New Sours, Lone Pint Yellow Rose & Jester King In Stock

Literally as I was typing this email we got a brand new shipment from Flood Distribution that includes Lone Pint Yellow Rose and 4 different Jester King beers (Le Petit Prince, Das Wunderkind, Noble King & Mad Meg). These will go fast! The Yellow Rose was bottled earlier this week. 

We got the last shipment of Founders’ Breakfast Stout for the season… you won’t see this beauty again until October. If you haven’t had it, it’s an 8.3% double chocolate coffee oatmeal stout which scores a universal 100 from everyone. Get it before it’s gone!

Recently our friends at Hops & Grain have been tweaking their Pale Dog pale ale recipe to lighten up the malt body character and make it a bit cleaner & more refreshing. We’ll be tasting it this Friday evening… enjoy it again for the first time! 


Free Tastings 6-8pm

Wednesday, January 14th

We’re excited to have New Braunfels Brewing Company owner and head brewer Kelly Meyer into the tasting bar to sample the three new sours we got in stock this week (details below). If you haven’t had any NBBC beers, they do all 85% wheat beers, and Kelly is doing some very innovative stuff with his sour program. Come taste these beers for free!

Thursday, January 15th

Save the World continues to put out excellent true-to-style beers and the latest release (arriving next week) is their Scotch ale. For the tasting, we’ll be doing the whole STW lineup of special occasion beers: Biere de Garde, Golden Strong, Barleywine & the new Scotch Ale. Plus the rep Cory’s flowing locks and colloquialisms are always a treat.

New Beers This Week

New Braunfels Les Fleurs du Mal – We were excited to get a few new New Braunfels sours in stock this week. Les Fleurs du Mal (the “flowers of evil”) uses NBBC’s Luftweiss hefeweizen as the base beer which is then aged on lemongrass and sea salt for 8 weeks and the bottled with TX wildflower honey which brings a bit of funk to the party.  5.7% ABV/New Braunfels, TX

New Braunfels Cosmic Dancer – Cosmic Dancer uses Shiva’s Tears Weizenbock as the base beer and is barrel aged in 15 gallon bourbon barrels to give more oak contact and is fortified with dark Belgian candi sugar to lighten the body and raise the ABV.  8.8% ABV/ New Braunfels, TX

New Braunfels Black Fury – Black Fury is the first sour created by NBBC. The beer was spontaneously fermented from downtown New Braunfels, and that yeast culture harvest  now serves as the house souring yeast for all the other sour barrel projets. Erdeweiss dunkel weizen is the base beer, and Black Fury was aged 6-8 weeks in barrels with this souring bacteria. 6.2% ABV/New Braunfels, TX

Anchor Old Foghorn – Anchor’s barleywine-style ale, the first of its kind in modern times in the United States, has a luscious depth of flavor that makes it ideal for sipping after dinner. It is made with top-fermenting yeast, fresh whole hops, and “first wort”, the richest runnings of a thick all-malt mash. Old Foghorn is “dry hopped” in the classic ale tradition and aged in Anchor’s cellars until it attains the perfect balance of malty sweetness, estery fruitiness, and exquisite hop character.  8.8% ABV/San Francisco, CA/Ratebeer 99

Green Flash Palate Wrecker – Palate Wrecker is the most complicated West Coast–inspired IPA Green Flash has ever brewed, and that’s saying something considering GF’s affinity for everything hop. Palate Wrecker is mashed and sparged with hopped wort (instead of standard water), in addition to the hop layering regimen for IPAs. They use almost 6 lbs/bbl of Columbus and Centennial hops to create this very bitter hop monster (tested at 149 IBU and no extracts in case you were wondering).  9.5% ABV/San Diego, CA/Ratebeer 99

South Austin Six String Saison – Higher in alcohol and slightly sweeter than most saisons, Six String Saison could be described as an Imperial or Double Saison. It is brewed with the highest quality Belgian Pilsen Malt and European hops, and the Belgian yeast strain produces complex flavors ranging from peach and banana to clove and black pepper.  8.0% ABV/Austin, TX/No ratings yet

Abita Mardi Gras Bock – Abita’s first annual seasonal is brewed with Perle hops and pale and caramel malts. This bock is similar to a German Maibock in its high malt content, full body and slightly higher alcohol content. 6.5% ABV/Abita Springs, LA/Beer Advocate Bros 88

Shiner Birthday Beer Chocolate Stout – Brewed with chocolate malt and real cocoa, this year’s Shiner Birthday Beer is a delicious out with a soft creamy head, chocolate aroma and taste and a slightly sweet finish. Brewed to commemorate the 106th anniversary of the Shiner brewery.   5% ABV/Shiner, TX/Beer Advocate 82

Weekend Tastings, 6-8pm


Hops & Grain Pale Dog – new recipe! Help us try this beer again for the “first time”

South Austin Six String Saison

Great Divide Hibernation Old Ale

One other random thing we’ll open up


Circle Hop Overboard

Squatters Outer Darkness Imperial Stout

Abita Mardi Gras Bock

 Bridgeport Ebenezer

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