Six Packs for Some, Miniature American Flags for Others

Folks, we’re making America pretty great this weekend. To celebrate our nation’s birthday, we’re offering a Build-Your-Own discount at both of our locations. Here’s the rundown: 5% of all custom 6pks, 10% off all custom 12pks. Boom, that’s it. The beauty is in its simplicity. Offer runs tonight through the 4th.

And of course, it wouldn’t be July if we weren’t welcoming in a new Brewery of the Month. This month is…Austin Beerworks! And because we love every single one of their beers, we’re selling every single one of their 6 packs for $7.99. ALL. MONTH. LONG.

Finally, we have two fantastic events lined up at our South Lamar location. First, on Friday, William and Sheila with Hops & Grain will be by to sample their tasty brews, including River Beer. Wear your swimsuit, pick up some Austin beer, and hang out as we grill hot dogs. What’s more American?

Then on Saturday, Jeremy Soucey with Blue Owl will be in the shop, and we’re taking their Little Boss and creating five different infusions, along with sampling the base version. We’re calling it Little Boss Six Ways. Lineup includes raspberry, lemon ginger, lavender honey, blueberry, rosemary, and a mystery flavor. Come by to try these concoctions and learn how you can do this at home, too! Check the Facebook event for more details.

Free Tastings at WhichCraft South Lamar – All 6-8pm Except Where Noted

Thursday, June 29th
Don’t miss Nathan with New Braunfels Brewing Co. dropping by the shop, as he samples their Blondine, Sangre de Shiva #8 and 9, and Saison de Clementine.

Friday, June 30th
5-8pm: We welcome in William and Sheila with Hops & Grain and crack open their delicious beers, including the refreshing River Beer.

Saturday, July 1st
Like we mentioned above, we’re playing mad scientist and infusing Blue Owl’s Little Boss with five different flavor combinations. Don’t miss this!

Thursday, July 6th
Have a great end to your Thursday when we welcome in Revolver, and they open their new Full Tang IPA along with High Brass and Sidewinder.

Special Events at WhichCraft Tap Room in Mueller

Thursday, June 29th
5-8pm: We have a WhichCraft legacy, Sahara Smith, drop by with Argus Cider. We’ll tap their new Apple Bomb on draft and sample Ciderkin, Ginger Perry, and their fantastic Vinho Pearde.

Friday, June 30th
5-8pm:  Come meet Daniel with North Peak and Jolly Pumpkin, then try their Thunder IPA and Isla Estrana on tap, along with a surprise sampling of bottles.

Tuesday, July 4th
4-7pm: Stone Brewing drops by to pour out their Wussie Pilsner and Ghost Hammer for a Buy the Beer, Keep the Glass, then sample Ruin Ten and Tangerine Express.

Wednesday, July 5th
7:00pm:  Geeks Who Drink Trivia Night! Weekly free event that puts your useless knowledge to the test. Prizes and good times are included!

Thursday, July 6th
5-8pm: Mike with Collective Brewing Project drops by to sample some of their delicious funky and sour beers. What are we sampling? You gotta come by to find out!

New Beers This Week

(All beer available at both WhichCraft locations unless otherwise noted)

Back in Stock – Founders PC Pils, Real Ale Gose, Real Ale Devils Backbone, Sierra Nevada Side Car, Pauwel Kwak.

Prairie Flare Flare is a gose brewed with orange and coriander. This beer is slightly tart, a little salty, and has a nice balance from the fruit and spices. 5.4% ABV / Tulsa, OK / RateBeer 93 / Availability: Decent / SoLa Only

Clown Shoes Mango Kolsch Crunkle Sam, tired of being a mere anomaly as a most refreshing summertime barley wine, targeted a German beer style and bastardized it, brewing a traditional Kolsch and adding sweet orange peel and all natural mango flavor. Warning: This beer is NOT Reinheitsgebot! 6% ABV / Ipswich, MA / Availability: Good

Legal Draft Hung Jury Hefeweizen – Weissbier style made in traditional German fashion with yeast, yielding a banana and clove nose. 5% ABV / Arlington, TX / Availability: Good / SoLa Only

