WhichCraft 2015 Beer Advent Calendar Pre-Sales Now Available!

You remember as a kid how exciting every single day in December was when you got to open a new advent calendar door and find, in retrospect, a very average piece of milk chocolate?

Well at your favorite bottle shop have decided to resurrect that excitement but in a way that’s 1000x better than a crappy piece of chocolate. That’s right, for the second year in a row, we’re creating WhichCraft Beer Advent Calendars, and we’re pre-selling them starting today, Thursday 10/15/15.

Here are the details:

– We’ll be making two tiers of boxes, each including 24 different beers (because exactly 24 beers fit in a case… coincidence?!)


– Pre-sales will be taking place in person or over the phone at WhichCraft

– Pickup will be available in one of two time windows of your choosing: November 14th – 20th or November 21st – 30th.

– Here’s the most supremely awesome part:

– A few GOLDEN BOXES will be created which will look identical to all of the others.

– These Golden Boxes will be indistinguishable from their brethren, and even WhichCraft staff won’t know which will be the Golden Boxes. When you arrive to pick up your box, you get to choose at random from the boxes still available.

– 72 Tier 1 boxes will be created, of which there will be three golden boxes. 36 Tier 2 boxes will be created, of which there will be two golden boxes. Therefore your odds are 1-in-24 for Tier and 1-in-18 for Tier 2.

Logistics of creating these require we will only sell a limited amount, so pre-order yours now!

NOTE: Shipping beers into, out of, or within Texas is prohibited by state law. So all boxes must be picked up in person (though proxies are ok).

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