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WhichCraft Beer Store is committed to helping you find your next favorite beer. This weekend we’re taking it a step further by offering 10% off of our entire singles wall! Whether you’re looking to build your own mixed four pack, six pack or twenty pack, you’ll be getting 10% your singles from now through Sunday. This special offer applies to both cans and bottles so don’t be afraid to load up!


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WhichCraft Beer Store is a proud sponsor of Texas Lambic Fest! This annual festival celebrating Belgian’s unique sour beers will be taking place Sunday August 7th at the Waller Ballroom. Our own Nic De La Rosa is one of the founders and organizers, and we could not be happier to see how far his passion project has come. This is the first year that this event will be open to the public so don’t miss out. For more information and to purchase tickets please visit the Texas Lambic Fest page on Eventbrite.

Free In-Store Tastings – All 6-8pm Except Where Noted

Thursday, July 28th  TONIGHT!

WhichCraft Beer Store will be hosting a free tasting with Community Brewing from Dallas. Beers included in the tasting will be Texas Helles, Trinity, Mosaic IPA and Legion.

Friday, July 29th

12-2 pm, Desthil Brewing company will be in the house to pour free samples of Saint Dekkera Ex Communique, Wild Sour Lynnbrook Raspberry, Wild Sour Here Gose Nothing and Weissenheimer.

6-8 pm, Epic Brewing will be behind the tasting bar and handing out free samples of Tart & Juicy, Los Locos, Lil Brainless Raspberries and Escape to Colorado.

Saturday, July 30th

12-2 pm, Jeremiah from Uinta Brewing will be stopping by for a special daytime tasting. Beers included in the tasting lineup will be Tangerine Hop Nosh, Ready Set Gose and Stompin’ Grounds

3-5 pm, Amy from Adelbert’s Brewing will be at the shop and pouring free samples of their new canned beers; Naked Nun and Hibiscus Saison.

6-8 pm, John from Last Stand Brewing Company will be handing out tasters of Belgian Pale Ale, Coffee Porter and their newly packaged Citra SMaSH IPA.

Wednesday, August 3rd

We will have our neighbor, Artisinal Imports, in the shop to lead a tasting of EZ Orchard Roman Beauty, Kriek de Jacobins and Aspall Dry Cider

Thursday, August 4th

Terry from Alaskan Brewing Company will be stopping by to pour some free samples of Alaskan Kicker, Alaskan IPA and Alaskan Galaxy SMaSh IPA.

New Beers This Week

Back in Stock: Founders Mosaic Promise, Busted Sandal Slippery Rock IPA, Infamous Infamy, Saint Arnold Icon Gold, Ballast Point Even Keel, Buffalo Bayou Vanilla Mocha Sunset.

Stone wOOt Stout – Brewed with rye, wheat malt and pecans and partially aged in Bourbon whiskey barrels, this viscous yet silken brew erupts with an oaky, nutty bouquet and rich flavors of vanilla, toast and bitter chocolate. 13% ABv / Escondido, CA / Ratebeer 99 / Availability: Limited

Last Stand Citra SMaSH – Weyermann Pale malt and Citra Hops. 7.4% ABV / Austin, TX / Availability: Limited

5 Stone Sock Hop Lemon Drop Cherry on Top – Ale brewed with lemon and Montmorency cherries. 6% ABV / Cibolo, TX / Availability: Decent

Grapevine Tropical Double IPA – this beer has the addition of real blood orange and mango. Prepare for a citrus explosion on the nose and the palate with a small helping of dank. This IPA is big and in your face, but in a pleasant sort of way. 8.5% ABV / Grapevine, TX / Availability: Limited

Cedar Creek Patio Pounder – It’s so refreshing and easy to drink with just the right amount of malty goodness, bready notes, and a dry finish. Spicy and subtly citrus, the hop character won’t hit you in the face like a two-by-four. 5.2% ABV / Seven Points, TX / Availability: Good

Jester King Snorkel – a farmhouse ale brewed with alderwood smoked sea salt and oyster mushrooms grown by Logro Farms. Snörkel takes partial inspiration from traditional German Gose. Like Gose, it’s moderate in alcohol (~4.5% ABV), brewed with malted wheat and salt, and has some acidity or sourness in the flavor profile. 4.5% ABV / Austin, TX / Ratebeer 89 / Availability: Limited

Alaskan Pilot Series Galaxy SmashAustralian Galaxy hops and Pacific Northwest Premium Pilsner malt.A balanced aroma gives intense passion fruit, light guava, and herbal notes similar to thyme, and hints of exotic citrus.The hop aroma is balanced by light honey notes that are characteristically associated with the malt of a crisp Pilsner. 9.4% ABV / Juneau, AK / Ratebeer 93 / Availability: Limited

Deep Ellum Local Legend – a sessionable sweet milk stout, it’s the perfect balance of roasted barley and milk sugar for a subtly sweet, silky brew. 5.3% ABV / Dallas, TX / Availability: Decent

Jolly Pumpkin Calabaza Boreal – Collaboration with Anchorage Brewing Company. Ale brewed with grapefruit peel, juice, and peppercorns. Oak barrel aged and bottled conditioned. 7% ABV / Dexter, MI / Ratebeer 99 / Availability: Limited

Texas Keeper Cortland Demi Sec – This is a Cortland-Honeycrisp blend that will reminded you of German Rieslings. A tad sweeter than Texas Keeper’s typical dry ciders. Citrus blossom on the nose, honeyed apricot on the palate. 7.4% ABV / Austin, TX / Availability: Limited.

Free Weekend Tastings


12-2 pm, Free Destil Brewing Tasting! Details Above.

6-8 pm, Free Epic Brewing Tasting! Details Above.


12-2 pm, Free Uinta Brewing Tasting! Details Above.

3-5 pm, Free Adelbert’s Brewing Tasting! Details Above.

6-8 pm, Free Last Stand Brewing  Tasting! Details Above.

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