Guadalupe Texas Honey Ale This creamy honey ale is incredibly smooth and easy to drink, with a perfect touch of honey. Anna Kilker, one of the owners at Guadalupe Brewing is a beekeeper and actively involved in teaching the importance of the sustainability of the bee population here in the great state of Texas. This passion has transferred to their commitment to give part of each sale of the Texas Honey Ale to the bee research facility at Texas A&M university. 7.3% ABV / New Braunfels, TX / BeerAdvocate 85 / Availability: Good

Tupps IPA An India Pale Ale brewed with 100% Centennial hops with a Texas flair. 7.1% ABV / McKinney, TX BeerAdvocate 85 / Availability: Good

Tupps Northbound 75 Pale ale infused with fire-roasted peppers and spices that result in a rich smoky flavor. Hate it or love it, this one is unique. 6.6% ABV / McKinney, TX /  BeerAdvocate 85 / Availability: Good

Tupps Texas Shade Brewed to provide refuge from the Texas sun with a refreshing crisp taste. 5.1% ABV / McKinney, TX / BeerAdvocate 84 / Availability: Good

Tupps 6pk Variety – All six of their beers are available in this 6 pack: Day Off, Texas Shade, Northbound 75, Cotton Mill Gold, IPA, and Black Ale. Various ABV / McKinney, TX / Availability: Good

Independence Cucumber RedbudThe cucumber addition to their tart and lemony Redbud is present in the cool and clean aroma of this beer. It cuts some of the lactic tartness of the Berliner Weisse and delivers a lingering cucumber flavor on the finish, creating a truly unique beer. 5% ABV / Austin, TX / BeerAdvocate 82 / Availability: Decent / SoLa Only

Buffalo Bayou Raspberry Rotundone – This variation of Rotundone, their traditional Saison, is one of their simplest concepts and yet most complex flavor profiles. At first sip, while it’s still cold, this beer is all about the raspberries. The mouthfeel is a balance of not too tart & not too sweet, with the bubbly yeast brightening up the body. Then, as it warms, you’ll start to pick up a peppery spiciness on the nose and in the bright, bone dry finish. That’s coming from a combination of the esters off the yeast strain and two types of peppercorns. Let it breathe a bit (like you would a wine) and those same aromatics will react to the atmosphere in unpredictable ways. 9% ABV / Houston, TX / Availability: Decent

Martin House Parker County Peach – Just in time for the July 4th weekend, their newest micro seasonal release is Parker County Peach, a fruity and juicy beer with a mostly wheat base. They add fresh peaches and a little bit of Columbus hops to make this beer the perfect summertime treat. 5.2% ABV / Ft. Worth, TX / Availability: Good (Arriving Friday)

Jester King Cerveza De Mesquite – A farmhouse ale brewed with crushed mesquite beans foraged from the hill country around the Austin-based brewery that were added later in the boil and fermented in stainless steel. 5.6% ABV / Austin, TX / Availability: Decent (Arriving Friday at Mueller)

Jester King Beachtimez Sportzketball Collaboration with Green Bench Brewing Co., this is a grisette-inspired farmhouse ale refermented on Texas loquats. 4.5% ABV / Austin, TX / Beer Advocate 86 / Availability: Decent (Arriving Friday at Mueller)

Mikkeller Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse (Passionfruit)Berliner-style Weisse beer brewed with passionfruit. 3.7% ABV / Copenhagen, Denmark / BeerAdvocate 87 / Availability: Decent (Arriving Friday at Mueller)

Mikkeller Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse (Raspberry) Berliner-style Weisse beer brewed with raspberry. 3.7% ABV / RateBeer 93 / Copenhagen, Denmark / Availability: Decent (Arriving Friday at Mueller)

Mikkeller SpontanCherryFrederiksdalAn oak aged sour ale by the Danish gypsy brewery. Frederiksdal refers to the estate from which the beer gets its sour cherries. 8.2% ABV / Copenhagen, Denmark / BeerAdvocate 99 / Availability: Limited (Arriving Friday at Mueller)

Adelberts Buzzbait Blonde – This crisp, refreshing blonde ale is the perfect beer for warm weather sipping. Hints of honey and peach blend with the Sladek hops to bring forth a bright and balanced beer. 5.5% ABV / Austin, TX / Availability: Good

