Riwaka and Motueka hops. 5.9% ABV

Independence High Boy Space Case -Double IPA brewed with comet, apollo and galaxy hops. 9% ABV

Saint Arnold Double Down -Their take on a juicy double IPA. Their focus was to create big tropical and melon notes while integrating bitterness rather than it being a focal point. To accomplish this, we used late kettle hop additions and Incognito, an all-natural hop product that delivers highly concentrated flavor and aroma. 9.2% ABV

Texas Beer Co Barrel Aged King Grackle -Our first ever whiskey barrel aged beer in cans, this 11% stout was aged in Nine Banded Whiskey barrels to create something special. 11% ABV

B-52 Table Tart -A sour Table Beer dry-hopped with Comet & Ella hops. Brewed with wheat, oats, and barley. Low ABV, light-bodied, light in color, high in carbonation. There is no wrong situation for this table beer. It is light enough to enjoy all day with enough flavor to be savored. Aromas of light floral notes followed with the flavor of juicy grapefruit. ABV 3.5%

B-52 So Pitted -Our Classic West Coast Style Double IPA that’s dry-hopped with wild amounts of Pacific Jade and Centennial hops which provide vibrant citrus and pine characteristics with a crisp bitter finish. 8.5% ABV

B-52 Wheeze the Shake -Conditioned on raspberries, blackberries, & blueberries, vanilla beans & milk sugar. 5.7%ABV

Zilker Pilsgnar -A true to style German Pilsner with a snappy refreshing finish. Imported German hops add a slight floral freshness to the simple and clean malt profile. 4.8% ABV

LBC Beerlao -Beerlao is brewed from the best local rice and overseas high quality malt giving it a unique taste. Beerlao was launched in 1973 and has become the best selling and leading brand in Laos. It was also awarded gold medals by various international competitions. Beerlao is one of the most successful exports and is currently available in 13 countries worldwide. 5%ABV


New Draft Beers This Week

(On-Premise Consumption or Off-Premise Crowlers)

B-52 PilsBavarian German Pilsner. Clean, crispy flavor with biscuit notes of honey, citrus and flowers with a light body. 5.1%ABV

B-52 Cerveza LagerMexican Style Lager brewed with barley, corn, and rye then conditioned on lime and a dash of sea salt to create an incredibly refreshing and vibrant lager made for Fiestas. ABV: 5.2%

East Brother Red LagerVienna style amber with a biscuity malt presence — clean, crisp, familiar. 4.6% ABV

101 Cider House Cactus Rosé CiderBursting with sour and fruity refreshment, this is a southwest style cider crafted for cocktail lovers. A mouth watering blend of California cactus pears and lemon peel, packed with antioxidants and vitamins. Freshly picked basil spices things up and hibiscus adds a cooling crimson finish. Perhaps confusing to the palate, this pink drink will make you think. 6.9% ABV

City Orchard Lavender RoyaleBliss out with this unique blend of culinary apples, steeped with lavender from the Texas Hill Country and balanced with local Texas honey. Soft floral notes on the nose and a warm honey richness run through this refreshing cider. We created our Cider Fresca series to try new things and explore flavor pairings that complement our apples, never overwhelm them. Enjoy! 6.5% ABV

Circle Lady Bird IPALady Bird American IPA is a beer inspired by endless fields of bluebonnets and slow drives through the rolling Texas hill country. An elegant yet blunt IPA, Lady Bird blossoms with dank and tropical hop aroma, finishing with a smooth floral flavor to balance against its malty complexity. Best enjoyed on a patio at the lake, or wherever you can bask in the natural beauty of Texas. Lady Bird American IPA reminds you thank wherever hops bloom, so does hope. 7.2%

Red Horn SON Black IPAParti Gyle series from Suburban Ninja. This version is a piney and herbal Black IPA. 6.8% ABV

Blue Owl Tropical BrutPassion Fruit & Pink Guava Sour Dry Ale. 7%ABV

Buffalo Bayou You’re My Boy Blue BlondeYou’re my Boy, Blue steps up to the ledge, joining our fraternity of crisp and delicious fruited blonde ales. Taking the original recipe and adding more than TWICE as much real blueberry, You’re my Boy Blue’s tart & refreshing blueberry hits like a dart in the neck. 5.8% ABV


Parking at WhichCraft Mueller. The garage behind us on McBee is free to use.

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