Oops… We’ve done it again!

But we’re not playing with your heart, there are no games to get lost in. What we do have in store for you this week are some classic WhichCraft activities. Friday we’ll be having a tasting with 101 House Cider from 5:30-8pm. There’ll be Cactus Rose cider on draft and samplings of all their packaged offerings. Right on the heels of that is a bottle release from Superstition Meadery for Berry White Day 2021 on Saturday! In the following week, Circle Brewing will be on the 3rd for a pint night. We hope you can make it out.

On the package side of things we got some pretty cool new items from Põhajal beer. It’s a stout selection of Baltic porters you’ll definitely want to try. Blue Owl is back with this years vintage of SMaSH SMaSH, (512) dropped some of their barrel aged raspberry sour, and many of the kegs are getting low with fun backups wait to get tapped. Lots of new stuff to celebrate your memorial day weekend right! The conditions are ripe for a visit, or two.

We’re keeping Legal Draft Brewing in Arlington on retainer as our Brewery of the month! We’ll have 6 packs Nowhere But Texas Lager, both coming in at $8.99!

This week’s slate of beers were indeed sent from above. And they’re not that innocent.

Later,  Y’all!

New and Returning Beers This Week

Back in StockNOLA Finally Weightless, Sixpoint Anti-Resin, 512 Black IPA, NBBC PKL FKR, Zilker Heavenly Daze, Zilker Icy Boys.

Brazos Valley Watermelon Weather -To celebrate the season of fresh watermelon, BVB infused this slightly tart and salty gose with a fruit grown in abundance throughout Brenham and all of Texas. 5.2% ABV

Saint Arnold Old Fashioned -Released alongside Old Fashioned, this special release beer aged in a single barrel that previously held toasted rye whiskey. 12.9% ABV

LBC Beerlao -Beerlao is brewed from the best local rice and overseas high quality malt giving it a unique taste. Beerlao was launched in 1973 and has become the best selling and leading brand in Laos. It was also awarded gold medals by various international competitions. Beerlao is one of the most successful exports and is currently available in 13 countries worldwide. 5%ABV

Prairie Cherry Bomb -Imperial Stout with chilies, cacao nibs, vanilla, coffee and sweet cherries. 13% ABV

Martin House Blackberry Cobbler -Blackberry Lactose Sour with Graham Crackers. 8% ABV

Especia Oscura -Especia Oscura (translates to “Dark Spice”) imperial milk stout aged on Vietnamese cinnamon sticks, ancho chilies, cacao nibs, and vanilla beans. 10.2% ABV

Ingenious C800 NEDIPA -Hazy double IPA dry hopped with citra. 8.2% ABV

Vanilla Coconut Froyo -New England hazy milkshake style IPA with vanilla beans, coconut flakes, and milk sugar. 6.5%ABV

903 PB&J Monster -This slushy tastes like biting into a PB&J sandwich. It is filled with raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, and peanut butter. 6.2%

101 House Cider Scrumpy -A farmhouse style cider that celebrates traditional cider making practices. We start with fresh apples grown along Highway 101, which are then cold pressed into a delicious raw juice. The juice undergoes several months of spontaneous fermentation, and is left bone dry. Full of barnyard character and oozing with minerality, this cider is perfect for the sour beer lover or the sparkling wine connoisseur. 6.9%ABV

Sierra Nevada Summer Break -Drop into summertime, stocked with a Session Hazy IPA brewed for long days of play. Go anywhere with hoppy notes of mango and passion fruit, backed by smooth malt flavor. 4.6% ABV

Left Hand Moscow Mule -Inspired by the lively spirit of a Moscow Mule, this refreshing ale delivers the vibrant flavors of the classic cocktail with the body and hop benefits you can only experience in a beer. Lime juice & lime peel combine with fresh ginger for tartness and subtle heat. The addition of oats creates a smooth texture and Lemondrop hops provide an extra pop of citrus zing. Cool down with a kick of this Mule at a crushable 5.5% ABV

Ommegang Sleevless Tea -A summer breeze for your taste buds, this lively, refreshing blend calls for sunglasses, swimsuits, flip flops – even golf shoes. It’s perfect for a sunny day, and won’t leave you with an awkward tan line. 5%ABV

512 Razz-Ma-Tazz -Razz-Ma-Tazz is a wine barrel aged raspberry sour. We took the base beer and aged it in the same oak barrels previously used to create Young Funkenstein, our cherry sour. The resident “bugs”, still in the barrels, transformed the beer into a tart delight, at which point we finished it off with raspberry. 6%ABV

Texas Keeper Grafter Rose -A perfect marriage of Rome Beauty apples (88%) and Texas-grown Cinsault grapes (12%). 8.1% ABV

Martin House Lemon Icebox -Lemon Sour Ale brewed with Graham Crackers and Lactose. 5.4% ABV

Austin Beerworks La Verdad -Right in time for summer, our watermelon cider is a balanced and slightly sweet cider with a refreshing finish. Grab a slice of this picnic-ready, limited-release offering before heading out to the river, lake, or your backyard with friends. 5% ABV

Ingenious I’m on a Float Grapefruit IPA -Hazy session IPA with citra, lemon drop and cascade hops. Finished on fresh grapefruit. 5% ABV

Ingenious Citra Pils -Classic American lagered Pilsner dry hopped with citra hops. 5% ABV


New Draft Beers This Week

(On-Premise Consumption or Off-Premise Crowlers)

Tupps HefeweizenBavarian Style Wheat Beer. 5.2% ABV

 Texas Keeper Stillage- Bourbon barrel aged dry cider. 9%

Fair State Flavor Pop TechnologyWe’re still having fun experimenting with the juicy, tropical side of hops through our hazy IPAs. “Flavor Pop Technology” is a fun phrase that one of our longtime friends (and now suppliers) uses to talk about the latest and greatest in aromatic compound research and hop application techniques. Fun! For this beer, we took Idaho 7 and a top-secret cryo blend, and we introduced them in a few different ways during fermentation to maximize the tropical vibes. We also used a cool-fermenting kolsch yeast to kick in a bit of a fruity character. The result is a super juicy and lightly sweet beer with big pineapple and banana runts notes. 6.8%ABV

Pinthouse Bearded Seal– This is a stronger version of a traditional Dry Irish Stout. Somewhere in between a true Dry Irish and a big imperial stout that captures some of the intensity of a higher abv beer but remains drinkable and complex. 6.1% ABV


Parking at WhichCraft Mueller. The garage behind us on McBee is free to use.

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