Sweetwater TripleTail – A tropical approach to the IPA style, TripleTail weaves juicy and bodacious hops with notes of papaya, pineapple, and passionfruit into this lush hop-forward IPA. 5.5% ABV / Atlanta, GA / Availability: Good

Odell Green Coyote – A Berliner Weisse brewed with tomatillos. It may sound a little out there, but just wait until you try it. 5.2% ABV / Fort Collins, CO / Availability: Good

Argus Apple Bomb – Like a dry wine with complex flavors. The apple character marries with the added fruit to create a balanced flavor. 6.2% ABV / Austin, TX / Availability: Good

Revolver Full Tang – A tangerine-fueled quest to find a stellar IPA led Revolver to the four corners of the hop universe — Apollo, Mandarina, Citra, and Saphir. Sensors detect floral and citrus notes. 7.2% ABV / Granbury, TX / RateBeer 84 / Availability: Good / SoLa Only

Revolver The Mandarin – A light ale brewed with traditional Asian ingredients. Revolver started with red rice and a pound per barrel of dried goji berries in the mash for a bright cereal note and a savory fruitiness. Mandarina hops are then added to bring a tangerine and citrus note. The beer is finished with a dusting of traditional Chinese five spice and dry hopped with imported Golden Yunnan tea for a floral, spicy, elegant tea note. 6% ABV / Granbury, TX / RateBeer 84 / Availability: Good / SoLa Only

New Beers on Draft at WhichCraft Taproom

Full Draft List Available on our Website

Sixpoint Sweet ActionA juicy, blonde, wheat ale. 5% ABV / Brooklyn, NY / BeerAdvocate 88

Odell Easy Street WheatLight and refreshing, Easy Street Wheat is an unfiltered American-style wheat beer. Leaving in the yeast gives the beer a nice, smooth finish and a slightly citrusy flavor. 4.6% ABV / Fort Collins, CO / BeerAdvocate 85

Last Stand Wheat – This delicious wheat beer has banana and clove aromas and similar notes on the finish. Perfect for summer. 6.5% ABV / Austin, TX

Argus Apple Bomb – Like a dry wine with complex flavors. The apple character marries with the added fruit to create a balanced flavor. 6.2% ABV / Austin, TX

Pinthouse Pizza Bearded SealThis is a stronger version of a traditional dry Irish stout. Somewhere between a true dry Irish stout and a big imperial stout that captures some of the intensity of a higher ABV beer, but remains drinkable and complex. 6.1% ABV / Austin, TX / BeerAdvocate 84

North Peak ThunderLast year, North Peak Brewing Company released its first East Coast IPA called Stormy. An Oat IPA full of haziness unlike any other IPA in their portfolio. Stormy came in with a force and quickly became one of the brewery’s most well-received beers. Initially released as a seasonal beer, the popularity of Stormy has led the brewery to develop a year-long Stormy Series. The Stormy Series will include five new beers: Thunder, Cloudy, Zephyr, Torrent, and Murky. 6.7% ABV / Traverse City, MI / BeerAdvocate 83

Isla Estrana (Friday) – This biere is Carolina inspired with some pure Michigan funk. Heritage grains were sourced from both North and South Carolina. Brewed with Seashore black rye, Indigo blue corn, Jimmy red corn, Farro wheat, and Carolina barley. Additions of juniper, Red Bay leaves, and pine tips provide light citrus and earthy notes with mild tartness. 5.8% ABV / Traverse City, MI

Arrogant Who You Callin’ Wussie (Saturday) – Steals back the pilsner from the fizzy yellow overlords and returns it to its almighty glory. 5.8% ABV / Escondido, CA / BeerAdvocate 88

Stone Ghost Hammer (Saturday) – This IPA, liberally hopped with Loral, honors their intrepid overnight team by naming it after their mischievous poltergeist companion – the Ghost Hammer. 6.7% ABV / Escondido, CA / BeerAdvocate 87

Monthly Specials

  • As July’s Brewery of the Month, all Austin Beerworks 6pks are on sale for $7.99/6pk all month long
  • Pick up Montucky Cold Snacks, on sale this weekend for $4.99/6pk

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