We Need a Coffee Expert for WhichCraft Mueller!

As you may have heard, WhichCraft is expanding this fall to a second location in the Mueller neighborhood of Austin. Read more about the expansion of the business here.

The plan is to launch a model not yet seen here in Austin — a combination on- and off-premise consumption craft beer bottle shop. The idea is to create a neighborhood hangout where people can have a beer with friends or family, watch a ballgame, interact with our beer experts, participate in a free tasting, and choose some beers to take home.

In order to build on this community hangout environment, we feel it’s important to begin offering coffee service as well as beer. With so many residents within a one mile radius of our location, we feel that by offering coffee we can truly offer something for every type of customer. Particularly being right next door to the Thinkery, we have a feeling people will want to visit at all times of the day and enjoy coffee and/or beer.

Obviously this is a new business for us, and we know quality will be important. As an organization we definitely have some learning to do as we enter this business. I plan on hiring two assistant managers for this location who will report to me; one who comes from the beer business and one from the coffee shop business. I would love to find someone who really wants to “own” our coffee program. They will be a key decision maker and will help guide our company’s decisions – everything from equipment selection, to roaster, to processes and training. I’d love someone with at least a few years of coffee shop experience in these areas as well as someone who has management training or background.

My idea is to really empower this person to lead our organization’s coffee efforts. They will be our internal evangelist and expert. Knowledge of beer is recommended but not required. This is a full time salaried position with bonus potential.

Are you or someone you know the right person for this role? Email me a resume and (optional) cover letter and we can talk more. Email: jody[at]whichcraftbeerstore.com.

Expect to start full time some time in August or September. Timeline is fluid at this point based on permitting and construction for the location.

I look forward to talking with you or someone you know!

Jody Reyes

Founder & Owner, WhichCraft

2 thoughts on “We Need a Coffee Expert for WhichCraft Mueller!”

  1. As a 78723 resident for over 35 years, I was excited to hear about y’all coming to Mueller…until this talk about coffee started. The smell of coffee makes me ill. Now it looks like I might not even be able to shop at the Mueller Which Craft. Please don’t let the whole place reek of coffee!

    1. Hi Victoria,

      Well we appreciate the feedback! This space is fairly tall (high ceilings) with brand new A/C units, so we’re hoping airflow will be stellar in the new space. We certainly would love to have you visit once we open and hopefully there won’t be overpowering coffee smells! We look forward to being in your neighborhood. 🙂


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