Jester King Back in Stock As Well As New Beers From Mikkeller, To Øl, De Ranke, New Braunfels, Guadalupe & Ranger Creek.

We just recently launched a fancy new website, and we’re happy to now offer a Special Order program for customers. We have the ability to special order cases and kegs, with a few caveats. 1) it has to be legal to sell in Texas obviously, 2) You need to be willing to purchase an entire case or keg worth of the beer and put down a $15 deposit. Send in an order form and let us research whether we can get that favorite beer you’ve always wanted! Note: If you’re unsure on whether a particular US brewery distributes to TX, this is a handy tool we like to use.

Sahara’s latest blog post, #6 in the series, is titled Nice to Wheat You, and explores the life of wheat beers. It can be found here.

Free In-Store Tastings 6-8pm

Thursday, July 30th – TONIGHT!

New South Austin rep Carolyn will be in the house with samples of all the South Austin canned beers: Kol’, Luckenbock, Crossroads Coffee Stout, Texas Pale Ale & 6 String Saison. We’ll also be selling a mixed 5 pack with one of each of their beers for $12.50!

Tuesday, August 4th

We have a new No Label Brewing rep so we’re breaking him in by hosting a tasting featuring Ridgeback Amber, El Hefe Hefeweizen, Lavendar Witbier and their new Suburban Funk, a cherry sour from the Off Label series.

Wednesday, August 5th

We also have a new Original Sin rep here in town, so he’ll be sampling out the two year-round ciders from Original Sin – a dry cider and cherry cider, in addition to their seasonal Elderberry.

Thursday, August 6th

We’ll be tasting Small Town Brewery’s Not Your Father’s Root Beer! Straight up AND we’ll have some vanilla ice cream available for mini-root beer floats. Yum yum.

New Beers This Week

Back in stock: Mikkeller Monk’s Brew, To Øl Snowball Saison, De Ranke Guldenberg, De Ranke XX and XXX Bitter, Ranger Creek Bourbon Barrel Imperial Brown, Stone Farking Wheaton W00t Stout, Prairie Gold 3 Liter bottle!, and 4 from Jester King: Orange/Grapefruit Provenance, Lemon/Lime Provenance, Biere de Miel and Mag Meg.

New Braunfels Bauernhaus Uber – Bauernhaus is the German word for farmhouse, and this brew takes Shiva’s Tears weizenbock and bottle conditions with NBBC’s house sour yeast strain. Residual sugar in the bottle makes it slightly sour.  8.5% ABV/New Braunfels, TX/No ratings yet/Availability: limited

Hops & Grain Greenhouse Batch #25* – Bravo, Centennial and Cascade make up the dry hopping regimen for Batch 25. 7.7% ABV/Austin, TX/No ratings/Availability: plenty/*Arriving Friday

Guadalupe Belgian Texas Honey – Guadalupe tweaks their own popular TX Honey Ale recipe with Belgian yeast for a slightly fruity taste. If you like Belgian blonde ales, you’ll love this brew. 7.75% ABV/New Braunfels, TX/No ratings yet/Availability: decent

Guadalupe Bourbon Barrel Chocolate Stout – Guadalupe’s decadent Chocolate Stout gets an added kick from spending 6 months in bourbon barrels. This is the first release from Guadalupe’s barrel program so we’re excited to try it! 7.44% ABV/New Braunfels, TX/No ratings yet/Availability: plenty

To Øl Black Maria – To Øl from Denmark makes some truly awesome beers, and Black Maria is one of their best. It’s an American-inspired black IPA that uses the highly roasted Carafa malt but relatively low amounts of caramel & chocolate malts. This results in less residual sweetness than a typical stout. Columbus, Centennial, Galaxy, Cascade hops. 8.1% ABV/Copenhagen, Denmark/Ratebeer 98/Availability: limited

Mikkeller Spontanframboos – The Spontan series from Mikkeller explores spontaneously fermented ales, and in this particular version they aged it on raspberries for a tart and fruity finish. 7.7% ABV/Copenhagen, Denmark/Ratebeer 98/Availability: very limited

Mikkeller Zest Please – This one is a porter brewed with orange zest for a chocolatey but citrusy twist. 7% ABV/Copenhagen, Denmark/Ratebeer 97/Availability: decent

Mikkeller Draft Bear Imperial Pilsner – In an effort to buck the standard Danish pilsner trend, Mikkeller upped the ABV but kept the clean lager yeast finish in this 8% imperial pilsner. 8% ABV/Copenhagen, Denmark/Ratebeer 97/Availability: limited

Mikkeller It’s Alive – Mikkeller’s ode to the classic Trappist beer Orval, this is a wild ale fermented with brettanomyces and an aggressive hop character. 8% ABV/Copenhagen, Denmark/Ratebeer 96/Availability: limited

Clown Shoes Mangö – Mangö is an American-style kölsch (whatever that means) brewed with sweet orange peel and magno for a refreshing summer sipper. 6.5% ABV/Ipswich, MA/Ratebeer 88/Availability: plenty

Small Town Not Your Father’s Root Beer – This is probably the most controversial release in the beer community as of late. The beer itself tastes exactly like root beer but is actually 5.9% ABV.  It’s sweet but delicious. The rights to distribute were bought by Pabst not too long ago, and now this is the single fastest growing alcohol product in the USA. 5.9% ABV/Beer Advocate 87/Availability: plenty

North Coast Bourbon Barrel Old Stock – A few months ago we got a single case of this extremely limited beer and sold it out immediately. Shockingly, our distributor still had a few cases sitting in the warehouse this week so naturally we snapped them up. One of the most cellarable beers ever, Old Stock old ale, gets the bourbon barrel treatment here and emerges as a boozy, complex, malty beast. And oh yeah, this is the 2013 vintage. Get some. 14.1% ABV/Fort Bragg, CA/Ratebeer 100/Availability: decent but will go fast.

Ranger Creek Purple Rhine* – Texas’ only brewery/distillery out of San Antonio is releasing their summer seasonal, a prickly pear Berliner Weisse. It’s a little higher ABV than a traditional Berliner Weisse. It will come in 4 packs (and singles of course) and will be quite delicious! 5.7% ABV/San Antonio, TX/No ratings yet/Availability: plenty

Free Weekend Tastings, 6-8pm


New Braunfels Uber

Seguin Summer Blonde

Community Razzy

Epic Brainless Belgian Golden


 5 Stones Fracking Blackstrap

New Braunfels Wasserweiss

Deep Ellum Easy Peasy

Jolly Pumpkin Weizen Bam

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